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Soap World No. 315

Soap World magazine is the ultimate magazine for fans of daytime drama as well as local and overseas soap operas.

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stars at large

Wonder Woman – she’s all heart LYNDA CARTER shows her fans the love at an awards bash over in the Big Apple – no wonder she’s everyone’s all-time favourite superhero! Pretty in pink for Karlie KARLIE KLOSS has just received the most excellent news: it’s International Day of the Girl. And she’s a girl . So it’s kinda her day when you think about it Fran Nanny ’s doing just fine! FRAN DRESCHER appears to be channelling her shy, retiring alter ego Fran Fine here! Perhaps she’s just super-excited to be gracing the LA seson four premiere party for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Hugh little beauty! What’s HUGH JACKMAN reaching for here? Pen? Gun? Phone? Chequebook? Actually the Aussie wowed the crowd at a charity gala in NYC, was honoured for his voluntary work and busted out “Oh, What…

matter of life & death

That beautiful moment when the sonographer or obstetrician reveals whether it’s a baby boy or girl will be clouded for Hope and Liam by the crazy situation with their own parents! Much to Hope’s dismay, it’s Steffy, her stepsister, longtime love rival and Liam’s ex-wife, who in a heartbeat snuffs out the glow of anticipation! Taking a minute to thank Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) for rehiring Wyatt (Darin Brooks) at Forrester Creations, Hope (Annika Noelle) is confused when she suddenly snaps at her that she’s not happy – and it’s about Hope’s mother! Dispelling Hope’s concern that she’s actually upset because Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) is still making waves about the budget cuts to the Hope for the Future collection, Steffy bluntly snaps that Brooke is the problem! Whenever she turns…


Revenge has been uppermost in the minds of Ramsay Street’s residents since notorious monster Finn Kelly disappeared without trace after running down Xanthe and leaving Susan, Elly and Bea to rot. Now they may be about to get it... Thanks to fellow criminal Jeremy Sluggett, Xanthe’s dad Gary now has crucial information pointing to Finn hiding out in a cottage about an hour out of Melbourne. Unfortunately, news of Finn’s imminent returns rattles his four victims, especially Bea who suffers from tormenting nightmare-induced insomnia. Motivated to investigate Finn’s whereabouts after the police hit dead ends, Bea (Bonnie Anderson) takes ownership of her anxious need for closure by visiting the cottage herself. Alone, she’s relieved to initially discover only one of Finn’s discarded shirts before encountering the disturbing sight of Finn (Rob Mills)…

the nanny’s poison!

Desperately in need of a childminder for Nell and Hugo, Sonya and Toadie thought they’d hit the jackpot when Alice Wells mysteriously entered their orbit – with the ideal credentials and a rapport with the kids. Beneath her Mary Poppins veneer, Alice is really the mother of Andrea Somers, and she’s hellbent on taking down Sonya on her disturbed daughter’s behalf! And she’s using innocent little Nell to do it! Having already tempted known addict Sonya (Eve Morey) with alcohol deposits around the house before taking advantage of Halloween to trick her into thinking Nell (Scarlett Anderson) had gone missing, leaving her and Toadie (Ryan Moloney) at the mercy of child welfare, Alice (Kerry Armstrong) then ensured Sonya found out her hubby’s been paying Andrea’s psychiatric bills in Tasmania! Thrilled by Sonya’s…

all change at ballarat

Blake’s NEAREST & DEAREST Jean Blake (NADINE GARNER) For Jean, beloved housekeeper-turned-wife of Lucien, life forever altered when he just dropped out of sight two years after they were married. Raising her two kids on her own, Jean now relies on the strength that helped her through the losses she endured in World War II. Far worse, there’s been no trace of her husband after he went AWOL chasing a killer. Always pragmatic, Jean’s determined to forge on, using her fount of historic local knowledge, and her position as a newly elected shire councillor to follow in Lucien’s bold footsteps as an amateur, capeless crime-fighter! Chief Superintendent Matthew Lawson (JOEL TOBECK) Ballarat’s police chief was relying on his sergeant Charlie Parks to succeed him as top cop in Ballarat, but he’s now a detective in Melbourne.…

those who have been wronged

Don Roper (GYTON GRANTLEY) Forever haunted by his war experiences, Don’s now plagued by new horrors. His son appears to be the victim of physical abuse, prompting Don to volunteer at Geoffrey’s (Finn Scicluna-O’Prey) next scout camp. Believing that scoutmaster Evan (Joshua Firman) is to blame, Don has no idea that the truth lies – creepily – much closer to home! Maggie Butson (JULIE NHILL) The Town Hall’s tea lady knows pretty much everything. What her eyes and ears pick up can be fascinating, exciting and even frightening... but is she aware that her son Evan is a suspected child abuser? Steve Whelan (ALAN BROUGH) Tragedy has framed Steve’s entire life, making him a paranoid, nervous wreck. As a child, he was the only survivor in a group of children who drowned in the local dam. They’ve always…