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Little Treasures Issue 175 Summer 2017

Little Treasures is New Zealand’s most read parenting magazine. It is a trusted source of information that demystifies parenthood and reassures and inspires new and expectant mothers. It covers all the issues that concern modern parents including feeding, sleeping, newborn care, health, development and play. It also focuses on the needs of mothers enabling them to live well and make good choices for themselves and their family.

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from the editor

Hello and welcome to my very first issue of Little Treasures! Allow me to introduce myself. I have been in the parenting game for just under two years now, with an adorable, yet mischievous, munchkin named Poppy. As all parents come to find, my little treasure has taken over every corner of my world. And, as new parents will soon discover, you quickly develop a habit of telling close friends, and - I’ll be honest - total strangers all about bubba’s eating habits, sleep issues, hilarious quirks, first words, likes, dislikes, new skills and even her bowel movements. Even when I pop away from Poppy for date night, all we really do is talk about her. It’s hard to understand until you have your own little bundle of joy, but as soon…

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Greg Bruce Greg Bruce is an Auckland-based father of two daughters, Tallulah (3) and Clara (15 months). The lives, joys and particularly the sleep issues of these two girls have been fully exposed in the pages of Little Treasures since Greg first started writing a regular column for the magazine in 2013. On March 1 next year, he is due to have his third child, which he says he really hopes will be his last. Just this week he discovered it will be a boy. Greg was a freelance writer for five years before joining the New Zealand Herald last year, where he writes mostly for Canvas magazine. Chikako Shiraki Chikako Shiraki has worked for more than 18 years in the florist industry. The past four years have seen her realise a dream of…

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cover stars

Amidst days of spring showers, we managed to catch a break in the weather to shoot our summer cover. Florist Chikako Shiraki created a nest of stunning flowers for our four little models to lay in, and photographer Carolyn Haslett was there to catch all the prettiness starring Isla starring Amelia starring Leo starring Camilla…

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from you

WINNING LETTER Pat on the back Recently a few things have happened to make me realise how important it is as parents to give yourselves the odd ‘pat on the back’. I always seem to be correcting my kids when they have ‘bad’ behaviour or forget their manners or aren’t listening... (I could keep going). I do also praise the good behaviour but it always seems like the negative behaviour outweighs the positive. We have recently been on a sevenweek holiday to Europe (with a one- and a three-year-old) and it was really good to overhear people talking about how wellmannered our two girls are and about how much of a delight they are. I think when you are parenting you get so absorbed with bringing up ‘good’ children that you forget to…

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the little things

Stylish comfort Following on from the launch of their maternity range in Februar y this year, Cotton On Body is extending the capsule collection to include active wear, sleepwear, and a practical nappy bag! The stylish new range adds reds stripes, spots and patterns to the original colour palette. The range was created to give mums comfortable, practical and fashionable clothing during such an exciting time. The new range is available in store and online at cottononbody.com. Sophisticated drinks When pregnant or breastfeeding it can be tricky to find a non-alcoholic drink that isn’t soda or orange juice. Ārahi has created a range of alcohol-free beverages that bring the magic back to social occasions. Co-founder Jo-Anne, a mother of four, wanted to create something refined that expecting mums, and others who don’t drink,…

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book club

FOR THE KIDS The Cuckoo and the Warbler by Heather Hunt and Kennedy Warne This beautifully illustrated New Zealand book tells the story of the unique bond between the shining cuckoo and the grey warbler. Little readers will discover the real-life tale of how the grey warbler nest is the only one in which a cuckoo will lay its egg, and then manages to trick the warbler parents into raising the cuckoo chick as if it were one of their own. Potton & Burton, RRP $19.95 (paperback). Green Lizards vs Red Rectangles by Steve Antony The latest offering from award-winning children’s writer Steve Antony, this is a thought-provoking book about war and peace. Told from the perspective of green lizards and red rectangles, kids will love the bold illustrations and fastpaced story as the…