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Little Treasures Issue 172 April/May 2016

Little Treasures is New Zealand’s most read parenting magazine. It is a trusted source of information that demystifies parenthood and reassures and inspires new and expectant mothers. It covers all the issues that concern modern parents including feeding, sleeping, newborn care, health, development and play. It also focuses on the needs of mothers enabling them to live well and make good choices for themselves and their family.

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editor’s letter

You’ll notice as you go through this issue that we’ve included lots of stories that are about a very important person: you! One of the most life-changing aspects of becoming a parent is how your whole world suddenly revolves around someone else. Your own needs naturally get shelved as you focus on this entirely dependent and incredibly vulnerable little being. Of course, that’s how it should be but it doesn’t mean that you cease to be a person in your own right. One of the greatest challenges of motherhood can be figuring out how to balance all the things you want and need to do for your family, with the things you need to do to nourish your own spirit. When my kids were babies I would find myself craving some time out, but…

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Robyn Coetzee Robyn is a registered dietitian and nutritionist and loves helping people to lead healthier, happier lives. Robyn studied nutrition and dietetics at the University of Otago and has worked as a clinical dietitian in both New Zealand and the UK. She is passionate about ensuring children get the best start in life through optimal nutrition and is currently researching how diet affects pregnancy outcomes for her PhD at the University of Auckland. When she is not working or studying, Robyn loves cooking for her family and hanging out with her gorgeous baby nephew, Cameron. Dr Ruth Jillings Ruth is a registered psychologist working in private practice in Takapuna, Auckland. She specialises in helping people become more resilient and stress tolerant so they can thrive, despite life’s ups and downs, as well…

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from you

WRITE ON I’ve just bought the latest magazine and have been reading it. I love the letters from all the mums and their struggles and opinions. It is a great reminder that you’re not the only one. I’m a first-time mum and it’s been a great experience since my little Keerat Sidhu (Jessi) arrived into my life. I was reading your magazine while pregnant and all the stories helped me and alerted me to what to expect. Thank you to all the mums who write to your mag and help all the new ones out there. Sunny BE PREPARED I am expecting my first baby in May next year and while it’s great that there is a wealth of information out there for parents, I’m finding that a lot of it can be confusing,…

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a different kind of perfect

Everyone wins a Repel prize pack with bonus products for the winning letter! It was so fantastic to read your inspiring and positive article about George and his family (Sally, Jason and Fred) in your December/January edition of Little Treasures. There are so few positive articles about kids who are a “different kind of perfect”, most seem to be about the negative aspects of having a kid with a disability or the struggles of life. It’s not as if anyone goes into having children with the plan to not have “perfect” children. We don’t want them to struggle, we don’t want them to have health issues but they do. How we cope with the decisions before or after they are brought into this world is the important part. Our son James is…