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The march of technology never stops, so neither do we. Mac|Life’s website is now part of the new and improved TechRadar, so you can grab your fix of Mac and iOS news over at www.techradar.com. You’ll get all the latest news and tutorials for Mac, iPhone and iPad, as well as other trusted reviews, news, and how-tos that have made TechRadar one of the world’s top tech sites. We’ll see you there! Read more news, reviews, and tutorials at techradar.com GET SOCIAL FACEBOOK:facebook.com/maclife TWITTER:twitter.com/maclife OUR APP MAC|LIFE DIGITAL EDITION FOR iPAD Get it from bit.ly/maclifeapp…

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old dog, new tricks

OVER THE SUMMER we’ve been using the public beta version of iOS 11; whether we were enjoying a short weekend break at the beach with our iPhone cameras in tow, travelling with our iPads instead of MacBooks, or just slouching on a sofa doing the same things we normally do, we’ve felt the bene..ts of the many changes ..pple’s latest annual update brings. Of course, we’ve put that hands-on experience to good use to bring you a huge 24-page guide that will help you get to grips with all things great and small about the new operating system. When I bought a second-generation iPad Pro upon it’s release a few months ago, I stuck with iOS 10 for a couple of weeks, before upgrading it to the early beta. Even through…

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letter of the month

Your opinions, rants & raves That’s what we were taught, too. We messed up here, even though we learned this rule of thumb to ensure proper use: “i” for financial, else “e.” Things like this creep into language over time, sometimes through misuse, but also because bigger publications than ours lead the way with decisions which then filter down to common use through exposure. This instance is a mistake, and your constructive feedback is appreciated. We endeavour to use language well, though we don’t always get it right. It’s easy for software guides to become laden with sloppy use of language – that is, overly casual descriptions of interactions when trying to teach readers. Clarity of expression is something we try to keep in mind, from planning content to the day pages go…

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what next for apple’s hard-to-get headphones?

EVEN AS APPLE’S AirPods continue to suffer from stock shortages – the estimated shipping time for a pair has only just dropped from six weeks to four – it may be that the company is already in the planning stages of a new version. A newly published patent application from Apple describes an “in-ear speaker hybrid audio transparency system.? This would enable the earphone wearer to selectively mute or amplify ambient sounds while still listening to audio – with the added benefit of eliminating the somewhat unpleasant echoey effect you experience when speaking while wearing headphones. Headphones with this so-called “audio passthrough“ technology aren’t new, though at the moment they’re generally confined to the more expensive end of the market. This is largely due to the complexity of adding both a microphone…

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5g broadband is a step closer

Feed your mind. Feast your eyes. APPLE HAS RECEIVED the go-ahead to test 5G broadband connectivity, the first step in a long journey towards the next generation of wireless comms. Granted by the FCC just a few months after the company applied for it, the license enables Apple to conduct trials with 5G millimeter wave technology on the 28GHz and 39GHz frequency bands. The move comes shortly after the regulatory agency opened up the commercial sale of certain 5G bands, with mobile carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile now making plans of their own to offer consumer-wide 5G within the next two years or so. n o. Apple isn’t alone in testing millimeter wave (mmWave) broadband; Google, Facebook, and most of the aforementioned carriers are also trialing it. Compared to existing…

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ipad sales are on the rise

ALL EYES MAY be on the new iPhone right now, but iPad just had its best quarter sales-wise in a long time. It’s not just a tiny uptick, either: Apple sold 11.4 million iPads in Q3, the three months ending July 1. Unsurprisingly, CEO Tim Cook called these “very positive results” on the company’s earnings call. This figure pales in comparison to the 41 million iPhones also sold in the quarter, but it’s a surprising 15 percent increase from the same quarter last year (when 9.9 million iPads were sold) and a 28 percent increase from the quarter before (8.9 million iPads). The iPad also achieved its highest market share in over four years, Cook said. To put an even finer point on it, CFFBC noted this is the first time iPad has…