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Man Magnum

March - April 2021
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The leading magazine for the South African hunting and conservation fraternity. Suid-Afrika se top-tydskrif vir die jagter en bewaarder.

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South Africa
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under the power of the gun

IN JANUARY THIS year, Mail & Guardian published a report titled “Under the Power of the Gun”. The author, Catherine Sofianos, details the life of a gangster called ‘Fabian’ from the Cape Flats, who allegedly became a ‘hit man’ at the age of 11. According to the report, a survey by the Canon Collins Educational and Legal Assistance Trust found that about 54% of boys and girls between 11 and 13 years of age in Hanover Park (Cape Town) admitted to having carried a knife or gun in the previous four weeks. This behaviour presumably started through witnessing acts of violence. The global average for child death through injury is 8.8 in 100 000. The Western Cape’s Department of Social Development estimates the rate in South Africa to be 39.8, with the…

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Humour Works In response to your call for stories in your effort to revive the Riley’s Bar concept. I think this is a great initiative as I have found, in the course of my career, that the use of appropriate humour acts as a tag, or a hook if you will, by which people will usually remember important information. It would be remiss of me not to thank you for producing a never-ending succession of fantastic magazines. By my reckoning, I have enthusiastically read approximately 95% of Man Magnum editions printed since I was first introduced to your publication in the early 1980s. Goodness knows how you do it, but keep up the good work! – Duncan Nebbe, Gauteng Magnum Collection Today I received the latest edition of Magnum in the UK, and must congratulate…

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win with man magnum

Marttiini Knife Marttiini knives from Finland are created with a combination of generations of craftsmanship and modern technology. Their hunting knives have been developed with a focus on user experience, which has been transferred into the design and functionality of the knives. The manufacturing of a Marttiini blade is a demanding and time-consuming process. Marttiini knives are not only sharp, but also perfectly represent the beauty and toughness of the North. They’re called “puukko” – the Nordic knife. The textured rubber handle is easy to maintain, hygienic and safe. Ergonomically shaped with a finger guard, a firm grip is easy to achieve. Ruger Stun Gun / Flashlight The Ruger Stun Gun/ Flashlight is a handy combination self-defence utensil. The LED flashlight operates at 300-lumen with three strobe settings (high, low, and strobe), and has an adjustable…

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campfire tales...

THE WARMTH OF the fire was slowly drawing the stiffness out of my bones. It had been a tiring, though amusing day in the Zambezi Valley. We’d had to abort two follow-ups of fresh buffalo spoor because we’d bumped into large herds of cow elephants with calves. “Damn nuisance,” said Claude, frowning. “Oh… actually, I enjoyed it,” I said. “I love watching elephant calves at play. They’re such mischievous little buggers.” This drew a grinning nod from Rob Lowson, a Safety Officer for Zimbabwe Forestry who, accompanied by Aubrey Collins, had arrived at our main camp that afternoon for a visit. “That they certainly are,” smiled Rob, “and they grow up mischievous too. Tell them about JD, Aub.” “Naah… they probably wouldn’t believe it,” said Aubrey. Addressing Claude and me, Rob…

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mossberg mc1sc 9mmp

O.F. MOSSBERG AND SONS, who celebrated 100 years in business in 2019, are well-known locally for their shotguns. During their centenary, Mossberg launched their first-ever striker-fired semi-auto pistol, the MC1sc in 9mmP. The only other pistol Mossberg has offered since their inception was the Brownie, a four-barrelled .22lr pocket pistol (circa 1919) employing a rotating firing pin. Intended solely as a backup gun, it was inexpensive and reliable. Likewise, the MC1sc is a sub-compact made specifically for concealed carry, sporting a single-stack magazine and a polymer frame in keeping with modern trends. The pistol follows the traditional Glock striker-fired layout, with a few ingenious changes. With its 3.4-inch barrel, the Mossberg measures 6.25 inches overall and is 4.3 inches high. The single-stack 6-round magazine ensures that width is limited to an inch…

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elephant hunting know-how part 1

UNLESS YOU HAVE hunted and shot an elephant, it is difficult to comprehend the feeling when spotting, approaching and getting ready to shoot one. It is the act of taking on a pachyderm in its own environment, even though it towers over you and can kill you with ease. For me, the actual death of the animal was always dispiriting and left me feeling sad. Yet the hunt is such a thrill that I kept coming back. Today, unless you are a game ranger or qualified professional hunter, very few countries will allow you to hunt elephant without being accompanied by a PH. However, a few Central African countries remain where you can do an unguided hunt with a local tracker. I was fortunate to do a great deal of elephant hunting…