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The World of Interiors February 2021

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TWO PUTTI LOITER behind the Cumaean Sibyl on the Sistine Chapel ceiling. As she squints at her prophecy, they lurk over her shoulder. One holds his thumb between index and middle finger, a jibe known since Dante’s day as ‘giving the fig’. So much for her prophetic powers. You’d never see it from the ground. Not with the crowds, the iPhones, the sheer distance 20m below. But on the pages of a sumptuous book that reproduces every detail of the papal chapel at true-to-life scale, the gesture is insolently unmistakable. The three volumes of The Sistine Chapel, published by Callaway, are a marvellous marriage of art and technology. Only in the past five years has such a project been possible. Editorial director Manuela Roosevelt calls it a ‘publication for the ages’.…

old school ties

SINCE Marie-Victoire Poliakoff annexed the former concierge’s lodge of her building in Saint-Germain-des-Prés and turned it into an office accessed from above via an internal staircase, it might be said she now lives in a maisonette. But such a word is rather illsuited to the age of the house, which must date from the 17th century, and even less to the spirit of the owner. Her world, seen in the objects she’s accumulated, relates more to that of the horse-drawn caravan, thanks perhaps to her Slavonic roots. With her fresh complexion, blue eyes and bright red lips, Marie-Victoire has the look of an elegant cartoon character, which is in fact how her ex-husband, the illustrator Floc’h (WoI Dec 1999), depicted her in his portrait that hangs in her home. The…

sevillian dress

SHOULD YOU wander aimlessly through the centre of Seville and, drawn by the silence and intimacy of its narrow streets, find yourself on Calle Santa Clara, you will come across a grand old building taking up the best part of an entire block. With white walls, shuttered windows and an imposing double doorway painted a deep red, this is the Palacio de Santa Coloma, one of the city’s most important stately residences and most well preserved. The family who built this palace, the Bucarellis, were rich merchants from Florence who arrived in Seville in the 16th century. A century later, in 1679, Carlos II granted them the marquessate of Vallehermoso and they were established as one of the most powerful dynasties in the kingdom, later cementing their status through marriage…



artistic impression

To appear on this page, telephone: 020 7499 9080 ext. 3705. 21. IZZY MACKIRDY creates intricate and spectacular illustrations. She draws inspiration from nature and everyday life to produce one of a kind pieces. She also creates custom illustrations which make the perfect gift this festive season. Visit or follow @byizzymackirdy on Instagram. To appear on this page, telephone: 020 7499 9080 ext. 3705. To appear on this page, telephone: 020 7499 9080 ext. 3705. To appear on this page, telephone: 020 7499 9080 ext. 3705.…

exhibition diary

Lucy McKenzie SUDBURY TOWN STATION Station Approach, Wembley The suburbs aren’t generally known for their iconic architecture, but an occasional gem does shine out from the otherwise undifferentiated sprawl. One such beacon is Sudbury Town station in northwest London, an exemplar of Modernism designed in 1931 by Charles Holden, who was responsible for more than 40 London Underground stations between the 1920s and 1940s. Inspired by innovative Dutch terminals, the design – subsequently known as the ‘Sudbury box’ and the prototype for other stops on the Piccadilly Line extensions – features a tall brick booking office with a flat concrete roof flanked by side wings, and large vertical windows that flood the space with daylight and transform it into a glowing lantern at night. The station is now home to Pleasure’s Inaccuracies,…