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Spring / Summer 2021
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L’Officiel Hommes USA share its international vision with a US audience. Focused on men’s fashion, L'Officiel Hommes USA is published twice a year and, in conjunction with its digital platform, lofficielusa.com— which features daily, exclusive multi-media content—it provides readers with the very best that fashion, art, music, film, and culture have to offer.

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Shaniqwa JARVIS PHOTOGRAPHER “The ABCs of Autobiography” “Topaz Jones created a film for his music that we expanded on for this story. Working with the same team from the film to make indelible moments was a no-brainer.” Emily ALLAN WRITER “Prophetic Visions” “After four hours of conversation with Paul McCarthy, I felt daunted by the thought of synthesizing our talk into anything coherent. Paul came up with the idea of simply turning in a headline and a blank page. I’m still wondering if I should have taken his advice.” Danielle LEVITT PHOTOGRAPHER “The Long Ride” “It was a dream to work with the Compton Cowboys. Their aspirations are not guided by whims of fashion but by their honor and deep sense of duty to create a safe space for their community.” Hari NEF WRITER “Uncancellable” “In a moment when the creatives around me are so…

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the abcs of autobiography

“I didn’t know you could win Sundance,” says Topaz Jones with a laugh. He’s talking about his film Don’t Go Tellin’ Your Momma, an exploration into his personal history and the shared stories of his community. The release marks a significant new chapter in the New Jersey artist’s life, and also earned the 27-year-old rapper the Short Film Jury Award for Non-Fiction at the prestigious festival. There’s a sense of earnest transparency when Jones speaks about the art he’s created. Though he admits the project will likely be a gateway to a new audience, the approach to his craft was always genuine, and the art reflects that dedication. Awards are a pleasant surprise, but Jones will continue to tell his story with or without them. Jones lived in Montclair, New Jersey…

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flower house

Louis-Géraud Castor studied archeology and art history before becoming an art dealer for 15 years. In 2017 he switched gears once again, and today his sophisticated, unexpected creations make Castor Fleuriste the fashion and design worlds’ go-to florist. L’OFFICIEL: Your flowers seem to come straight out of a watercolor painting, rather than from nature. Is that your signature? LOUIS-GÉRAUD CASTOR: Yes, there’s a part of me that can’t help but feel like an artist. My affinity for the works of Pierre Soulages, Mark Rothko, Serge Poliakoff, Yves Klein, and Francois-Xavier Lalanne are subconsciously woven into my own work. When you understand the principles of oil painting and pigments, that is exactly what one finds in flowers. L’O: Tell us about the bouquets you have created for the fashion world. LGC: In all of the…

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arrested development

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something wild

These days, anything goes. As menswear continues to take a turn for the eccentric, why not extend that rule-bending philosophy to your grooming routine? While you could easily be out the door with a spritz of dry shampoo or swipe of pomade, consider making your hair a focal point of your look rather than an afterthought. Using a combination of strong-hold gel, dry shampoo paste, and pomade mousse, hairstylist Fernando Torrent imagines a myriad of looks on a variety of hair textures, from bluntly cut shoulder-length locks to a halo of brushed-out curls. “The inspiration was young street-ready styles, from the wearable to the extreme. I wanted to create interesting textures and modern shapes,” says Torrent.…

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the long ride

When 31-year-old Randy Hook casts his mind back to his first memories, somehow, there are horses. In fact, he would be hard-pressed to remember a time without the gentle-eyed creatures nearby. From the first amateur competition he entered at the age of six, to summers spent on his aunt’s sprawling ranch, horses are the connective tissue and sinew that bind the group of childhood friends who have come to be known as the Compton Cowboys together. The group, based in the South Central LA neighborhood, provides a community and mentorship collective for youth, offering a safe space for kids to go. Their distinctive identity and social mission have been augmented to the national level thanks to the Compton Cowboys’ partnerships, like Tommy Hilfiger’s purpose-driven Moving Forward Together campaign, and the brand’s…