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change is good

THIS ISSUE IT’S time to say goodbye, and godspeed to editor Alan, for he has left the building and entrusted me with Mac|Life. I’ll be your new host, but don’t worry — I’m not planning to significantly alter anything just yet because I believe that Alan has done a superlative job of giving you, the reader, exactly what you need to make the most of all of your Apple devices. But nothing is ever perfect, and there’s always room for improvement, so I’m going to do my best to steer the magazine in an even better direction. Ultimately, I want you to be able to confidently make that purchase knowing that you’re going to get the most value possible out of your new tech. With that in mind, I’d be grateful if…

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visit techradar.com

The march of technology never stops, so neither do we. Mac|Life’s website is now part of the new and improved TechRadar, so you can grab your fix of Mac and iOS news over at www.techradar.com. You’ll get all the latest news and tutorials for Mac, iPhone and iPad, as well as other trusted reviews, news, and how-tos that have made TechRadar one of the world’s top tech sites. We’ll see you there! Read more news, reviews, and tutorials at techradar.com GET SOCIAL FACE BOOK: facebook.com/maclife TWITTER: twitter.com/maclife OUR APP MAC|LIFE DIGITAL EDITION FOR IPAD Get it from bit.ly/maclifeapp…

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letter of the month

I am always fascinated by the expensive hi-tech gadgets featured in Mac|Life. My wife unexpectedly brought home a $15 pair of Bluetooth earbuds that are perfect for occasional use; at this price you can buy lots of pairs just in case you lose one or just to keep spare in a bag for emergency use. An article about inexpensive, but great, gadgets would be a winner. RICHARD BERGENSTEIN In future we’re hoping to run more group tests that compare gadgets at different price levels to appeal to all walks of life, rather than those who are just interested in the most premium products. Check back here soon! No to HomePod I ordered two HomePods on day one. Once I read your posts about the lack of AirPlay 2 I canceled both. I will…

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updated ipad and new apps for education

FEED YOUR MIND. FEAST YOUR EYES. APPLE HAS UPDATED the 9.7-inch iPad, augmented the iWork apps, and introduced new specialist software, all to appeal to the education market. The announcements came in a special event held on March 27th at Lane Technical College Prep High School in Chicago, Apple’s first education-targeted product launch since 2012 The 9.7-inch iPad now supports Apple Pencil, comes with TouchID built-in, and is available in Silver, Space Gray, and a new Gold color, but the price is unchanged from the previous generation, starting at $329 for the 32GB Wi-Fi model ($299 for schools). Apple Pencil is available separately for $99 ($89 for schools), although it was also mentioned at the event that Logitech is introducing a new Crayon for $49, as well as a $99 Rugged Combo…

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facebook under fire over data mining scandal

FACEBOOK HAS PUBLICLY apologized after admitting that the information of tens of millions of users was apparently used without their consent. In mid 2014, Aleksandr Kogan developed a personality test app, “thisisyourdigitallife,” which was made available on Facebook and downloaded by about 270,000 people. The app collected data about them and their Facebook friends, a total of as many as 50 million people. This was permitted under Facebook rules at the time, but only for specific purposes. However, although Kogan’s app claimed the data would be used for academic research only, he passed it on to a consultancy company called Cambridge Analytica (CA). CA used “psychographic profiles” built from the harvested data to send microtargeted political messages to identified voters as part of Senator Ted Cruz’s 2016 Presidential primary campaign and then…

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the shift

APPLE REMOVED ‘COMPUTER’ from its company name in 2007 — the year of the first iPhone. While I don’t think Apple has plans to change its name again, I do think it has shown concrete signs of the next major reason for why it wanted to move beyond the traditional concept of computers: our health. Apple’s first public offering in the realm of health is the Watch. Originally pitched as a companion for everything from health to apps to notifications, Apple has since doubled, nay tripled down on the wearable’s health prospects. Last year, the company built on that further by partnering with Stanford to launch an opt-in heart study, open to all Watch owners. I’d say the next big health step has been into medical records. In iOS 11.3 (in beta…