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Powder October 2019

You never know when the next perfect powder day will come, so until then, pick up Powder Magazine for your ski runs. From dissecting the steepest, most technical first descents, to lofting big air, Powder transports you with award-winning photography and engaging articles that will take you to the top of the mountain.

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one of them

WHEN YOU ARE BORN in New Jersey in the dead of winter, taken home from the hospital by two people anxiously awaiting your arrival so they can move their new family of three to Colorado before the next snow storm, you become a skier. When you stuff pudgy feet into plastic rear-entry boots, making wedge turns in the yard before your third birthday, go to sleep in your long-johns, wake up in the car and eat cereal for breakfast in the backseat of the Subaru next to your brother, a steady stream of brake lights illuminating a dark mountain pass, you become a skier. Now you complain about over-ripe bananas and tuna sandwiches for lunch on the chairlift and eat frozen Starbursts from the palm of Dad’s gloved hand. You quit the high…

letter of the month

LOST AT SEA Over the past 15 years that I have subscribed to Powder, I have come to realize that there really is no other publication that addresses my winter passion for skiing as completely as you do. Your articles and monthly columns approach my beloved sport from widely differing perspectives. Alas, I now come to the end of a very meaningful relationship with you because of the ineptitude I endured while trying to renew my subscription. You received my order for a subscription renewal but you lost the check. It would seem that sending any more money is contraindicated. With regret, I will become a non-subscriber to Powder. However, please keep up your good work in the writing/editing/photo departments. I have the highest regard for the quality of your magazine. You are…

five star dive bar

IT WAS NEVER INTENDED TO BE A BAR. But isn’t true love often serendipitous? Nestled among shiny, new, multi-million-dollar developments on-slope at Steamboat Springs, there’s a spot where you will find plastic lawn chairs and outdoor picnic tables packed with skiers still in their boots, open umbrellas accumulating tomorrow’s new snow, and a frenzy of après-enthusiasts lined up at a cash bar window outside. The T-Bar shanty was meant to be a temporary building, approved in 2001 for a two-year occupancy by the Steamboat ski patrol. But the red coats stayed for 10 years until John Holloway, the current bar owner, was granted a one-year permit to operate a restaurant and bar from the structure. That was almost a decade ago. The T-Bar has since flourished as locals and soggy denim…

wind powered

IN 1968, FRESHLY MINTED associate degree in hand, Brian Fairbank, who grew up in Kenmore, New York, did what any self-respecting East Coast ski bum would do: headed west. He made it as far as Wisconsin, where he paused for a year before returning east to take a job managing Massachusetts’ Jiminy Peak at age 22. More than 50 years later Fairbank is still there, overseeing the largest ski area in southern New England. He’s incorporated innovative environmental measures like a wind turbine that provides much of the resort’s power, developed more energy-efficient snow guns, and grew Jiminy from a five-employee winter operation to a year-round resort. “His energy and passion are contagious,” says Jim Van Dyke, vice president of environmental sustainability at Jiminy, where he’s worked for 45 years. “We’ve had…


Remember this? Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House? The ‘90s are back, baby. If you need a refresher, here’s how it works: 1. Buddy up.2. Grab a blank piece of paper and start tallying until your buddy says, “stop!” The number you’ve tallied is your magic number. Let’s say it’s six.3. Circulate through the options, crossing off every sixth one. For example, you’d eliminate “Moonboots, fur coat, diamond necklace” and then “the high school pal.”4. Continue until there’s only one option left in each categor.5. Don’t blame us for how your life turns out. LIFE PARTNER 1. The hot dishwasher at the Goldminer’s Daughter. You know the one.2. Lindsey Vonn…’s personal chef.3. A supportive lawyer/dentist/nurse with a good work-life balance and parental approval.4. Your five-person gelande quaffing team. (Hey, it works. Don’t question it.)5. The…


WE ARRIVED IN THE LATE HOURS of the evening without seeing the mountains. Many, if not most, ski trips begin this way. Our passenger car came to a screeching halt on the train tracks. “La gare Annecy,” announced the automated female voice. Thanks to the Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Français, an entirely too long name for the state-owned French railroad company, the train crept into the Aiguille du Midi train station exactly on time; a digital clock on platform read 20:10. Doubly loaded down by ski bags containing everything required to survive six months in a 30-square-meter apartment in Chamonix, my friend Abbott and I shuffled from le gare down le avenue de l’Aiguille du Midi before turning on le promenade Marie Paradis. We were met with a welcome sight for our…