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Project Calm

Project Calm Issue 2

Project Calm is a brand new quarterly magazine filled with quality writing, beautiful photography and new ideas to try, all with the aim of helping you achieve mindfulness through making. Every issue is packed with gorgeous projects, ideas, people and great stories and interviews to read. You will discover how to enjoy mindful moments every day, learn about new crafts, trends and relaxation therapies, as well as inspiring travel and adventure ideas. Plus, we’ve created an original collection of templates, posters, stickers and bookmarks for you to enjoy making your own.

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United Kingdom
Immediate Media Company London Limited
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home news

1 BELLY BASKETS Clutter round the house can make you feel resentful of toys, blankets, magazines and slightly out of control plants. Restore order with Olli and Ella’s range of ethicallysourced and fairtrade, belly baskets. Olli Ella was founded on the principle that what works for a nursery, should work just as well for the rest of the family home, meaning that a purchase can grow with your family rather than become another item bound for the attic or second-hand sale. Perfect for storing toys, blankets and throws, blocks and Lego, these look just as good in the living room as they do the playroom. Find them at olliella.com 2 PASSIONATE ABOUT PRESERVES While we’re safely tucked inside from the elements, it’s time to treat ourselves to our favourite preserves slathered over warm…

deep reading

For as long as novels have existed, there have been moralists to warn of their dangers. Late Victorian educationalist Charlotte Mason chided that “the girl who sits for hours poring over a novel, to the damage of her eyes, her brain, and her general nervous system, is guilty of a lesser fault of the nature of suicide.” Recent research, though, has claimed that rather than inducing a slow death, reading books can actually keep you alive: a study in the journal Social Science & Medicine found that those who read a book for 30 minutes a day had a 23-month survival advantage, regardless of their wealth, education, health or sex. And fascinatingly, this advantage was specific to books. No other reading material did so much good for its readers. The researchers…

a book for all emotions

BEREAVED H is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald Devastated with grief after her father died, Helen Macdonald did an extraordinary thing: she bought a hawk. As she tells the story of training Mabel, she explores the relationship between humans and nature, and writes about the pain and rage of loss with utterly moving precision. UNCERTAIN Middlemarch by George Eliot Just don’t know what to do with your life? Nor does Dorothea Brooke, whose quest for purpose takes her into an unsuitable marriage with consequences that ripple and rebound through the whole of her provincial town. Detailed and engrossing, every trip back will tell you something about how you’ve changed since last time. ANXIOUS How to Cook a Wolf by MFK Fisher When the wolf is at the door, the enterprising homemaker can only do one…

inspired by print

1. A great gift for book lovers: book on one page print from hardtofind.com2. If you can’t paint a portrait, create a collage; be inspired by Katy at collage-garage.com3. Simple shapes layered make a conversation-piece lampshade; Zipper8Lighting.com4. Magazines make colourful mats and bowls! Lots of ideas from tes.com5. Cuttings are perfect for journal covers: candycreates.blogspot.co.uk6. Use newsprint as a creative base layer for gift wrapping, stampington.com7. Revitalise old book pages with your own art and templates like Vanessa at dans-mon-crane.blogspot.com8. Headlines and spines make perfect lines for a fingerprint: cherylsorgstudio on etsy.com Pages from books, magazines or newspapers all make interesting coverage for a feature wall. Or buy yours ‘ready-made’ like this Biblioteca Wallpaper by Ekaterina Panikanova for NLXL.…

natural talents

When researching for our ‘Love of Books’ theme this issue, we came across David Wardle’s work and knew we had to get him involved. David is a designer, illustrator and typographer who creates hand-drawn, contemporary book covers, lettering and typography. Recent works include illustrations for a series of Paul Hollywood cookery books and a Le Creuset book. He has also penned a new typeface for the original queen of cookery, Mrs Beeton, in an updated guide for the 21st-century kitchen. The books, their covers and imagery within, are beautiful and are of the highest quality. But that’s the only way David works, as does Bold & Noble – the company he founded with his wife, Jane Tobbitt. Jane and David are joint creative directors, sharing the design work, along with two…

read create a display of ‘read’ letters

HOW DAVID CREATED THE LETTERS “The first part of working on the illustration is to try and find some relevant source material, in this instance vintage letterpress ornaments and initial caps for each letter. I’ll then start to look for references of the other elements, people reading, reading lamps, etc. “After the initial research I’ll make rough sketches of the elements I want to incorporate, scan them and then start to arrange them over the shape that I eventually want to create, in this case an initial cap. I look at where each sketch might fit and roughly drop them into position, I’ll then print out the outlined shape and the rough sketches. At this point I’ll work into the gaps between the drawings with line, shape and decoration to try and…