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Tatler Dining Malaysia


Authoritative and informative, Tatler Dining Malaysia showcases the country’s highest-rated dining establishments, as reviewed by our esteemed panel of gourmands, complete with essentials like contact information, signature dishes, dress code, indexes and maps laid out for quick, easy reference.

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leaps & bounds

The nebulous nature of the adjective ‘best,’ a word that’s carelessly tacked onto countless listicles on the World Wide Web, gives me the absolute heebie-jeebies (‘Instagrammable’ and ‘Instaworthy’ are close contenders). After all, few things are as subjective as taste—quite literally! Consider the following incident: After heaping praise upon what I deem the best Caesar salad in town, a close girlfriend made her way to its source, but clucked her disapproval after finding the poultry too pink to be palatable. Why then, does T.Dining try to distinguish the great from the good or to identify the transcendent among the great? I think our raison d’être boils down to one of the greatest ironies of our time: having excess choice but limited time and resources. As such, we all benefit from a bit…

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FESTIVE SHARING No one throws a party quite like The Soul Society Group, and the F&B specialists are prepared to host your holiday feast. Its establishment, WIP in Bangsar, KL offers the Jingle Mingle Platter, featuring roasted turkey breast, smoked chicken sausages, mixed nuts ciabatta, red wine poached pear and cheese in puff pastry—perfect for a party of four. There’s also the yuletide wagyu steak (above), another delicious seasonal speciality. For reservations call 03-2094 1789 or 012-650 5722 Sweets for the Sweet Home to a wide selection of irresistible temptations, The Mandarin Cake Shop at Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur stocks a wide range of chocolates, cakes, pastries, macaroons and premium teas. Handcrafted by executive pastry chef and chocolatier Antony Hoyle, the cocoa-based desserts incorporate the use of Malaysian cacao beans in their creations. For…

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a flavourful amalgamation

Charming and bubbly, chef Carrie Scully seems like a natural at creating a calm atmosphere, despite us being in the busy, lively kitchen of Tiki Taka at Medan Damansara. Helming the Spanish-inspired establishment, Carrie is of Indian, Thai and Irish descent—which was integral to her discovery (and taste) of a rich and varied food heritage. “My cultural background has allowed me to explore flavours from different gastronomic cultures and incorporate them into my own creations,” she says. “My cultural background has allowed me to explore flavours from different gastronomic cultures and incorporate them into my own creations” Her daring creativity to explore and implement her identity into her cuisine led to interesting recipe trials, such as experimenting with cow’s brains and tongue, which she described as, “a little adventurous for our customers,…

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tidbits from chef carrie

What is one misconception about food that you’ve always wanted to set right? That fat is bad for you! People are so scared of the word ‘fat’ that it will send them spiralling! Whole foods contain good fats. Eat your avocados, eat your salmon, and drink your whole milk. Don’t buy into ‘low-fat’ or ‘fat-free’ which is laden with lots of flavour enhancers which are bad for you. What are some pet peeves that you can’t stand in the kitchen? I cannot stand a messy kitchen! Mise en place is a must for me. This is critical in running a kitchen. I always encourage new cooks to understand this. If your mise en place is done, you will have a smooth flow during service. How do you test the quality of your ingredients? Simply by…

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in the mood

Walking through the doors of Frangipaani feels like coming back to a second home you never knew you had. A regal-looking telescope stands unobtrusively by tall colonial windows. Walls adorned with hand-drawn maps of India surround a tastefully designed dining space. Outside on the balcony, well-shaded tables and chairs spread out evenly, flanked by a foliate frangipani bush and lush greenery. Ensconced in a setting as warm and inviting as this with a tangy-sweet mango lassi in hand, the starry-eyed inner child in me wonders: if this is Frangipaani’s intended effect? If so, then Erina Pereira has surpassed her objective. “Everything about Frangipaani just creates that feeling of being at home again, doesn’t it?” Erina asks as though reading my mind. The wife of The Olive Tree Group founder and managing director, Leslie…

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tidbits from erina pereira

Favourite dish I love Goan mango fish curry and rice with some saag (greens). Growing up, I enjoyed seafood almost every day in my mom’s kitchen. Most-hated myths about Indian cooking That it’s too hot, too oily, too fatty and bad for you. In truth, Indian food uses a variety of fresh vegetables and blended spices cooked in a multitude of ways that help retain their freshness and nutrients. Favourite ingredient in cooking I’ve been experimenting a lot with arbi (yams), sweet potatoes and truffle pâté, to create a gourmet experience out of nutritious and simple cooking methods. Hobbies Pilates, gardening and playing the piano —I’ve just started taking up lessons! PHOTOGRAPHY: KHAIRUL IMRAN;ADDITIONAL IMAGE: FRANGIPAANI…