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CONTRIBUTORS WALTER HOOD (“Black Landscapes Matter,” page 54) is the creative director and founder of Hood Design Studio and a professor of landscape architecture, environmental planning, and urban design at the University of California, Berkeley. You can find more of his work at “In 2020, this country is long overdue in reimagining how it values Black landscapes. It’s time for us to be outspoken, audacious, and prophetic.” GRACE MITCHELL TADA (“Black Landscapes Matter,” page 54) is the co-editor of the forthcoming book with Walter Hood. You can follow her on Instagram @grace_tada. SETH PUTNAM (“The Carved Garden,” page 24) is a Chicagobased reporter and editor who publishes Shelter (, a newsletter about homes, cabins, gardens, and modern living. You can follow him on Instagram and on Twitter @sethjputnam. “The gardens’ creator, Alexandre Grivko, told…

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paid attention

Last year, the artist and writer Jenny Odell found herself the author of an unexpected best seller, How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy. In that pre-pandemic moment when it seemed the least possible to do nothing, Odell identified the sense of helplessness and frustration some feel under the deluge of ever-more-aggressive attempts to hijack our minds. Some of her prescriptions were well-known to landscape architects. Be outside. Watch the birds. Make things. But she also had another theme: Educate yourself. Odell situated her arguments clearly within a commercial ecosystem—the attention economy of the book’s subtitle. If we are to defy the way our attention is an increasingly valuable commodity to corporations, she argued, it should be seen as part of a longer struggle between labor and capital and the…

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FULL CIRCLE I loved reading your rendition of “New Roles” (Land Matters, October). I was just e-mailing Ian Bucacink, the archivist at ASLA, to see if they had a digital copy of the January 1980 issue, put out with Grady Clay as editor. I am obsessed with the cover: Purple and orange bagels abound at the Bagel Garden by Martha Schwartz, FASLA. Confident, colorful, wild—the garden and the cover. I want to frame it. Ian reminded me that the entire LAM archive is on JSTOR right now, for free. I cannot dedicate as much time as I wish to delight in these archives, so I am thrilled that this excavation is a priority of yours. At my previous job, I loved organizing the firm’s trove of print media as a side project…

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streets for carryout

The neon green color of the boardwalk along 75th Street in Chicago’s Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood came about through conversations between Ernie Wong, FASLA, and local business owners. They pointed at his lime green messenger bag and suggested giving that a try. This casual expediency was born out of not-solighthearted necessity. Wong, working with a team of designers, was rushing to complete a streetscape for the commercial corridor, which looters had damaged in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder by police. The shops were already struggling from the COVID-19 pandemic, and Wong wanted to help accommodate expanded outdoor dining and programming before cold weather set in. Wong knocked on the door of each business along the 75th Street strip. In his conversations he learned that, while the pandemic lockdown had pushed some…

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a more bird-friendly blade

Each year, wind turbines kill as many as 328,000 birds in the United States. That’s according to research by the Oklahoma State University conservation biologist Scott Loss and his aptly named Loss Lab. Although this is a drop in the bucket compared to fatalities caused by glass-skinned skyscrapers or cats, wind farms do pose real dangers to birds, particularly raptors, and concerns over impacts to species like the golden eagle have been sufficient to kill wind development projects in the past. Now, a potential solution could lower those numbers and remove at least one hurdle to greater wind energy development in the United States. Scientists at the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research recently published findings on the effects of painting one of a wind turbine’s three rotor blades black. Carried out…

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the carved garden

When Alexandre Grivko first caught sight of Les Jardins d’Étretat in 2000, it was still a small, private estate on the coast of Normandy in France. The gardens were owned by an architect who kept a modest collection of orchids in honor of the site’s original owner, Madame Thébault, a French actress and close friend of Claude Monet and other impressionist painters who frequently painted from the grounds. Fifteen years later, the Russian-born landscape architect, who runs the London-based firm Il Nature, purchased the property and began designing a collection of gardens that aspire to be a 21st-century evolution in French garden design. In 2020, Les Jardins d’Étretat was named a “Remarkable Garden” by France’s Ministry of Culture and recently received a star in this year’s edition of the Michelin Green…