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Living with Plants

Living with Plants

Living with Plants

• Room by room plant choices • Interior styling ideas • Unique plant projects Includes a guide to 12 easy-care houseplants

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herbs to have to hand

Herbs are the natural choice for kitchen plants, so you don’t need to do much to make the most of them. First, choose a really light location–many herbs are native to hot countries so will enjoy growing on a sunny window ledge. If your window is south-facing and catches many hours of sunshine, you may need to move the plants for part of the day to prevent singed foliage. Arranging pots in a decorative tray makes this easy and keeps your herb display looking good Herbs look great grouped but check that air can still circulate to keep them healthy. Go for a little-and-often approach to watering–no herb likes to stand in a sopping wet pot. Let the top of the soil dry out before you consider your next watering. Here are…

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decorating with foliage

Plant stores seem to be sprouting up left and right these days, some specialising in succulents and purifying ficus trees, others crammed with dried leaves and flowers for DIY decoration. Friends get together on the weekend to swap plant cuttings, and a Pilea plant now makes a much better gift for a party hostess than a bouquet. Bearded men deliver flowers by bike, and online subscription services deliver seeds right to your doorstep. Enter any concept store in search of fashionable clothes and you’re likely to leave with a cactus in hand or a macramé trinket crafted by the designer herself. Lush motifs climb our walls and our clothes, and flower garlands are flourishing on social media. Nature is everywhere! This return to nature is actually a very good sign, because plants…

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hang out

1. Out of this world Designed by Anna Mercurio, a graduate of The Institute of Design in Naples, these sleek, simple three-dimensional spheres turn your plants into striking works of art. You can see why they’ve been named Saturno–they look a little bit like the planet’s rings. There are five colours and three sizes to choose from. From £53 , www.limelace.co.uk 2. Tuscan charm Bring Tuscan-inspired terracotta to your home with these hanging plant pots from Scaramanga. Each one is handcrafted from clay and vintage metal, with integral hooks so you can hang them from one another. Why not create a chain of trailing ivy, tiny succulents and striking spiky cacti? £8 each, www.scaramangashop.co.uk 3. Tray chic Trays aren’t just for breakfast in bed–they can be a great way to display your plants, too. This…

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for your small spaces

TINY TREES TREND It’s always fun to see if you can make an avocado stone sprout, and now you can do it in style. Ilex Studio (www.ilexstudio.com) are launching a vase that tapers towards the top to make a comfortable spot for the stone to sit and extend its roots into the water below. They make elegant acorn vases too. You can also buy special saucers to balance over the glass vessel of your choice. Design Sprout (www.designsprout.nl) offer them in avocado and acorn sizes. We like the idea of growing these tiny trees in chemistry flasks and beakers to look like you have a scientific experiment in progress. #acornsprouting SEASONAL AWARENESS Most houseplants won’t be so thirsty in the colder months, nor will they benefit from feeds as they do in the…

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hidden corners

Plant ladder A set of steps makes an interesting–and mobile–houseplant stand. A device like this makes it easy to have a temporary display, or it can be a great alternative to net curtains (just make sure your plants are sun lovers). Skinny shelves Quite a generous plant can be happy in a 15cm pot, so a dedicated shelf unit needn’t be much wider and could be tucked neatly against the wall. Open-sided shelves let the air circulate well. On the rails A simple system of rails–as many as you like–hold plant pots safe with butchers hooks. These are easy to water and to re-arrange when you feel like it. You’re one step away from a living wall! Undiscovered spaces Angle the sofa just a little and you’ve created another plant space behind it. Place the pot on…

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how to make your own terrarium

MAKING YOUR OWN TERRARIUM Create a miniature low-maintenance garden to enjoy indoors To make your closed terrarium, you will need a demijohn, compost, small stones, activated charcoal, carpet moss and some ferns. You can also use humidity-loving plants such as fittonia. You will also need a selection of tools as instructed in the steps below. Step 1: Clean the vessel Even if the vessel is new, give it a clean inside and out to ensure any bacteria is removed. Step 2: Add stones Rinse the stones, scoop up a handful and–using a funnel–pour them into the vessel. The stones should be around 3cm deep, just enough so you can see them and they lift the compost off the bottom of the glass. Step 3: Wipe off excess water If the jar has become wet on the outside, dry…