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Macworld August 2016

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how to set up a new mac securely and update an older one

When you get a new Mac, how can you make sure you’ve set it up to be as secure as possible? If you walk through a completely fresh installation process, Apple tries to guide you into making the most-secure choices among alternatives, but it’s probably the worst time to try to sort out the options available and make those decisions.A reader asked for advice for the next time they start from scratch, and I can offer that in this column. However, all of my suggestion can work just as well as later additions, whether you’re reinstalling OS X, installing and then migrating from a different Mac, or just continuing to use an existing installation. It’s better to set this up first, but it’s never to late to add layers.SAY YES…

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with sierra, apple lets the mac be the mac

While big updates like iOS 10 ( and massive rethinks like watchOS 3 ( might have commanded the lion’s share of attention during Apple’s WWDC keynote and the ensuing aftermath of discussion and Zapruder-level dissection, it’s worthwhile to pause for a moment and consider the state of Apple’s most venerable platform, the Mac.No longer burdened by its increasingly dated X-laden moniker, the rebranded macOS got a major addition in the form of Siri, as well as some more minor improvements sprinkled throughout the OS.But to me, the big message to take away from Apple’s recent presentation is that the company is all too happy for the Mac to share features and technologies where it makes sense, but to still let it stand on its own two legs and be the…

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jpegmini pro for adobe photoshop: just one click for optimized jpegs

The Latest Mac ProductsReviewed & RatedJPEGMINI PRO is a handy Mac application ( minireview) for reducing the size of JPEG image files with virtually no distinguishable difference from the original. At the time, it offered no way to optimize files directly out of my favorite image editing software, but I’m happy to report this oversight has now been addressed.JPEGMINI PRO FOR ADOBE PHOTOSHOPAT A GLANCEJPEGmini Pro adds an Adobe Photoshop extension to allow any file type to be saved as an optimized JPEG image in as little as a single click of the mouse.PROS• Fast one-click JPEG files from Adobe Photoshop CC• Displays storage space saved• Photoshop extension works with any source file type• More affordable bundle includes standalone, Lightroom versionsCONS• Photoshop extension not available for separate purchase• No options…

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acer h277hu: usb-c passthrough monitor works well with apple’s macbook

A 2015 OR 2016 MACBOOK has a neat complement in the 1440p 27-inch Acer H277HU (on Amazon; display. You can connect the MacBook’s sole USB-C port directly into the back of the H277HU using an included (albeit short) cable, and the H277HU acts as a second display while also charging the laptop and adds two USB 3.0 Type-A ports at the rear of the display.ACER H277HUPROS• Crisp, edge-to-edge display• Excellent brightness without motion artifacts• USB-C video and passthrough powerCONS• High premium for USB-C support• Bad button arrangement for OSD• No height adjustment, limited tiltPRICE$500The display is sharp, bright, and expansive, with its front glass extending to the top, left, and right edges. Hidden on-screen display (OSD) buttons are underneath the bottom-left edge. Testing the display with apps and with…

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priime styles: pro photo presets jump from iphone to mac, minus editing

IT’S NOT HARD to spice up photographs in just a few clicks of the mouse these days. The more difficult part of the process is finding an app with quality filters worth using—and one of the better mobile solutions around has finally made the leap to the desktop.PRIIME STYLES 1.0.2AT A GLANCEWith more than 100 photo presets created by the world’s best modern photographers, Priime Styles for Mac delivers a professional look via the stand-alone app or extension support for Photos and Lightroom.PROS• 101 professional one-click photo filters included• OS X Photos extension, Adobe Lightroom support• Explore mode for previewing all filters at once• Batch mode (stand-alone or Lightroom only)CONS• Lacks editing tools found in iPhone version• No effects options (frames, film damage, etc.)PRICE$30COMPANYPriimePRIIME STYLES OFFERS A clean, stand-alone Mac…

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mail archiver x 4: versatile mac email utility is poky but indispensable

AFTER YEARS of using email, those messages start to consume valuable internal storage space and can eventually slow down your Mac, where a copy of every single email is cached locally. That’s why it’s a good idea to occasionally archive and purge older messages.MAIL ARCHIVER X 4.0AT A GLANCEMail Archiver X archives messages from major email clients or IMAP servers into a searchable database complete with attachments, headers, and more.PROS• Archive multiple email clients, IMAP accounts at once• Robust export options including Evernote, FileMaker• Retains email formatting, attachmentsCONS• Slow performance with large databases• Setup options are global only• Only modest increase in speed for subsequent backups• No import of standalone MBOX archivesPRICE$40COMPANYMoth SoftwareFULL-FEATURED BACKUPAs the name implies, Mail Archiver X, $40 (, is a Mac application for offline storage of…