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Kung Fu Tai Chi Winter 2020

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publisher’s corner

“Any man who must say, ‘I am the king,’ is no true king.” Patriarch Tywin, Game of Thrones Please don’t ask me to be on the cover. We used to say that every time someone asks to be on the cover, we push them back a year, and that is under the brash assumption that we were even considering them in the first place. And since we’ve switched from bi-monthly to quarterly, it’s a year and a half. People give all sorts of reasons why they deserve a cover, but most of them are egotistical and only show how out of touch they are with magazines. Many believe their face will increase sales. Today, print magazine sales are declining for many reasons. A major cause is the drop in large retail newsstands, which…

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claw marks

For Tiger Claw to keep up with the demands of martial arts, new products are a necessity. It can be challenging to keep up. Factors such as quality, durability, consistency in production, production times, are just a few causes impacting us when bringing in new products or finding new manufacturers. Recently we made a push to make sure we carried all IWuF competition Wushu weapons. This is in addition to all the other competition weapons that we already carry: Wushu straightswords (jian 劍), Wushu broadswords (dao 刀), Tai Chi swords (taijijian 太 極劍), and competition staffs (gun 棍). New to our line are the competition nandao (southern broadswords南 刀) and the competition spear (qiang 槍). These are all from the Da Ye Heng Tong (大業亨通) weapons factory in China. If…

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web fu

http://www.kungfumagazine.com/forum/showthread.php?70543-Bruce-Lee-Museums-and-Gallery-Exhibits Crane’s Nest Demolished After a prolonged battle, Crane’s Nest, Bruce Lee’s Hong Kong two-story, 5,700 square-foot mansion, in the upscale district of Kowloon Tong, was demolished after it had fallen into disrepair. Lee lived in the house from 1971 until his death in 1973, along with his wife Linda and his children Brandon and Shannon. The property was acquired soon after by billionaire Yu Pang-lin, who notoriously earned the nickname ‘Love Hotel King’ because many of his properties, including Crane’s Nest, were rented out by the hour for private trysts. There were proposals to convert Crane’s Nest into a Bruce Lee Museum, but after Yu passed in 2015, Crane’s Nest became the property of the Yu Panglin Charitable Trust, and it was deemed too expensive to salvage. A new building is…

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11th itkfa chinese martial arts championship

The San Francisco Bay Area has always been at the forefront of martial arts, largely due to the enormous population of Asian immigrants that land here. This is not restricted to Chinese martial arts but true of all Asian martial art styles. However, when it comes to Chinese imports, what was once a bastion of pioneers for traditional Kung Fu has become inundated with Modern Wushu, so much so that traditional Kung Fu competitors have been pushed off the podium for decades at Bay Area tournaments. Fortunately, there are hints that the reemergence of traditional Kung Fu is beginning to trend here. If so, hopefully, as is often the case, the rest of the nation might follow. On July 13, 2019, the 11th ITKFA Chinese Martial Arts Championship was held in…

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the 2019 northern california chinese culture-athletic federation martial arts championship

The Northern California Chinese Culture-Athletic Federation (NCCCAF) was founded in Fremont, California, in 2003 and is North America’s largest non-profit, non-regional, non-political Chinese sports and cultural organization. This is actually a multi-sport event; other events include archery, badminton, basketball, bowling, chess, dance, football, ping pong, shooting, swim, tennis, track and field, tug of war, volleyball, and yoga. It claims to be the largest Chinese sports event held outside Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and mainland China and is open to anyone, regardless of ethnicity or nationality. The Chinese Martial Arts competition is held over two weekends at James Logan High School in Union City, California, not far from the Kung Fu Tai Chi headquarters. On August 3, the external divisions are held under the banner of the Eagle Claw Cup International Wushu…

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1st international lou reed tai chi day

On August 3, 2019, the 1st International Lou Reed Tai Chi Day was held in several locations around the world. It was in honor of the pioneering artist and musician, Lou Reed (1942-2018), who was also an avid practitioner of Tai Chi and appeared on the cover of Kung Fu Tai Chi’s May+June 2003 and September+October 2007 issues. Events were held in Brooklyn, NY, led by Laurie Anderson, with Stephan Berwick, Scott Richman, Bob Currie, and Warrington Hudlin at the Brooklyn Public Library and Prospect Park, Washington, DC, led by True Tai Chi’s™ Henry Hsiang, at the Iwo Jima Memorial, Warsaw, Poland, led by Maciej Magura Góralski at the Asia and Pacific Museum, and Jakarta, Indonesia, led by True Tai Chi’s™ Larry Frost, of the U.S. Embassy Chen Taiji Group. Brooklyn, New…