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MacLife April 2018

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working together

APPLE’S EAGERLY-AWAITED HomePod has arrived, and we have a first look at it in this issue. Its audio quality is all you’d expect from a premium speaker, but it is shipping without key features — notably AirPlay 2, meaning no multi-room audio or intelligent stereo balancing. What’s more, Bluetooth is not supported, and there’s a question mark over whether it’ll work with the likes of Spotify rather than Apple Music. For now at least, HomePod seems to work exclusively within the Apple “ecosystem.” This got us thinking. This integrated “ecosystem” has actually long been one of Apple’s strengths. In 1997, one of the first changes Steve Jobs made when he returned as Apple’s interim CEO was to radically cut back the range of products the company was producing. They were admittedly…

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The march of technology never stops, so neither do we. Mac|Life’s website is now part of the new and improved TechRadar, so you can grab your fix of Mac and iOS news over at www.techradar.com. You’ll get all the latest news and tutorials for Mac, iPhone and iPad, as well as other trusted reviews, news, and how-tos that have made TechRadar one of the world’s top tech sites. We’ll see you there! Read more news, reviews, and tutorials at techradar.com GET SOCIAL FACE BOOK: facebook.com/maclife TWITTER: twitter.com/maclife OUR APP MAC|LIFE DIGITAL EDITION FOR IPAD Get it from bit.ly/maclifeapp…

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letter of the month

Recently, I purchased a 12.9-inch iPad Pro. I have added a Duola Bluetooth keyboard, which works wonderfully with my iPad and gives me “near MacBook” capability. Now, if Microsoft would just come out with Office Home & Business 2016 for the iPad, I could use my iPad for all my daily work needs. I know that 365 is available, but I am just not a 365 fan. ROBERT CONLEY While you’re waiting, have you tried using Pages, Numbers, and Keynote? All three can open Microsoft Office files, and save to Office formats for sharing with work colleagues. See this issue’s iWork tips feature for much more. Thoughts on HomePod I’ve been using a Sonos speaker set for the home theater and a spare room’s speaker. I also use an Amazon Alexa in the kitchen.…

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homepod is here

APPLE’S HOMEPOD IS now shipping. The $349 wireless smart speaker stands just over 7 inches high, and is available in space gray or white. It works with an Apple Music subscription, offering a catalog of 45 million songs ad-free, as well as playing the tracks in your own iTunes library. You can control it from your iPhone, or by tapping the top of the speaker itself, or using your voice, thanks to Siri, Apple’s “intelligent assistant” — six built-in microphones pick out your voice even when loud music is playing. On top of premium audio quality, HomePod has some advanced features. It automatically adjusts the sound balance for the ambient acoustics, so that, for example, if it’s positioned in a corner it will bounce the bass backing off the walls but fire…

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hands-on with homepod

USING A HOMEPOD is… well, so Apple. Like with the AirPods, simply hold your iPhone near the unit and it sends over your Apple ID, Apple Music preferences, and Wi-Fi logins. All this, and it sounds pretty good… as you’d expect at this price. Vocals are all very clear, with heavy bass. This thing is loud, too, with impressive sound quality at higher volume. The controls are at the top. The volume + and – buttons light up when pressed, and the “glow” in the middle appears when the speaker is in use. The touch controls are fairly responsive, although it would be nice to have haptic feedback when you tap. Double-tapping to skip tracks or triple-tapping to skip back is fine. Simply saying “Hey Siri” to the speaker will activate Siri…

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how your apple watch could save your life

APPLE CONFIRMS THAT iOS 11.3, currently in beta testing, will be able to send your location to the emergency services automatically. But your Watch is already fast becoming an important diagnostic aid. Thanks to advances in sensors, new accessories, and improved deep-learning software, our wearables could soon become as important as our doctors. We spoke to Rachael Fisher, a Customer Service Adviser for recycling company Bywaters, who last year had her life potentially saved by her Apple Watch. “I decided to randomly check my heartbeat to see what my resting BPM was using the Apple Watch. To my shock it was showing it was 140/150bpm (the average is between 70 to 100bpm),” Fisher told us. “As the weeks progressed into months, I realized that my heart was never slowing down. Because of…