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Powder December 2019

You never know when the next perfect powder day will come, so until then, pick up Powder Magazine for your ski runs. From dissecting the steepest, most technical first descents, to lofting big air, Powder transports you with award-winning photography and engaging articles that will take you to the top of the mountain.

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silence the noise

SPORTING A HIGHLIGHTER-PINK hoodie over a spandex suit, eleven-year-old Hannah skated gracefully down the cat track to the top of the summer training lanes on Mount Hood. She passed swarms of tiny racers, too skinny to fill out their speed suits, shouldering boot bags bigger than their bodies. A cloud of monarch butterflies on their annual migration hovered above the snow like falling ash. Hannah tossed her bag into the pile around the base of an inflatable palm tree bobbling on the snow. She joined a group of adolescent and preteen skiers gearing up to hit one of three cliff features, each increasing in size. Some were nervous. Others confident. Two boys were preparing to attempt their first backflips. Hannah started with the smallest jump, convincing me to follow her lead. My…


Letter of the Month LEADING LADIES Powder is the only magazine I read cover to cover. After finishing the February 2019 issue (47.6), it occurred to me: Almost every article was written by, photographed by, or about women. And the skiers written about, including Christina Lustenberger in “Daughter of the Columbia, and Nika Radjenoviç and Nina Prevc in “On the Rise,” aren’t just skiers, but ski at a level that is frighteningly ballsy! So very well done, Powder. Thank you. GREG CURTIS Stockbridge, VT Those women are hard to keep up with, however in your new Higgins Coat from Flylow, at least you’ll look good trying. —Ed. Each month, Powder will hook up the reader who writes the best letter to the editor with free gear. Please send letters, cookies, and beer to: Editor, Powder Magazine2052 Corte…

no one to impress

THE FIRST TIME I SKIED into Great Scott, I did exactly what you should not do. I popped out of a ski and I fell. Which would have been fine, sort of, if it hadn’t happened just as the blue Snowbird tram, full of onlookers, drifted overhead. I could have lived with that, too, I guess, if the devo team—the best 8-year-old skiers you’ve ever seen—didn’t drop in right behind me and zip past while I struggled to step back into my binding in a no-fall zone. Directly under the tram, Great Scott is the steepest, longest line you can see as you ascend to the 11,000-foot summit of Snowbird’s Hidden Peak. But unlike Hollywood lines like Corbet’s or the Fingers at Squaw, Great Scott isn’t where you go to be…

life of the party

WHEN SPENCER HARKINS walks into the bar, he does more than light up the room—it’s akin to blinding illumination. With a penchant for skiing in jeans, and locks that would look at home onstage during Van Halen’s Fair Warning tour, the 28-year-old is an unmistakable presence in Utah’s ski scene. That used to have as much to do with how hard he partied as how hard he skis. Harkins spent his early days racing in New England before he transitioned to urban and park skiing, eventually heading West to spend summers skiing at Mount Hood. In 2014, he moved from Massachusetts to Salt Lake City, doing whatever it took to ski powder and get by—coaching park, waiting tables, valeting cars—you name it. He joined the lineup of Powder Week ski testers in…

cream and sugar

Man, you look terrible. You come to visit for one weekend and you turn into a zombie. Don’t let any children see you. What the hell happened to you last night? Bumbled by a cougar? You smell like CBD oils and cigarettes. Your eyes are actually the color of tomatoes. Is that a hickey? Might want to wear that buff. Dude, it snowed two feet last night. You have to rally. Don’t worry, I’ve got a spot for you. Let’s go to Triple Blacks. COFFEE MENU The Henrik Harlaut LATTE, JOINT, VISINE The Jaded Local COFFEE, CREAM, TUACA, CIGARETTE The Saugstad Straight Line JAGER, ESPRESSO, KICK IN THE CROTCH The Instructor FOLGERS, TWO IBUPROFENS The Cam Riley TRIPLE ESPRESSO, 4 PUMPS SWEETNER, CARAMEL DRIZZLE The Saucer Boy QUAD ESPRESSO, JACK DANIELS The Burn Out DRIP COFFEE, EDIBLE GUMMY The Park Rat MONSTER ENERGY DRINK IN A CHERRY…

getting there

I COULDN’T AFFORD TO FLY to Jackson Hole. My college buddies were reuniting there on a weeklong ski trip, so I found a cheap flight to Salt Lake City and saddled up for the 5-hour shuttle ride north. I collected my gear from baggage claim and stood waiting in the crisp February air, squinting through the bright sunlight bouncing off a clear blue sky. Exhausted from a late night prior, I was ready to crawl into the back seat of the shuttle and pass out. Fifteen minutes after my scheduled pickup time, a white van sped through airport traffic and pulled up beside me on the curb. A colorful, hulking mass of a driver was squeezed in behind the steering wheel wearing an electric blue sweater and what looked to be…