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EDITOR Bradford McKee / bmckee@asla.org ART DIRECTOR Christopher McGee / cmcgee@asla.org SENIOR EDITOR Jennifer Reut / jreut@asla.org COPY CHIEF Lisa Schultz / lschultz@asla.org EDITORIAL DESIGN ASSISTANT Emily Cox / ecox@asla.org CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Brian Barth; Jared Brey; Jessica Bridger; Sahar Coston-Hardy, Affiliate ASLA; Jonathan Lerner; Jane Margolies; Zach Mortice; Anne Raver; Timothy A. Schuler; Alex Ulam; James R. Urban, FASLA; Lisa Owens Viani EDITORIAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE Falon Mihalic, ASLA / Chair Jeanne M. Lukenda, ASLA / Vice President, Communications Camille Applewhite, ASLA Benjamin Boisclair, Associate ASLA Conner Bruns, Student ASLA Farah Dakkak, International ASLA Ujijji Davis, ASLA William Green, ASLA Ron Henderson, FASLA Brian Jencek, ASLA Dalton M. LaVoie, ASLA Maren McBride, ASLA Tobie E. Merrill, ASLA Cleve Larry Mizell, ASLA Charles Kene Okigbo, ASLA Kathleen Trejo, ASLA Yutian Wang, Student ASLA PUBLISHER Michael D. O’Brien, Honorary ASLA / mobrien@asla.org SENIOR SALES MANAGER Daryl Brach / dbrach@asla.org SALES MANAGER Gregg Boersma / gboersma@asla.org SALES MANAGER Kathleen Thomas / kthomas@asla.org PRODUCTION SENIOR PRODUCTION MANAGER Sarah Strelzik / sstrelzik@asla.org MARKETING & DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR, MARKETING AND…

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GALE FULTON, ASLA, (“Fill in the Blanks,” page 110) is the director of the School of Landscape Architecture at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. You can reach him at gfulton@utk.edu. “Cities will continue to produce vacant landscapes and other marginal territories that fall outside the professionalized vision of many landscape architects, but this landscape is fertile ground for social and environmental innovation.” LYDIA LEE (“Theater Revival,” page 40) is an architecture and design writer in the San Francisco Bay area. You can reach her at lydia@lydialee.com. “The rock face that forms the backdrop of the amphitheater is stunning—the wilderness really takes center stage here, which you can’t tell so well from the photos.” GOT A STORY? At LAM, we don’t know what we don’t know. If you have a story, project, obsession, or simply an…

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more ‘exciting stuff’

Clearly, Thaïsa Way, FASLA, set off some alarm bells in the mind of Roger Deweese, FASLA, (Exciting Stuff, Letters, November). He complains that Way is judging the history of our country and of Dumbarton Oaks by today’s standards. He seems annoyed that Way wants to “bring out these histories and stories” highlighting race, identity, and difference in equity at all, let alone at a historic estate. In expressing his disgust, he mixes up what the interviewer, Brad McKee, and Way are saying, in an apparent attempt to show how silly and misguided these politically correct liberals are. He questions how Way’s “purposefully vague studies” will benefit our profession and society—but Way was referring to broadening the scope of Dumbarton Oaks’s research proposals, not to any studies. She is asking how people…

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an open letter on climate action

This month, LAM is running the text of a recent petition signed by hundreds of landscape architecture students and supporters that urges ASLA to increase its focus on issues related to climate breakdown. The list of signatories is complete as of late November 2019. The petition can be found online at aslaadapt.com. Following the petition is a letter of support from members of the CEO Roundtable, an independent group of principals who represent major landscape architecture firms. Finally, LAM is printing the response to the petition by ASLA leadership. Open Letter to: Shawn T. Kelly, FASLA, President of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), President-Elect Wendy Miller, FASLA, the ASLA Executive Committee, and the ASLA Board of Trustees We are living through a climate crisis. This crisis has grown out of…

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support for the student climate petition

November 17, 2019 Landscape architecture students across the country are taking a leadership position on the critical issues of climate action as reflected in their open letter to ASLA and the “ASLA Adapt” initiative. The CEO Roundtable strongly supports their efforts. The next generation is asking us to work more cohesively, to be more holistic, to be forward thinking, and to lead on climate issues. We agree that ASLA can step up and push public policy and legislation to address the critical issues of carbon neutrality and our global future by investing in green infrastructure and resilience. It is our opinion that the national ASLA should respond positively to this student initiative by supporting the aspirations and core principles of their letter, directly supporting the Green New Deal, asserting our commitment…

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asla’s response to the student climate petition

Recently, a collective of landscape architecture students from around the country crafted an open letter to ASLA’s leadership about how ASLA and the profession may continue to respond to the ongoing climate crisis. “As design students deeply invested in the future of the world’s landscapes and their ability to sustain life, we have come together from across the United States to call on ASLA to strengthen its commitment to addressing the most serious challenge of our times.” The students outlined their concerns in a series of short- and long-term demands that call on the profession to address climate change by strengthening its advocacy efforts, bolstering its post-secondary and professional educational curricula, standing for environmental justice, and promoting landscape architecture projects globally. ASLA applauds the students for making such a bold and…