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Project Calm

Project Calm Issue 7

Project Calm is a brand new quarterly magazine filled with quality writing, beautiful photography and new ideas to try, all with the aim of helping you achieve mindfulness through making. Every issue is packed with gorgeous projects, ideas, people and great stories and interviews to read. You will discover how to enjoy mindful moments every day, learn about new crafts, trends and relaxation therapies, as well as inspiring travel and adventure ideas. Plus, we’ve created an original collection of templates, posters, stickers and bookmarks for you to enjoy making your own.

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United Kingdom
Immediate Media Company London Limited
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‘Seeing a situation with fresh eyes brings new solutions to old problems.’ It’s such solid wisdom that we decided to put the notion to the test this issue from a few angles: physically climbing up high (whether it’s in the wilds, page 24. or a city skyscraper, page 66); learning new ways to notice and appreciate more of what’s around us (with a notebook, page 20. or a camera, page 74 and 96): playing with scale (with paper townhouses to make, page 114. and dolls’ houses to marvel, page 120): and working with others (by finding a writing partner, page 42. or fostering empathy, page 128). The viewpoints of our contributing writers, illustrators and photographers this issue offer plenty to meditate on. We’ve also made a calming, themed playlist for this…


Old wisdoms we still follow: walking it off, climbing up high to find perspective, taking a break to get some fresh air. Physical, practical ways to look after ourselves in body and mind by stepping outside. This issue we focus on the insights you can gain from both a wider view and a closer look… the grand and the minute. From mountain tops to the tiniest seeds, nature has much to impart on a symbolic level. We show you how to embrace the cycles of life by noticing and recording the flora around you.…

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1 WINTER MAGIC FOR INSTAGRAM If the long, cold months are getting you down, you need a crash course in seeing the beauty of darkness. As luck would have it, a course teaching just this is available in the form of Gloom & Grow. The latest online course from Sara Tasker of Me & Orla invites you to spend four weeks celebrating winter and getting out and being creative, no matter what the weather. Sara believes that the best time to be on Instagram is in the winter months as people are online more, opening up more opportunities to connect and more opportunities for broadening your creativity. Necessity is the mother of invention, after all. Gloom & Grow, £110. meandorla.co.uk 2 WOODLAND ADVENTURES If you’ve always dreamed of building fires, wild camping in the…

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When I was six my favourite thing to do was to spend time with my grandad. My grandparents lived just six doors away and had a glass lean-to accessed through the dining room, which was full of plants and smelled of compost. It was here that my grandad would show me how to plant both flower and vegetable seeds and propagate one of his favourite kinds of plant, Streptocarpus. A tiny baby plant would grow within a few weeks from a slice of leaf placed in an old yoghurt pot full of soil and dusted with rooting powder. In his lean-to he also had a small pleached apricot tree which he tended as lovingly as any of his grandchildren. He pollinated it with a small paintbrush each spring and made jam…

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William Keble Martin was born in 1877 in Oxfordshire, attended Christ Church Oxford in the 1890s, where he studied Greek Philosophy and Botany, was ordained at Cuddeston Theological College and served as an army chaplain in France during the First World War. In 1921 he became the vicar of Coffinswell in Devon, which is where he began work on his magnum opus: making 1,400 intricate watercolours of the wildflower species of Britain for a botanical reference book. This painstaking task took him 45 years, more than half of his life, and The Concise British Flora in Colour was published in 1965, to great acclaim. He died in 1969. One of the reasons Keble Martin’s book was so successful is that the individual floral paintings on the plates in this book are…

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Have you always felt very connected to nature? Certainly as I child I used to collect leaves and flowers, keep stick insects and I loved being outdoors, clambering around castles and woods, or my parents’ allotment. As an adult, I’ve nurtured this connection by moving to one of the greenest pockets of the city. What do you do to stay inspired? I share a studio with around 30 other creatives, so I only have to do a circuit of the room before I’m pumped full of ideas and inspiration! But aside from my immediate surroundings, I love to explore new places, and I’m fond of a snoop around a good bookshop. Which section do you make a beeline for? Straight to fiction to marvel at all the beautiful covers! If I’m in a second-hand bookshop,…