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Issue 182 Winter 2018
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Little Treasures is New Zealand’s most read parenting magazine. It is a trusted source of information that demystifies parenthood and reassures and inspires new and expectant mothers. It covers all the issues that concern modern parents including feeding, sleeping, newborn care, health, development and play. It also focuses on the needs of mothers enabling them to live well and make good choices for themselves and their family.

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have you joined our club?

“We know that being a parent is a life changing experience. We’re here to support you every step of the way.” WHY JOIN THE TREASURES CLUB The Treasures Club has been a New Zealand favourite since before you were born. In the good old days, you had to cut out and collect coupons from the side of every Treasures nappy pack to send away for prizes and rewards. Life online is so much simpler. All you need to do to redeem your rewards is to go to Treasures.co.nz and enter the unique code that’s printed on the inside of every Treasures nappy pack. Treasures®.co.nz HOME PREGNANCY BABY TODDLER FAMILY LIFE OTHER GREAT BENEFITS OF JOINING THE TREASURES CLUB Be informed with parenting tips, member-only offers and competitions delivered right to your inbox Easy, free delivery to your door when you buy…

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safer bathtime with ecostore

Newborn In the first week after birth, before the dried stump of the umbilical cord heals and falls off, we recommend giving baby a sponge bath. Fill a container with warm water and a dash of ecostore baby body wash. Gently place baby on a nest of warm towels and sponge down using damp washcloth to clean. In winter, make sure baby is in a warm place, or consider giving them a ‘top and tail’, washing their face and neck first, followed by the genital area. Infants Before baby can sit up on their own, use a bath cradle or wash baby in the sink or a baby bathtub. Fill the tub with 2 – 3 inches of water, ideally 37 degrees C. Test water by dipping in your own wrist or elbow.…

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editor’s letter

Everyone warns about sleep deprivation before you have a baby but it's impossible to understand until you’re in it: driving white-knuckled down the motorway after a week or two of surviving on catnaps or holding down a job when you’re cross-eyed and hallucinating from lack of sleep. I’d love to know how many car accidents are caused by sleep-deprived parents because I pranged the family car at least twice, not to mention all the times I put my baby son in his car seat before driving off with a takeaway coffee cup (or cellphone) on the roof of the car. To read our seven-page survivor’s guide to sleep in the first year, turn to page 16. We present this guide to you with a disclaimer – there is no magic bullet…

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meet our photographer

What do you love about photographing newborns? Everything! Their smell, their breathing, their size, the sheer beauty of just being days old. What are the challenges? Working with fussy babies and figuring out how to comfort them. Some need to be swaddled, others really warm. Some like tummy time, others like being on their back. I have a short period of time to get to know this new little being and try to do my work as efficiently and safely as I can. Are there trends? Every season. I have been a photographer for 18 years and I have seen many trends come and go. When I started it was a naked baby on a black background – no props or anything! Now it’s all about organic and natural fibres, as well as lots of…

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HEY DAD! HOW DID YOU COPE WITH CHILDBIRTH? WATCH THE VIDEO ON TREASURES.CO.NZ THE BEST APP FOR… WELLNESS Calm Meditate. Breathe. Sleep. Relax. Start your journey to a calmer mind. FOODIES BigOven Store, organise and share recipes with your friends and family. FITNESS MyFitnessPal Get smart about the food you buy to eat your way to a healthier you. BABY ON BOARD? JOIN OUR PREGNANCY TRACKER If you’re expecting, congratulations and welcome to the first step towards motherhood. Join our weekly pregnancy tracker for advice, tips and support along the way! Sign up on treasures.co.nz @TREASURESNZ Join our community! Take a snap and send it to us. It could be a precious minute to yourself or a cuddle with your mini-me. Whatever it is, we’d love to see! Tag #treasuresnz and @treasuresnz…

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in the news

ASB Bank gifts Starship a million dollar digital waiting room to celebrate their 25-year partnership More than 30,000 children and their families pass through Starship Children’s Hospital Emergency Department each year – and everyone has to wait their turn. To pass the time between check-ups by Starship’s amazing team of doctors, ASB Bank has installed a dazzling interactive digital waiting area with a ‘Magic Forest’ and ‘Starship Animal Checkup.’ Read more at treasures.co.nz NZ Birth trauma website launch A new website has launched to provide Kiwi mums and families with support and reassurance after a traumatic birth experience. This new resource, created by mum Kate Hicks and a team of volunteers, fills the gap in support services. “There wasn’t any information about negative birth experiences – I didn’t even know birth trauma was…