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Playboy SwedenPlayboy Sweden

Playboy Sweden January 2019

Playboy has unveiled the latest creative evolution of the brand with its re-focused principles that are core to our philosophy and also includes more provocative pictorials. Last year, we removed explicit nudity, but from here on out, it is freedom of choice and personal expression that our fans will experience once again within the pages of the magazine. Playboy remains committed to its award-winning mix of long-form journalism, interviews and fiction and has recently brought back some of its familiar franchises, such as Playboy’s Party Jokes, Playboy Cartoons, World of Playboy, and the debut of the Heritage section. Discover what you’ve been missing and subscribe now.

South Africa
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taste the magical mushrooms that cost ten thousand dollars per pound

At least these are the potential benefits listed on my little glass jar of Cordyceps+. Inside are 30 clear gel capsules, each containing an assemblage of eight herbs and the marquee component — cordyceps. Together these ingredients blend into a dull brown the color of wet sand. Each capsule contains 58.33mg — or .00012 pounds — of the cordyceps mushroom, a full pound of which retails for a cool $10,000, making it the most expensive mushrooms in the world, more on par with gold than truffles. My little jar sells for $168 and lasts between 10-15 days, making it — beyond the Gucci pumps handed down to me by a friend’s mom — the only luxury product in my possession, and certainly the only one inside my body. “Somebody asked me…

in celebration of amsterdam’s live sex show

Not all of the lights in Amsterdam’s Red Light District are red. Midway down the Oudezijds Achterburgwal canal is one of the quarter’s most eye catching facades, emblazoned with a giant pink neon elephant who’s sporting a tie with Amsterdam’s triple X coat of arms and cheekily blowing a little red heart out of his trunk. The iconic symbol advertises the location of the Casa Rosso, the oldest live sex theater in the Amsterdam, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. The sex trade in De Wallen, the official Dutch name of the district, dates as far back as the 13th century. Sex work itself was legalized in The Netherlands in 1811, much to the pleasure of the then occupying Napoleonic troops who spent a great deal of their leisure…

we can't only blame men for the orgasm gap

In all these years, we've yet to figure out how we can help women orgasm as often as men. A national study from 2010 found 85 percent of men had climaxed the last time they had sex compared to just 64 percent of women. The 21 percent discrepancy represents the–still sizeable–orgasm gap. Most articles, pundits and YouTube sexperts blame men for this gap, labeling the entire gender lazy and selfish in the bedroom. Women, however, are postured as helpless victims of the patriarchy. This position drives me crazy, and such rhetoric is anything but productive. No matter what men do or don't do, they seem to land on the losing side every time. They are supposed to care about a woman’s orgasms, but are told not care too much. They're supposed…

jessa brianne

Hi guys! My name is Jessa. I am a model living in Pennsylvania, USA. While I have not been modeling that long, I have been able to travel to all sorts of cool locations like Jamaica, Toronto, and Miami. I love going to different locations, meeting different people, experiencing different cultures, and trying all sorts of different foods. Before getting into modeling, I got my B.S. in Finance; so eat your heart out guys, I am smart and beautiful. I love managing money just as much as I love posing in front of a camera. Besides work, I love spending time with my family, especially my niece and nephew, shopping, sleeping in, and saying “Hi” to all of my fans on Facebook and Instagram. About me I really am an open book…

ace combat 7: skies unknown

In 1995 Air Combat was released on the original PlayStation. It combined realistic graphics with arcade-style aerial dogfights never before seen on a console, it was a game changer for all plane fanatics. Fast forward to 2019 and the seventh iteration of the Combat series makes it a highly anticipated current-gen debut and it’s without a doubt the best in the series. Placing you in the cockpit of the most advanced warplanes, Ace Combat 7 delivers white-knuckle dogfighting action with incredible graphics, all wrapped around a surprisingly good storyline. With a brand-new graphics engine, the beautifully rendered cloud-filled skies and incredibly detailed cityscapes have never looked better and the level of detail creates a sense of realism never seen before in the series. The combat itself is flying perfection, with just…

behind the wheel of the supercar of all supercars

There are those who pray at the altar of Bonneville. Believers devoted to the holy salt. They’ve been baptized by the alkaline air; the sanctified speeds and their convictions shall not be shaken. One isn’t expected to alter one’s faith after experiencing the holy flats. There is, however, an older, wilder, less orthodox temple of speed. A sanctuary for relics long forgotten and clerics who have long broken from the path of sodium chloride. A rectory for those bathed in the more ancient and divine dust: El Mirage. Speed records are still held every year, but like many of the world’s more ancient religions, it isn’t as practiced as it once was, nor does it carry as much weight compared to its Bonneville-clergymen. Yet, El Mirage’s arid lake bed, miles of…