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Runner's World

Runner's World January/February 2019

RUNNER'S WORLD is filled with powerful information that will help you run faster and farther and have more fun doing it! Every issue brings you the strategies, tips and advice to fuel your performance, prevent injuries, burn fat, shed stress, and achieve your personal goals.

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DAVE MACKEY, RUNNER, LOST HIS LEG TO LIVE AGAIN P.44 Hiking and biking are both great cross-training activities if you’re injured. ASHLEY BLAKE, RUNNER, RESCUING PUPPIES! P.52 When training runs become monotonous, turn them into fun runs. Run to a town you don’t usually frequent, high-five your training partner every mile, make a loop including each of your friends’ houses, or use your favorite candy as your fuel instead of gels. You’ll enjoy them more. SAMANTHA CHAN, RUNNER, CHINA IS OBSESSED WITH RUNNING P.60 Sometimes I have stomach issues during races, so I take ginger to help with that. It’s very effective for nausea and vomiting, since it’s a natural anti-inflammatory and an ancient Chinese remedy. CHARLIE DARK, RUNNER, REVOLUTIONIZING THE MEANING OF RUN CREWS P.54 When racing, choose a gold, silver, and…

the inside lane

FOR SOME OF you, this may be the first time you’re holding a copy of Runner’s World, deciding 2019 is the year you’ll finally dust off those old running shoes and get back in shape. For others, the change in calendar might spur you to get serious about hitting a PR or nailing an overall mileage goal (I’m chasing 3,000 FWIW). But, whether you like resolutions or not, the new year carries with it a promise that we can make a change. That’s what this issue is all about: transformation. In these pages, we look at 11 runners who found strength in our sport, like Rob Krar, who won the Leadville 100 last summer. The high of victory was far removed from the dark place he’d been previously. Or Brigid Pickett,…

what we’re running

JORDAN SMITH EDITOR // DOG LOVER FROM THE SOUTH DAKOTA BLACK HILLS, WILL RUN FOR DOUGHNUTS 1 / Warby Parker Prescription Sunglasses $175 I hate wasting a pair of contacts on a single run, so on days when I wear glasses, I swap in my Warby Parker prescription sunglasses. After years of sweating in them, they still offer great sun protection and don’t bounce around. 2 / Fits Socks $25 I wear Fits for my runs and recovery. I like the running sock’s light compression feel throughout my foot, and I’ll slide on a pair of the compression socks postrun. Well-cushioned and comfortable, they’re just tight enough to avoid sliding down. I also love them for travel—my ankles swell when I’m sitting all day, and these little guys keep them from ballooning. 3 /…

the test zone

NO 1. Nike Doernbecher Zoom Fly / $170 We’ve tested Nike’s latest Zoom Flys, but the story behind this version grabbed me like no other. While a handful of popular designers have taken a crack at this silhouette—Off-White’s Virgil Abloh, Undercover’s Jun Takahashi come to mind—these come from a more inspirational source: Cedar Park Middle School’s Payton Fentress. The sixth-grader receives monthly medication infusions at the Oregon Health & Science University’s Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland to treat his Crohn’s disease. He’s one of six kids receiving treatment at the hospital who worked with Nike designers to create custom sneakers. The Fentress shoe is a colorful take on the springy Zoom Fly, with baseball graphics and references to the Chicago Cubs, his favorite team.—Dan Roe, test editor NO 2. Addaday Knot Bad…

can’t run? relax. here’s how.

When you’re feeling frazzled, our best advice is to just go for a run—hello, endorphins—but we realize an injury, nasty weather, or a busy schedule can keep you from lacing up. So we asked a group of experts for simple, easy strategies that can instantly give you some zen. Steal these tips the next time you feel stress sneaking up on you. Take a Deep Breath There’s a reason this advice is given so often. It works. Conscious, deep breathing engages the parasympathetic nervous system, which in turn slows your heart rate, according to Henry Emmons, M.D., author of The Chemistry of Calm. To make it most effective, exhale twice as long as you inhale. Eat Some Protein When your blood sugar gets low, your body responds by releasing stress hormones in an effort…

how to run in the cold like a boss

GEAR TO KEEP YOU WARM 1. NEW BALANCE WOMEN’S REFLECTIVE PACKABLE JACKET / $130 2. SALOMON MEN’S FAST WING HYBRID JACKET / $150 3. SMARTWOOL PHD TRAINING BEANIE / $32 4. BROOKS THRESHOLD GLOVES / $50 When the temperatures drop, your resolve to lace up might take a nosedive, too. But the frosty air doesn’t have to put a freeze on your running routine. “Winter running is the time to develop your mental toughness and up your game,” says Susan Paul, running coach and exercise physiologist in Orlando, Florida. “Finishing a run under miserable weather circumstances is an incredible confidence booster, and it will help get you out there next time.” And that’s a good thing, since keeping up with your normal exercise schedule can help you fight off the winter blues. Avoid the lure of the…