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Little Treasures Issue 177 Winter 2017

Little Treasures is New Zealand’s most read parenting magazine. It is a trusted source of information that demystifies parenthood and reassures and inspires new and expectant mothers. It covers all the issues that concern modern parents including feeding, sleeping, newborn care, health, development and play. It also focuses on the needs of mothers enabling them to live well and make good choices for themselves and their family.

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editor’s letter

Something I have discovered about myself over the past couple of years is that I really, really love sleep. You don’t appreciate a good, solid nap until you’ve spent a year or two chasing it. One of my new pet peeves since having my poppet is listening to parents talk about their wellrested babies, as if their parenting skills have had something to do with their wee one’s ability to sleep through the night from four weeks. This pet peeve goes alongside competitive birthing and non-fussy toddlers – ‘Oh, your child loves vegetables? Mine has only eaten Weetbix for the past five days’. In this issue, I had a chat to Emily Writes (page 38) – a self-described exhausted mum reaching out to exhausted mums – and realised we have quite a…

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editor’s picks

Finding the right fit Choosing childcare that best suits your family can be harder than it seems. Rebecca Williamson talks to four mums about their choices. The A-Z of birth There is so much about birth that I had no idea about, even going into the birthing unit myself. Jai Breitnauer educates us on many of the unknowns of childbirth. Coffee group If you’re anything like me, you would have been completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of “stuff” that baby needs in the first year. In this issue’s coffee group, we asked the mums “Which baby-related products became lifesavers and what do you regret buying?” Their answers are priceless!…

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Olivia Wimsett Olivia Wimsett is a freelance art director who created some fantastic layouts for this issue, including beauty, fashion and our recipe pages. Having started her career at an advertising agency, Olivia decided to take a different direction and pursue her passion for magazines. So far she has spent four exciting years in editorial and recently launched her company, Own Design. She loves visiting friends and family in the Coromandel where she spends a lot of time on her other passions, watersports and sailing. Her ultimate goal is to sail around the world. Shiree Schumacher Shiree Schumacher has been a health and wellbeing editor for various magazines. As subeditor at Little Treasures, she loves reading about people’s parenting journeys and cooing over the gorgeous photos. “When I see so many cool ideas,…

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