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MAXIM Australia July 2020

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MAXIM is the largest men’s magazine brand in the world. In 2020, with international editions in over 25 European and Asian countries and an extensive following in the United States, MAXIM continues to reach guys globally and creatively. MAXIM knows what guys like. And we talk in the same way that guys talk to each other. With men 18-34, we know the way they live, the way they work, the way they think and the way they play. MAXIM provides content and the appropriate channels for which this content is distributed – all while keeping in mind the needs of the audience we serve. MAXIM believes the content we serve should always evolve and adapt to the needs of our audience.

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the influencer... nicole thorne

uite the location for this MAXIM shoot, Nicole. Where is it? Yes, it’s gorgeous. We set out to really showcase Lime Samui Villas – the beautiful location in Thailand where we were staying. I’ve worked together with Rocky [photographer] a lot in the past, so it was really just about having fun and I think we got a lot of shots that we didn’t really even intend on doing. Being able to shoot and watch the sunset at the same time and incorporate that into the photos was the best. Well, you look gorgeous. When do you feel sexy? Thank you! I probably feel my sexiest when I can just be myself… or the day after a good spray tan [laughs] – I’m naturally very pale. What’s your best asset? I get a lot of…

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high altitude

VIP choppers remain objects of envy for all but the relatively few for whom they are the ultimate privilege. In the world of VIP helicopters a few names fly well above the rest, such as Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company; Bell; and Airbus Helicopters, which was rebranded from Eurocopter in 2014. Sikorsky may sound like an exotic name but the brand is based in Connecticut and is the maker of the aircraft bearing the famed Marine One call sign, flown by the U.S. Marines to transport the President of the United “IN THE WORLD OF VIP HELICOPTERS, SIKORSKY, BELL AND AIRBUS FLY WELL ABOVE THE REST.” Owning one of the world’s coolest and most luxurious helicopters, which can easily cost several million dollars, is reserved for the world’s elite. Whether it’s a necessity…

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master of the sky

“THE BBJ 777X CAN FLY YOU NON-STOP ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD IN ITS BESPOKE 7-STAR HOTEL PRESIDENTIAL-PENTHOUSE INTERIOR.” The US$474 million Boeing BBJ 777X is without a doubt the new king of the private jet set. It will be the largest and most luxurious business jet in production, with the first aircraft slated to perform a maiden flight next year. With a cabin measuring 3,256 sq. ft., making it larger than many private homes, outfitting the aircraft to VIP specification will cost an additional US$90–$175 million depending on exactly how much wood, leather and gold plating you require. At 253 ft. long it’s over two thirds the length of a football field, and its cabin spans neatly 20 feet across. It can also traverse more than half the circumference of the…

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Shown off recently at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California, the PB18 E-Tron is Audi's vision of what a Lamborghini-sized electric car you can also take on a Macca's run would look like. Inspired by the brand’s decade of dominance in Le Mans racing, this concept features three electric motors: one between the front wheels, and one for each rear, all developing 492 kW. Short spurts of up to 561 kW are possible as long as there is plenty of boost in the battery, and ticker in the driver. The mid-mounted 95 kWh solid-state battery is capable of a full 580km charge in only 15 minutes, thanks to 800 volt charging capacity. That’s impressive, but what makes the PB18 different is Audi's commitment to you. Audi wants you to enjoy…

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cliff hanger

As Brandon Semenuk dropped into his contest-winning run at this past October’s Red Bull Rampage mountain biking event, those unfamiliar with the sport might view it as a reckless, if not suicidal, endeavour. After all, the steep and treacherous mountainside he was about to attack would not look out of place covered in climbers, hooked into safety ropes, trying to ascend the same route he was about to descend. “HE HAS BEEN CALLED THE MOST SUCCESSFUL AND IMPORTANT ENTREPRENEUR IN THE WORLD.” But for Brandon, and his fellow competitors, Rampage represents the pinnacle of the freeride mountain biking competitive calendar. As Semenuk tore down the rock face, launching backflips off of jumps and 360s over gaps in the rock, what should seemingly be an act of pure survival took on the rhythm…

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longines through the hourglass

With a heritage spanning three different centuries and associations with some of history’s most celebrated men, luxury Swiss-watchmaker Longines is looking ahead. Founded in 1832, Longines is seven years older than Patek Phillipe and a whopping 73 years older than Rolex. Indeed, the iconic Longines logo — a pair of wings flanking an hourglass — remains the oldest continually registered trademark in the world. Accuracy and innovation have always been the Longines’ M.O. It’s no wonder they’re the longstanding time-keeper for elite horse racing, along with events such as the French Open and the Commonwealth Games. Nevertheless, instead of buckling under the weight of its own impressive history, Longines has continued to develop new timepieces and remains a global force in horology. Here, discover the stories (and men) behind some…