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Living and Loving November 2018

Living and Loving Magazine is South Africa’s most trusted source of parenting information from conception to pregnancy, through birth and the baby years. In our fast-paced, modern world, the challenges facing mothers are greater than they’ve ever been, and we’re there to support them every step of their journey. Each month we pack the magazine full of sensible advice and the most up-to-date information from a panel of over 25 of South Africa’s leading baby and child experts.

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you're not alone!

All moms have good and bad days. After all, a new baby can make you feel like your life has been turned upside down - especially if it’s your first! Research has found that up to 80% of new moms are worried about feeling isolated after the birth of their babies. But the good news is your life as it was before baby’s arrival doesn’t have to become unrecognisable. Here are some useful tips from those in the know: Be true to yourself. There may be times when you feel like a different person from who you were a year ago. The trick is to have a clear idea of the things you enjoy so you can consciously work them into your new life as a mom. When you have a…

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you said it...

Take time to be present People have a tendency to overlook natural and simple blessings in their lives while they put all their energy into attaining some distant goal. It’s good to dream big and be ambitious in life, but uncontrolled ambition turns to obsession, which is very destructive. We were all born with certain abilities and talents, but if we constantly seek what we don’t have, we fail to recognise what we have and live miserable lives. I was out in the garden with my daughter the other day and realised we need to take the time to notice the beauty in nature. Too often, it’s taken for granted because we are moving too fast and caught up in a never-ending race of attaining things. This means we aren’t able to…

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our winning letter will receive a toot-toot drivers hamper worth r2 500

Toot-Toot Drivers was created specifically for toddlers and the play sets provide miles of learning fun. Each play set comes with different track shapes, so toddlers can use their creativity to reconfigure the set or connect to other play sets. The range features SmartPoint technology, so the toy vehicles recognise and respond to different points on the track with sound effects. This added element keeps little ones engaged by boosting imaginative play and teaching cause and effect.…

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we asked you on facebook…

If you were given two hours of free time, what would you do? “Drink hot coffee, eat a sweet, have a nice poop (alone!), and sleep. Oh, and get my hair done too. I’ll nap during the salon visit.” Arlene Pieterse “Sleep and hope to get my nails done while I am sleeping.” Morongoa Masterpiece Mojapelo “Shave my legs and take a shower for longer than two minutes.” Willene Myburgh “Go to a restaurant that doesn’t have a play area and treat myself to a cup of coffee and a slice of cake.” Natalie Laverman “Eat a meal in peace. And while it’s hot.” Melanie Sloet “Have my hair done, and a pedicure, while I’m sleeping.” Judy-Anne Dreyer…

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#preggy belly

Johnson's has just introduced new Johnson's Top-to-Toe Extra Moisturising Baby Wash with added moisturisers to help protect dry and sensitive baby skin during bath time. The baby wash was developed for newborns and designed for use on hair and body. It provides 24-hour protection against dryness and is dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic and soap-free. Email your picture (must be 1MB or higher) to elsadb@caxton.co.za with #preggybelly in the subject line. *See standard Terms & Conditions on pg 89. PHOTOGRAPHY SUPPLIED; GALLO IMAGES/GETTY IMAGES/ISTOCK…

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#happy snaps

JOIN CLICKS BABYCLUB FOR A WORLD OF BABY BENEFITS. Clicks BabyClub offers expecting moms, as well as parents with children under the age of three, great rewards and benefits. BabyClub members earn double points on select baby products and services, receive an SMS vaccination reminder service, and PAED IQ - online access to expert advice from a professional paediatrician. JOIN BABYCLUB IN STORE OR AT CLICKS.CO.ZA. Email your picture (must be 1MB or higher) to elsadb@caxton.co.za with #happysnaps in the subject line. *See standard Terms & Conditions on pg 89. PHOTOGRAPHY SUPPLIED; GALLO IMAGES/GETTY IMAGES/ISTOCK…