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Kung Fu Tai Chi March - April 2018

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publisher’s corner

Each issue of Kung Fu Tai Chi is a journey, not just for you as a reader, but for us as researchers, reporters, editors and graphic designers. Even as the publisher, I’m never exactly sure where this journey will go. We start with a few article ideas from our staff, accompanied by erudite freelance contributions. As the issue begins to find its way, we are peppered with news: events, developments, film releases, and deaths. And there are always challenges to overcome along the way. I save my Publisher’s Corner for last, in hopes that the journey has imparted some wisdom that I can share to open the magazine. This part of the journey, one of my final creative steps, has gotten progressively more difficult. It’s challenging to be timely and topical…

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the 80th birthday celebration of grandmaster john s. s. leony

Last November, we were honored to attend the 80th birthday celebration of Grandmaster John S. S. Leong. Grandmaster Leong was the cover master for Kung Fu Tai Chi’s 100th issue, the January+February 2008 edition. What’s more, his son Robin recently graced our cover too (November+December 2017 issue). The festivities were held in Seattle, Washington, where Grandmaster Leong established his school over half a century ago. I attended university in the Pacific Northwest and had not been back in many years, so I was really excited about my trip to Seattle. Early November meant the rainy season had already begun (let’s face it, the rainy season is 10 months long), so I was amazed that the weather report called for only a chance of rain. Gigi Oh – Publisher Emeritus (and my…

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web fu

Chung Yeung Festival Chung Yeung, or Double Nine is celebrated on the ninth day of the ninth month in the Chinese calendar (chong yang 重陽節). What began as a day to honor ancestors had blossomed into a celebration of the elderly. China has one of the world’s fastest growing elderly communities. It is predicted that China will have 500 million sexagenarians within the next few decades. In honor of Chung Yeung, elderly show off their fitness and longevity, which includes many martial artists. Among the spotlighted masters were Liu Fuzhong, 73, who practices splits and high kicks every day, Zhang Chenglin, 96, who also retains his splits, and Chen Ming, 60, who is still an active boxer. http://www.kungfumagazine.com/forum/showthread.php?57037-Give-it-up-to-the-elderly!!!!! Modern-Day Seppuku A samurai sword enthusiast, Alun Jones, apparently committed seppuku. Seppuku literally means ‘cutting the…

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the 50th anniversary of the ving tsun athletic association in hong kong

IN early October, the Ving Tsun Athletic Association in Hong Kong held a series of momentous events in recognition of the organization’s 50th anniversary: The Fourth Ip Man Ving Tsun Taolu (Forms) and Sticking Hands Match (October 7), a Gala and 50th Anniversary Banquet (October 8), Foshan visit and Fourth World Ving Tsun Conference (October 9 and 10). Founded in 1967 by Ip Man and his disciples, the VTAA has played a major role in promoting the art of Wing Chun (initially spelled Ving Tsun by Ip Man) throughout the world. The organization established a permanent venue with a self-owned property in 1968 and has many milestones including: organizing the Worship Ceremony of the late Grandmaster Ip Man after his passing; established a licensing system for Recognized Ving Tsun Instructor since…

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world kungfu championships held at emeishan for the first time

THE magnificent Emeishan (峨眉山), one of the four sacred Buddhist mountains of China and famous for its astonishing sea of clouds as seen from its Golden Summit, welcomed the finest traditional Wushu teams from across the globe for one week in November of 2017 for the 7th World Kungfu Championships (WKFC). A World Level Sport-for-All Event Previously called the World Traditional Wushu Championships, the WKFC has been a signature event of the International Wushu Federation (IWUF) since 2004. While at its core traditional Wushu is a method of attack and defense, its practice has become far more than a simple means to an end, experiencing an accumulative expansion as a deep and complex expression of Chinese physical culture practiced by people from all walks of life, irrespective of gender, age, social class…

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the 7 th new england international chinese martial arts championships & first-ever usa tai chi judges course

On Saturday, November 4, 2017, Master Malee Khow and Malee’s School of Tai Chi & Kung Fu held the 7th New England International Chinese Martial Arts Championships and 4th USA Tai Chi Cup in Connecticut. The competitions took place again at Nomad’s Adventure Quest in South Windsor. This is the first time Master Malee organized these championships two years in a row, and this year the martial arts community really took notice with a record number of masters in attendance. The week before, Master Malee Khow was once again at the forefront in promoting the advancement of Chinese martial arts in this country, as Professor Wen Zuohui of Chengdu, China, conducted the Inaugural USAWKF Tai Chi Judges Training and Examination Course. Professor Wen, formerly a teacher at the Chengdu Sports Institute,…