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TV&Satellite Week 06-Apr-2019

Published by Time Inc. (UK) Ltd TV & Satellite Week is a weekly magazine, perfect for TV fans looking to get the most out of multichannel viewing. It includes comprehensive listings and a film guide, coverage of the best US dramas, a rundown of the week's highlights and a guide to live sports action on TV. England and Wales edition.

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back from the dead

NEW DRAMA The Widow Monday-Tuesday, ITV Hd, 9pm It’s been a while since actress Kate Beckinsale has appeared on British TV. After starring in a 1996 ITV adaptation of Emma, she relocated to America, where she has forged a successful Hollywood career with roles in Pearl Harbor and Van Helsing. Now, the 45-year-old (the daughter of Porridge actor Richard Beckinsale) has been lured back to the UK to play the title role in The Widow, a new eight-part thriller from the creators of The Missing and Baptiste and which co-stars Charles Dance and Alex Kingston. Beckinsale plays Georgia Wells, a woman struggling to cope with her husband Will’s death in a plane crash in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Three years on, however, she’s stunned to catch a glimpse of someone who looks very like…

alex’s african adventure…

Doctor Who actress Alex Kingston makes a welcome return to our screens in The Widow, when she worker Judith Gray, who was Will’s colleague in the Congo. ‘Judith absolutely believes that Will died in the plane crash, and so is thrown when Georgia arrives in the Congo, claiming that he’s still alive,’ says Kingston. ‘She knows that Georgia is a fragile person, so she is quite concerned about her state of mind.’ The 56-year-old was last seen as a powerful witch in Sky One’s A Discovery of Witches and says she loves dramas with twists and mysteries like The Widow. ‘I consider myself a bit of a Miss Marple, and if I’m watching a thriller or detective series, I always try to figure out whodunit,’ she says. ‘But usually my theories are all…

who’s who in the widow

Georgia Kate Beckinsale The widow sees news footage that suggests her late husband may be alive and wants answers. Will Matthew Le Nevez Georgia’s husband who supposedly died in a plane crash three years ago in the Congo. Martin Charles Dance A retired military man and friend of Georgia’s father, Martin refuses to help when she approaches him. Judith Alex Kingston Devoted to her charity work, Will’s enigmatic ex-colleague in the Congo thinks Georgia is on a wild goose chase. Emmanuel Jacky Ido The journalist, who lost his wife in the crash, offers to help Georgia investigate. But he is frustrated by corruption. Ariel Ólafur Darri Ólafsson The blind Icelander is involved in a medical trial in Holland and has links to the crash.…

the killer next door?

NEW DRAMA The Victim Mon-Thu, BBC1 HD, 9pm If you like your crime dramas to keep you guessing right up to the very end, The Victim might just become your next obsession. The BBC1 four-part series tells the story of Scottish mother Anna, who has not recovered from her son’s murder 15 years earlier. The killer was only a child himself, and has now been afforded a fresh start with a new identity, leaving an anguished Anna determined to hunt him down. Then, a few streets away, a bus driver and family man, Craig Myers, falls victim to a vigilante attack as the local community believes he’s the person who killed Anna’s son. Craig’s attacker was incited by a social-media post, and the police suspect that it was Anna who put it online. What will…

cop in crisis

NEW CRIME DRAMA The Murders Friday, Universal HD, 9pm Rookie detective Kate Jameson begins a mission to find a measure of redemption when a blunder costs a colleague his life in the opening episode of Canadian crime drama The Murders. After breaking the No.1 rule of policing – never leave your gun unattended – Kate is devastated when her mistake has fatal consequences. Her crisis of confidence is made even worse by the fact that her late father was a highly decorated detective and she’s desperate to live up to his memory. ‘Kate is very resilient, yet in other ways very vulnerable’ JESSICA LUCAS UNDER PRESSURE ‘Kate’s father was well-loved and died in the line of duty,’ explains Jessica Lucas, 33, who plays the haunted detective. ‘Many people in the department think she only got the job…

toby’s bumpy ride

‘Several dark things happen, which make the characters reveal themselves, and a lot of comedy comes out of it’ NEW COMEDY Don’t Forget the Driver Tuesday, BBC2 HD, 10pm After winning a BAFTA last year for the brilliant Detectorists, Toby Jones turns his hand to comedy again in BBC2’s Don’t Forget the Driver. The six-part sitcom tells the story of Peter, a Bognor Regis coach driver and single dad, who balances a stressful family life with taking tourists to France to buy cheap booze. His daughter Kayla is bored to death living in Bognor, while his mum Audrey is becoming more and more confused. ‘Peter has a lot on his plate and, like most people, he’d have a much happier life if he just had a little bit more time,’ explains Jones. ‘His daughter and his…