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TV&Satellite Week 16-Mar-2019

Published by Time Inc. (UK) Ltd TV & Satellite Week is a weekly magazine, perfect for TV fans looking to get the most out of multichannel viewing. It includes comprehensive listings and a film guide, coverage of the best US dramas, a rundown of the week's highlights and a guide to live sports action on TV. England and Wales edition.

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danger money

NEW ACTION DRAMA Triple Frontier From Wednesday 13 March, Netflix Ben Affleck heads the cast of Netflix’s new adrenaline-fuelled thriller about five former Special Forces operatives who reunite to carry out a highly dangerous heist in South America. Their plan is to steal $75million from the heavily fortified home of a notorious drug lord, and bring him down in the process. The band of brothers have not seen each other for several years and, as they struggle with life after the military, each has their own reason for wanting the money. But when things don’t go according to plan, tensions inevitably rise and the bond of trust is tested. TV&Satellite Week caught up with Affleck, 46, to find out more about the action drama… What appealed to you about Triple Frontier? It’s an interesting story because you…

wolves of wall street

‘It’s like two tigers in a zoo: they get along, but they could still go after each other’PAUL GIAMATTI NEW DRAMA Billions Wednesday, Sky Atlantic HD, 9pm The ruthless world of hedge funds and high finance returns to our screens this week with the fourth season of US drama, Billions. We left off with sworn enemies Chuck Rhoades (Paul Giamatti) and Bobby‘Axe’ Axelrod (Damian Lewis) both in deep trouble. While Chuck was fired from his job as US Attorney, arrogant hedge-fund manager Axe was furious at the decision of Taylor Mason (Asia Kate Dillon) to leave Axe Capital to set up a rival fund. ‘Axe is increasingly paranoid,’ says Lewis. ‘For him, Taylor going is like one of his chicks leaving the coop. You bring them up, nurture them and then they fly away. Axe is infuriated…

force with for change

NEW CRIME DRAMA The Rookie Thursday, Sky Witness HD, 9pm As wise-cracking author Richard Castle in the long-running US crime series Castle, Nathan Fillion was constantly sticking his nose into police investigations, to the annoyance of his partner in crime-solving, detective Kate Beckett. In his latest TV incarnation, the 47-year-old actor gets to play detective for real as the oldest new recruit on the LA police force. In The Rookie, Fillion plays 40-year-old divorcé John Nolan, who makes the life-changing decision to become a cop. After witnessing a bank robbery, he decides to close his construction company and move to California to start his life all over again. FEELING NEEDED ‘John is at a point in his life when he just wants to matter,’ explains Fillion. ‘Now he no longer needs to clothe and shelter a family,…

shifting sands

NEW CRIME DRAMA The Bay Wednesday, ITV HD, 9pm ‘Leave your home life at home,’ is the advice police officer DS Lisa Armstrong, played by Morven Christie, gives to a rookie early on in new ITV crime drama The Bay. And as the story unfolds, it becomes clear that it’s advice Lisa would do well to follow herself. Set in the Lancashire coastal town of Morecambe, the backdrop to the series is the notoriously dangerous Morecambe Bay, where a group of Chinese cockle pickers lost their lives in 2004 when they were cut off by the incoming tide. In the drama, the bay becomes the site of another, fictional tragedy when a pair of 15-year-old twins go missing. Christie’s character is a family liaison officer (FLO) assigned to work with the traumatised parents, fisherman Sean Meredith…

soap diary

STORY OF THE WEEK CORONATION STREET Tragedy strikes as Carla’s world caves in There’s carnage on the cobbles when the Underworld roof collapses, leaving one unlucky resident brown bread and Carla’s reputation in tatters. The tragedy happens just when it seems Carla might get her happy ending. On hearing that Peter is leaving town, she lays her heart on the line to her ex. But Peter likens her to alcohol, explaining that, while he loves her, he knows that she’s bad for him. As Carla’s personal life implodes, so does her factory. The machinists hold a protest against her plan to outsource production, and Sally and Gina are up on the scaffolding when the roof caves in. Sally is trapped under the debris, and others are stunned and injured. Tim, Abi and Tyrone try to help,…

harry’s new goal

NEW ENTERTAINMENT Harry’s Heroes: The Full English Monday & Tuesday, ITV HD, 9pm Harry Redknapp enjoyed great success as a football manager and became‘king of the jungle’ after winning last year’s I’m a Celebrity, but he’ll be facing one of his toughest ever challenges this week. Redknapp, 72, will be returning to the touchline to coach a group of retired England internationals in a game against Germany. The two-parter follows his efforts as he tries to get the out-of-shape players back to match fitness. ‘They’d let themselves go a bit,’ says Redknapp. ‘We had a match at the start against a team of 15-year-olds – I had to finish it early because I was so worried about them!’ For players such as David Seaman, Paul Merson, Neil‘Razor’ Ruddock, Robbie Fowler and Chris Waddle, who were at…