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Kung Fu Tai Chi Spring 2020

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publisher’s corner

It’s 2020 and my vision is worse than ever. I had eagle eyes. An optometrist once told me my vision was sharp enough to be a Jet pilot. But now, well past my half-century milestone, failing eyesight is like losing a super power. And it’s not my only loss. My martial skills are fading with age too. I’ve reached a point when it’s no longer about acquisition. It’s about retention. I used to have decent tornado kicks and broom sweeps. I can still do them, but you have to give me like half an hour to warm up first. That effectively takes them out of my self-defense arsenal and places them into my collection of calisthenics. Nowadays, the bulk of my practice is for health. On good days, I’ll still…

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the turn of the decade

Tiger Claw Martial Arts Safety Products and Supplies was founded by my father, Thomas Oh, in 1985, which makes 2020 the 35th anniversary of our company. After my pops retired, I took over as the President of Tiger Claw. Kung Fu Tai Ch is published under Tiger Claw’s media branch, TC Media International. I began contributing this Kung Fu Tai Chi Claw Marks column as Tiger Claw President in 2013. Since my mom, Gigi Oh, is the Publisher Emeritus of Kung Fu Tai Chi, Tiger Claw and Kung Fu Tai Chi have been a big part of my entire adult life. As I take a moment to reflect on the last decade, I ask myself questions. Have I achieved my goals set out for the last ten years? If not,…

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web fu

http://www.kungfumagazine.com/forum/showthread.php?2737-Silat Silat & Pencak Silat inscribed as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritages of Humanity For 2019, both of the Southeast Asian Martial Arts of Silat and Pencak Silat were inscribed as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritages of Humanity. Silatis Malaysian. Pencak Silat is Indonesian. The FALL 2019 Kung Fu Tai Chi Cover story, ‘Meet the Martial Star of Netflix’s Wu Assassins, Iko Uwais’ by Gene Ching focused on Pencak Silat, which is parallel to Chinese Martial Arts in many ways. Currently there are seven other Martial Art-related UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritages of Humanity: Chidaoba, wrestling from Georgia (2018), Tahteeb, a stick game from Egypt (2016), Frevo, a Carnival performing art akin to Capoeira from Brazil (2012), Taekkyeon, a traditional Korean Martial Art (2011), Chhau dance from India (2010), Pahlevani and Zoorkhanei rituals from Iran (2010)…

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the 4th annual ohio kung fu tai chi day

ON October 12, 2019, on a beautiful fall ON day at Scioto Park in Dublin, Ohio, the Fourth Annual Ohio Kung Fu Tai Chi Day again brought world-class Chinese martial arts and cultural performances to the local communities around greater Columbus, Ohio. The growth and interest in this event has been increasing steadily since its beginning, and this year was no exception. Hosted by the Ohio International Kung Fu Tai Chi Association, with the help of many local sponsors, the day saw more than 25 Kung Fu, Tai Chi, music, dance and more performances from schools and groups across the region and beyond. The day started with the traditional lion dance and dragon dance performed by teams from Ohio Wushu Academy under the direction of Master Sen Gao. Following that, both traditional…

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peace & well-being concert

On October 12–13, a historic On performance of Buddhist music was held, with a little help from Shaolin monks. The Peace & Well-Being Concert by Chinese Buddhist Chanting Music Ensemble was staged in David Geffen Hall in Manhattan’s prestigious Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts complex. Buddhist music can be characterized into three genres: fanbai (梵唄) which are liturgical chants based on the sutras, jing yinyue (京音樂) which is instrumental music, and ge (歌) which are songs akin to church hymns. The Peace & Well-Being Concert brought together several different traditions of Buddhism including Theraveda, Tibetan and Zen for this unique recital. The concert brought together over 100 monks from five Chinese Buddhist Temples. Daxiangguo Temple in Kaifeng, Henan Province, was once renowned for its tradition of Buddhist music; however, this…

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malee khow celebrates over two decades of promoting wushu with competition in connecticut

Malee Khow, owner of Malee’s School of Tai Chi & Kung Fu of Connecticut and well-known organizer and promoter of Chinese martial arts events, celebrated twenty years of organizing tournaments last November, 2019, with the 9th New England International Chinese Martial Arts Championships. Since 1999, these championships have been one of the largest in the northeastern U.S. and have continued to grow since Khow began hosting them annually in 2016. At this event one will find one of the most diverse collections of competitors on the East Coast, with practitioners of traditional Kung Fu, Contemporary Wushu, and internal styles of all ages in attendance. This year featured the largest turnout since the 4th New England Championships in 2012. Khow’s event always has an exciting line-up of performances and special guests.…