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October 2021

The International Lens Magazine takes a single concept each month and allows its contributors to delve into any ideas and emotions evoked from this theme, leading to a rich and varied selection of photographs and stories behind them. The magazine features exclusive interviews with the most influential photographers worldwide, alongside articles about emerging photographers from all around the globe. Each and every issue is beautiful and impressive as they are unique, dedicated solely to a specific field or subject in fine art photography, offering fantastic advice on a range of photography techniques. Since its foundation in 2014, Lens Magazine had the privilege to feature Exclusive interviews with some of the most known photographers in the world, including Joel Meyerowitz, Steve Schapiro, Lindsay Adler, Sandro Miller, Magnum Photographer- Jacob Aue Sobol, Jimmy Nelson, Martin Parr - President of Magnum International Photos (2017), and many more.

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meet the contributors

JOSE JEULAND Jose Jeuland, Ex-Professional Triathlete turned Professional Photographer and a photojournalist contributor at Lens Magazine. Jose is an ambassador for The North Face and is supported by EPSON, Manfrotto, BenQ, and Gravity Backdrops. Jose collaborates and creates content for these brands. Now based in Singapore, Jose is managing COCO Creative Studio, where he produces commercial photography and videography work. Jose works with international clients as JW Marriott, Shangri-La, The Fullerton, Grab, Amazon, Expedia, etc. MARK EDWARD HARRIS Los Angeles-based Mark Edward Harris is an award-winning international photographer with more than three decades of experience. He has traveled to over 100 countries so far, authored and published award-winning books focused on daily cultural life in Southeast Asia, China, North Korea, Japan, Iraq and Iran. His photography work is being exhibited in impressive private collections, museums,…

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an exclusive interview with katerina belkina

My face and body are the main instruments I use to incarnate the images I want. Standing in front of the camera as a model, I follow the age-old theatrical playing roles. It gives impetus to the development of my own manner of narration. A part of my work, shooting, is akin to a theatrical performance. An urge to tell the viewer about emotions and feelings manifests itself through the characters in dialogues with the audience. REVIVAL 2014 – 2017 Early on, Katerina Belkina (b. 1974) knew about her exceptional talent to see the world through different eyes. Born in Samara in the southeast of European Russia, she was raised in a creative atmosphere by her mother, a visual artist. Her education at the Art Academy and the School for Photography of…

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women fighters in syria

The Kurdish people, known for their independence demands, have particularly distinguished themselves in the fight against Daesh. The capture of Raqqa in 2017, the capital of Daesh, was a symbol of this. At the heart of this struggle, women have always occupied a place. In support of combatants or arms in hand, they have decided to establish themselves as a recourse against the obscurantism of Daesh in order to rebuild, on the ashes of the Caliphate, a peaceful and equal society. In the midst of chaos, the women of peace are on all fronts and are looking to the future. By arms or not, Kurdish women have always taken part in combat. Participating in the care of the wounded or supplying the forces engaged, some have chosen to take up arms. In…

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aude osnowycz

Graduated with a master's degree in geopolitics, Aude Osnowycz worked in various professions before turning to photography. She decided in 2011 to become a photojournalist and moved to Tunisia. She spent four years documenting the impacts of the Arab Spring (in Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Iraq, Syria, Libya), particularly on issues related to minorities, women, and genre. Osnowycz's work has been published in numerous international magazines such as Le Monde, Marie Claire, GEO, OBS, The New York Times, Médiapart, the Guardian, Vanity fair, Newsweek, etc… She has also exhibited her work at the phémina festival, RDVI, Barrob Objectif, Les Photographiques du Mans, and the Women Exposing themselves festival, chosen as the finalist for the Mentor Award and the Roger Pic Award. Recently, she decided to start a long-term project focused on the post-Soviet…

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ukraine | a youth between war and peace

Ukraine is in the throes of an endless conflict between the Donbas territories and the government in Kyiv. Despite the ceasefire agreements, the war continues and is bogged down, profoundly transforming the whole of Ukrainian society and, above all, the youth. "It is over 38° C on this Sunday in August in Donetsk, the streets are empty, a few kilometers away, it's the front line, sporadic detentions. nothing abnormal, it's routine here!" So explains Oleg, an impressive man in his forties, a former mercenary who once fought in Chechnya and Afghanistan. Oleg takes us to the scene of a "military game," a life-size war game around Donetsk. "Today, we will imitate the war in Syria!" He exclaims. We get into a military truck with a dozen pre-teens or young adults, five…