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Living and Loving August 2019

Living and Loving Magazine is South Africa’s most trusted source of parenting information from conception to pregnancy, through birth and the baby years. In our fast-paced, modern world, the challenges facing mothers are greater than they’ve ever been, and we’re there to support them every step of their journey. Each month we pack the magazine full of sensible advice and the most up-to-date information from a panel of over 25 of South Africa’s leading baby and child experts.

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just relax?

Your sister-in-law is planning a special anniversary dinner for your in-laws at her house at 7.30pm and you ask (nicely) if she could make it a little earlier because your nine-month-old baby, who doesn’t nap so regularly, sometimes falls asleep at 5.45m. Her response, “Oh just relax! She’ll be fine.” Perhaps, but you know that if there’s a meltdown, it's going to be your problem. Plus, you know you’ll end up feeling guilty for spoiling the special evening. This got me thinking, what does “just relax” mean anyway? Cross your fingers? Don’t worry, she won’t go to sleep? Ignore your baby as she’s creating a scene? Sure relaxing is good for you - but people (often those who don’t have little ones) usually tell you to relax at moments when it’s virtually…

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you said it...

The truth about maternity leave While expecting, the bliss of going on maternity leave is something we all look forward to - the thought of being at home with no work and having all the time in the world to enjoy your little bundle of cuteness. But no one tells you that for the first few weeks your body ensures you are made aware of all the great adjustments you had to go through in the past nine months. Many cups of hot tea are what helped me push through. And all the home DIY projects you were planning? Forget about it. Your greatest accomplishment during the first six weeks will be to have a relaxing, uninterrupted bath for more than 10 minutes. Your main aim will be to change a nappy without…

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q & a

NO PREGNANCY SIGNS Q| I’m seven weeks pregnant, but I don’t have any nausea and still have light bleeding. My gynae did a blood test and assured me I’m still pregnant. Is it normal not to have any signs of pregnancy yet? A It sounds like you could be less than seven weeks pregnant. I say this because at seven weeks, your gynae would have been able to do an ultrasound to see the sac in which the foetus is growing. Slight bleeding can happen in early pregnancy as the foetus implants in the uterus, but this doesn’t usually last long. If persistent bleeding occurs, consult your gynae again to exclude any early pregnancy complications like a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy (a pregnancy that implants outside of the uterus, commonly in a…

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#happy snaps

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pregnancy notes

Revolutionary fertility treatment After struggling to conceive for 13 years, Durban mom Ashlesha Raghubir was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure, a loss of normal function of the ovaries before the age of 40. The condition affects fewer than 1% of women. “Thanks to a new platelet-rich plasma (PRP) procedure performed for ovarian rejuvenation in the case of premature ovarian failure, the couple was able to conceive spontaneously just weeks after undergoing the procedure,” says Dr Naidu a gynaecologist, obstetrician and fertility specialist at the Durban Fertility Clinic. This is the first successful pregnancy in South Africa using the PRP procedure, which involves injecting platelet-rich plasma into the ovaries in order to stimulate the stem cells within the ovaries to generate new eggs. “We had been told by many doctors over the years that…