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Macworld December 2015

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apple’s services could use a little service

If the App Store had a theme song, it would probably be The O’Jays’ “For the Love of Money.” (Apple itself would probably pick something by U2 or—sigh—Coldplay.) During the company’s financial results recently, Tim Cook said the App Store pulled in record revenue, which bolstered the company’s bottom line for its services division’s $5.1 billion revenue.So yes, the App Store is still doing gangbusters business overall. But I’d also imagine that it’s the tentpole propping up the company’s services division, which also includes iCloud, Apple Pay, and AppleCare. And much as Apple is a company that focuses on developing and selling products, those services are becoming ever more critical: if iPhones, iPad, Macs, and so on are the bricks of Apple’s business, services are the mortar—the stuff that holds…

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how to buy vintage technology on ebay

It was only after I’d written the first few installments of Think Retro, which started about a year ago, that I was hit by a blinding realization: not only could I use this weekly column as an excuse to buy more vintage Apple stuff on eBay, but I could legitimately write these purchases off against tax. Fun and legal; hot damn!The resulting uptick in my eBay shopping since then has meant I’ve gotten better and better at picking out and picking up bargains, since for me there’s infinitely more joy to be had in rescuing a lovely old Newton or LC or G5 from a trip to the trash, and giving it a dignified and loved retirement after a long and useful life, than in lining the coffers of a…

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tardisk pear first look: upgrade your macbook flash storage in a few minutes

Apple no longer uses hard drives in most of its laptops in its current lineup, opting for speedy flash storage. (The always-forgotten non-Retina 13-inch MacBook Pro uses a hard drive.) Flash storage, however, doesn’t have the low price per gigabyte that hard drives offer. If you bought a Mac laptop recently, you probably bought it with 128GB or 256GB of storage. That’s well short of the terabytes offered in hard drives nowadays, so it’s possible you’ve filled up your flash storage space.You can buy an external hard drive to lug around with you to alleviate your storage crunch, but the new TarDisk Pear ( could be a more attractive solution. TarDisk Pear is flash storage that finds a permanent home in your laptop’s SDXC slot, but it’s not like using…

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apple magic trackpad 2: solid performer doesn’t feel essential

MAC GEMS ARE APPS THAT OFFER STANDOUT UTILITY OR UNIQUE FEATURES AT A GREAT PRICE.THE MAGIC TRACKPAD 2 is shockingly large and blindingly white. It looks kind of like a futuristic thing you’d find in a high-tech kitchen, like a smart scale or a wireless charging station or a heating pad that keeps your coffee at the perfect temperature for hours. But this Cheeto-unfriendly slab is really a giant, standalone version of the Force Touch trackpad in this spring’s 12-inch MacBook, along with the later MacBook Pro refresh.The Magic Trackpad 2 brings Force Touch to the desktop: It’s an option with the new iMacs (or you could choose the Magic Mouse 2), and available on its own for $129 ( With plenty of room to take advantage of Apple’s entire…

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apple magic mouse 2: mouse unable to conjure up any innovation

APPLE’S NEW MAGIC MOUSE 2 ( isn’t really that much different from the original Magic Mouse. It has major changes that affect how the mouse moves and a new built-in battery. But there’s nothing about the Magic Mouse 2 that will make you ditch your current mouse—even if it’s an original Magic Mouse.WHAT’S NEW ISN’T OBVIOUSThe exterior design of the Magic Mouse 2 is almost the same as the Magic Mouse. It still has a white plastic sliver that rests atop an aluminum case, with no visible buttons or scroll wheel.Flip the mouse over, and you’ll finally see a difference. The Magic Mouse 2 has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, so it no longer needs a removable battery cover. Where the latch for the cover used to be is now…

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pages 5.6: a lot packed into a tiny version increment for mac

I KNOW THAT MANY Pages users have stuck with version 4, also called Pages ’09. The latest release of Pages 5 (, however, may restore some of the features you were holding on to. Version 5.6 is fundamentally the same program as 5.5, but it’s a bigger jump than the 0.1 increment would indicate.PAGES 5.6PRICE WHEN RATED$20COMPANYAppleA host of typographic refinement has returned, providing support for the wealth of OpenType features that allow more sophisticated “typeset ting” in Pages that takes a user closer to what InDesign and other layout software can provide. This is a return, as most features were available in the previous Pages release, and were missed by some—apparently enough to resurrect them.LOOKING BACK, LOOKING OUTMacworld readers frequently complain about and have questions about moving files among…