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Louisiana Cookin' January - February 2014

Louisiana Cookin' is the only national magazine for the connoisseur of Louisiana's unique culture, cuisine, and travel destinations - and now you can enjoy every single page on your tablet! Each issue contains more than 50 authentic recipes, with tips from professional chefs and home cooks alike.

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the many faces of mardi gras

There isn’t just one Mardi Gras. The Bourbon Street masses might be a popular image of New Orleans’s city-wide celebration, but it’s just a small sliver of the event. At its core, Mardi Gras is meant to be enjoyed by the entire family. From toddlers perched in decorated ladders to grandparents who have attended for decades, the festivities have something for everyone. In this issue, we explore as m any different angles of New Orleans Mardi Gras as we could, including a no-fuss Lundi Gras luncheon (page 67), our favorite king cakes from around Louisiana (page 57), and spectacular views from a Krewe of Orpheus float. Think of this as your ultimate Carnival Season guide, from January 6 all the way through Fat Tuesday. Having been a spectator in the past, standing in…

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mardi gras favorites

For the three Louisianians who still don’t know when Mardi Gras is this year, here’s a gentle reminder: It’s March 4! There is still plenty of time to prepare—and by prepare, I mean cook. And by cook, I mean the requisite red beans, fried chicken, jambalaya, and all of the other recipes your family has been passing down for generations. Still, there are many of us who leave the cooking to restaurants and bakeries. My Mardi Gras philosophy goes like this: I’ll supply the beer and vodka, but when it comes to king cake or chicken or po-boys, I’m spending some of my hard-earned money on other people’s products. So, with that in mind, I did the legwork for you, and here are some of my favorite spots to stock up…

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neutral ground memories

I remember having no idea what a neutral ground was before my first real Mardi Gras. Football season at Louisiana State University, with its incredible tailgate parties, had just ended, and the spring semester brought new reasons to celebrate. Through the grapevine, I’d heard that the Krewe of Endymion was the parade to see, so I went to New Orleans to watch with a couple of other Mardi Gras newbies from Texas. Standing in the middle of Orleans Avenue as the Krewe rolled by, we strained ourselves trying to catch the rounds of shimmering beads that rained down from the elaborate floats. Bead after bead, and beer after beer, the parade stretched on into the evening with blaring marching bands and Second Line dancers in tow. And we didn’t go hungry, not…

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new ways with bread pudding

There is something so satisfying about a hot meal on a cool, crisp day, but just because it is “comfort food” doesn’t mean it has to be bad for you. I’m not giving up my favorite foods, so I certainly do not expect you to. For the ultimate in comfort food, I look no further than Louisiana’s all-star bread pudding: one sweet and one savory. There isn’t a taste bud that won’t be pleased. Whip up Bread Pudding Florentine for a quick and hearty brunch dish that’s delicious any time of day. And for a sweet delight, white and dark chocolates add mouthwatering appeal to this Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding. BREAD PUDDING FLORENTINE MAKES 10 TO 12 SERVINGS 1 (16-ounce) loaf French bread, sliced 2 inches thick, divided 3 cups skim milk ¼ cup Dijon mustard 5…

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quick bites for carnival season

Every year when Carnival Season begins, folks will say “Mardi Gras is coming early this year,” or “Gee, Mardi Gras is late.” I have never heard anyone exclaim “Wow—Mardi Gras is right on time!” This Carnival Season is a long one, since Mardi Gras Day, the climax of weeks of celebrations, falls on March 4, which, according to the locals, is very late. Just so you’ll know, Fat Tuesday can be on any Tuesday between February 3 and March 9 and always on the day before Ash Wednesday, which is always 46 days before Easter. Easter can fall on any Sunday from March 23 to April 25, with the exact date to coincide with the first Sunday after the full moon following a spring equinox! Are you still with me? No matter…

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king for a day

Carnival Season officially begins on January 6, and brings with it the annual return of the king cake. The origins of the cake and the practice of selecting a person to be crowned king for a day go back centuries. In New Orleans in particular, the king cake tradition is an annual rite, and the cake eaten with gusto through Mardi Gras Day. These oval cakes, decorated in the traditional Mardi Gras colors— purple, green, and gold—are present at most homes and gatherings throughout Carnival. The original French brioche cake was simply decorated with colored sugars. Many New Orleans bakers prefer a richer Danish-style yeast dough, which they fill with almost any sweet treat imaginable (though cinnamon, cream cheese, and chocolate are some of the most common). In addition to sugars,…