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Kung Fu Tai Chi November - December 2017

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publisher’s corner

I wrote my September+October 2014 Publisher’s Corner from a backpacking trip in Yosemite National Park. Late last July, I was backpacking there again and was thrilled to be able to climb Half Dome. It was something I did with my late father about forty years ago. This time, I got to do it with my own child, which made it extra special. It was inspirational, and a much needed break from the avalanche of media and work that buries us all. Even several months since our Kung Fu Tai Chi 25th Anniversary Festival, I’m still closing some final details. Hopefully, I’ll have it all done before the next one (which is May 19-20, 2018 by the way, mark your calendars). When I returned from my vacation, we retrofitted our office sprinkler…

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free dvds

Martial Arts Benefit for Quake Victims On May 12th, 2008, a devastating earthquake struck Sichuan, China. The loss of life and property was tremendous. Martial Arts Benefit for Quake Victims was staged in less than two weeks at the Ultimate Internationals, a Tiger Claw Elite Championship Qualifier, organized by Ray and Debbie Delgado. It was a sold out show and raised over $70,000. A special fund for the Sichuan quake victims was established by the Tiger Claw Foundation, non-profit charitable martial arts organization. The proceeds of this DVD are going towards this fund. For more information and other ways that you can donate, visit www.TigerClawFoundation.org. DVD-CA112 $24.95 Xingyi Six Harmony Fist Xingyi is another major internal art akin to Tai Chi, attributed to Grandmaster Ji Jike of the early Qing Dynasty. Based on traditional…

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claw marks

Traveling for work, going to martial arts events, getting the chance to talk to school owners and practitioners is one of the best ways for Tiger Claw to grow and improve our product. Year after year it gets a little harder to leave my growing family and get out of my daily routine, but I remind myself that it is a valuable opportunity to learn something that I might not have known about our customers. Every time I get home I’m so excited to see my girls, but also excited because I pick up something Tiger Claw can do better, something we can create or innovate. That makes our company better – and better able to serve you, the martial arts community. The last time I attended Dennis and Andrena Brown’s…

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web fu

Shaolin Soccer is for Real – the Sequel In our March + April 2017 Web Fu column, we mentioned how Stephen Chow’s filmShaolin Soccer(2001) has inspired the Taguo school near Shaolin Temple to train soccer. Recently, China has been building a soccer super team in an effort to gain global recognition as a soccer power. Consequently, several soccer stars have been visiting China and training in Kung Fu as a publicity stunt. On recent friendship tours, Chelsea captain Gary Cahill, goalkeepers Thibaut Courtois and Willy Caballero and wing-back Marcos Alonso had the honor of training with a Shaolin Monk and Arsenal Team players Mesut Ozil, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Alexandre Lacazette trained some Southern Style Kung Fu. Swords – Legal to Carry in Texas On June 15, 2017 Texas House Bill 1935 was signed…

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grandmaster pan qing fu 1938–2017

On June 29, 2017, Grandmaster Pan Qing Fu (潘清福) passed away at home in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Renowned for his iron fist, Grandmaster Pan had extremely calloused knuckles from years of training. Those knuckles were his signature, and he was always willing to rap someone’s skull with them if they questioned his veracity. Grandmaster Pan began as a child practicing martial arts in the basement because he didn’t want anyone to watch him. His first master convinced him to enter a local tournament, and although reluctant to compete, he won. His youthful ferocity earned him the nickname "Little Tiger" and, soon after, a slot on the Provincial Martial Arts Team. Pan was a voracious student who studied under more than a dozen masters, including Wen Jingming (溫敬銘). Grandmaster Wen was part…

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national top wushu athletes excel in lubbock

THE city of Lubbock, Texas, hosted the 2017 Wushu National Championships. Hosted by the United Martial Arts Training Center and sponsored by the municipal government tourism organization Lubbock Sports, the event included the US National Wushu Team Trials for Taolu (forms 套路) and Sanda (sparring散打), the National Traditional Wushu Team Qualification and the National Championships. Over 300 Wushu athletes from across the country gathered at the Civic Center Exhibit Hall in Lubbock to clash for bronze, silver and gold in one of the most successful editions of this event in the last decade. After three days of intense competition, the following athletes were selected to represent the US at the 14th World Wushu Championships (WWC) in Kazan, Russia, in September 2017. In Taolu: Stephanie Lim, Lucy Lee, Mia Tian, Alyssa Lo,…