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The march of technology never stops, so neither do we. Mac|Life’s website is now part of the new and improved TechRadar, so you can grab your fix of Mac and iOS news over at www.techradar.com. You’ll get all the latest news and tutorials for Mac, iPhone and iPad, as well as other trusted reviews, news, and how-tos that have made TechRadar one of the world’s top tech sites. We’ll see you there! Read more news, reviews, and tutorials at techradar.com GET SOCIAL FACEBOOK:facebook.com/maclifeTWITTER:twitter.com/maclife OUR APP MAC|LIFE DIGITAL EDITION FOR iPAD Get it from bit.ly/maclifeapp…

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future-proofing apple

AS WE STARTED WORK on this issue, Apple updated the Mac Pro. You can read details about the new models, what Apple has in the works beyond 2017, and why certain creative professionals have trouble justifying the cost of buying the most expensive Macs over the next few pages. First, though, I want to talk a little bit more about Apple’s other desktop Macs, and what might convince any of us to replace one that’s serving us just fine. My current desktop is an iMac from 2011, which is still going strong thanks to its first-gen Thunderbolt port. That enabled me to give the computer a big boost in performance by adding an external SSD. This iMac works perfectly well, and I hope it’ll continue to do so for a few…

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letter of the month

I buy a lot of HD movies on iTunes. A couple of updates ago you could access a chapter list for scenes in a film. But when iOS 10.2 came to be, the chapter menu disappeared and the only way to move between chapters now is by using the arrows at the bottom of the screen during playback. Any chance Apple will bring the chapters back to purchased movies? Sadly it didn’t happen with the last update. ROBERT KRAMER This is a puzzling omission from the TV app, which replaces Videos in iOS 10.2 onwards. You’re certainly not overlooking some new, subtler way to access chapter menus – they simply aren’t present. It’s disappointing when features disappear. When Apple updated Numbers in late March, a few features were lost. About a month later,…

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a new, modular mac pro is coming

Considering the fanfare when Apple introduced the glossy black Mac Pro in 2013, the most expensive range of Macs has seemed a little forgotten ever since. Apple recently boosted its most expensive Mac’s specifications for the first time since its introduction. The $2,999 entry-level model now features a six-core Xeon processor and dual AMD D500 graphics cards, up from its 2013 incarnation’s four cores and G300 cards. The more expensive version now comes with an eight-core processor and dual D700 graphics cards, up from a sixcore CPU and D500 cards before. However, the Mac Pro’s design is unchanged, and many of its other specifications look behind the curve when compared to recent portable models. Notably, it hasn’t adopted USB-C connectors, and the Thunderbolt ports are still the 20Gbps second-generation type rather than…

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nasa experts work on apple’s ar gear

APPLE IS CASTING the net wide when it comes to hiring the right people to get its nascent augmented reality project off the ground. According to a new report from Bloomberg, the company has been tapping up employees of NASA for the project, hiring Jeff Norris, founder of the Mission Operations Innovation Office at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab. Norris was responsible for getting Microsoft’s HoloLens onto the International Space Station, and is known for getting offworld technology such as the Mars rovers to work with VR and AR gadgetry back on Earth. So he definitely has the expertise Apple requires. Bloomberg’s sources state that Norris has been with Apple since earlier this year, working as part of an augmented reality team headed up by former Dolby Labs executive Mike Rockwell. Norris has been specifically…

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apple revamps its in-store learning events

APPLE HAS ANNOUNCED a significant update to the learning sessions that it has run at its retail stores for years. Sessions will be taught by store employees in a new Creative Pro role, who Apple says are experts in at least one area of the arts and will have received training on how to pass on their knowledge to customers. The program will take place in all of Apple’s retail stores starting in May, and will be promoted under the name “Today at Apple” as part of an evolutionary strategy led by Angela Ahrendts, the company’s senior vice president of retail. Ahrendts said: “We’re creating a modern-day town square, where everyone is welcome in a space where the best of Apple comes together to connect with one another, discover a new…