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now & forever

The concept of a “forever home” is not new. For as long as there have been houses, there have been those built with the intention that this would be the last house its occupants would ever own — the dream home. What is new, however, is the rationale and age of buyers looking to fulfill these residential ideals. The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly impressed a “no-time-like-the-present” urgency when it comes to home buying, causing a shortage of pre-existing houses across the United States. Coupling this with the new work-at-home flexibility that many of those still in the work-force now enjoy means a forever home is no longer relegated to retirees — younger people are making this golden-years goal a reality right now. And those who are smart will craft a home…

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8 act your age

We are all creatures of habit. We have our rituals; our paths we follow. If you could put a tracer on your body, I’d bet you’d find that you follow almost exactly the same route every day. Consider the typical morning routine: You get out of bed, amble to the shower, go back through the bedroom to access your dressers and closet, mosey to the kitchen for a cup of coffee and to the great room to turn on the news. Then you head back to the master bath to finish grooming, cross the full length of the house to get to the garage and head out on your way. When we’re younger, trekking all over the house like this is no big deal – but it becomes quite challenging the older…

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no-sweat landscapes

It’s a gorgeous autumn stretch — the kind where the weather is crisp, the family is choosing teams for a game of touch football and the weekends seem ideal for lounging and laughter. Do you really want to hop on that riding mower or spend hours weeding in the midst of all the fun? Landscape maintenance is a necessary part of any home’s upkeep, and tasks like gardening can be enjoyable — even therapeutic. But when taking care of your yard starts to feel like a part-time (or full-time) job that reduces your enjoyment of your home and property, then it’s time to put some no-maintenance landscaping tactics into play. Consider these options: Mulch, mulch and more mulch. Landscaped areas that have flowers, shrubs or even edible plants, benefit greatly from…

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all together now

If you’re old enough to remember “The Waltons” — the quintessential TV series of the early 1970s — the show’s signature sign-off was the multi-generation family wishing each other good night. This endearing interaction was made possible by the extremely close quarters the Waltons shared — a design aspect that’s not quite as desirable by modern standards. These days, we love our families, but we also prize our privacy. That’s why, if you’re planning a new home that will accommodate several generations under one roof, you will want to carefully balance public and private areas within its design. Multi-Gen on the Rise “Multi-generation housing is an old concept that’s making a big comeback,” says Diana Allen, an architect and director of design at Woodhouse: The Timber Frame Company in Mansfield, Pennsylvania. “We are…

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to the letter

H An H-shaped plan is ideal for anyone looking to create separation between the master bedroom and other areas of the home. Here, the two wings are connected by a central gallery, which also creates a short sightline between the front of the home and the terrace in the back. O If ushering natural light in from all angles tops your must-have list, a doughnut design may satisfy. In addition to capturing the panoramic views of your site, every room opens toward a central courtyard. Minimal hallways maximize usable square footage. U The most familiar of non-linear single-level plans, the U-shape layout not only creates some separation between public and private spaces, it’s a great one-story option for a compact lot. X Looking for a single-level home you’ll treasure? “X” may mark the…

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the staycation is here to stay

Today’s exceptional outdoor oases start with seamless transitions from indoors to out. The timber home at left blends wood and steel to support a 20-foot-wide opening to the adjacent patio and nearby fire pit. Using the same stone tile flooring for the living area and patio creates visual continuity, allowing the spaces to flow naturally. In a similar vein, the modern-rustic residence above uses a hydraulic tilt-up glass wall, akin to an old-school garage door, to take the indoor dining area al fresco. If opening up the interior living space to the outdoors isn’t an option, do the next best thing — re-create the great room outdoors. Here, a deep covered porch boasts a full wood-burning fireplace around which the full gamut of casual living furniture congregates. Note the ingenious suspended…