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Maxim April 2017

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stealth mode

Stealth is the name of the game for covert warriors. But if your all-terrain transportation doesn’t match the clandestine levels of your gear, you might as well be wearing a reflector vest. That’s why those who strive for secrecy would do well to hop into the new matte-metallic RZR XP Turbo EPS utility vehicle from Polaris.Designed to counterbalance rugged durability with a comfortable ride, the side-by-side features a 168HP Polaris ProStar Turbo H.O. engine—the brand’s most powerful engine ever, delivering maximum horsepower across a wide range of conditions, from paved roads to extreme off-road trails. The Polaris Variable Transmission (PVT) assists with consistent power delivery while the High Performance On-Demand True All-Wheel Drive ensures that the front wheels help tackle difficult terrain, provides ease of operation, and makes even long…

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guilty as charged

The latest in Gucci’s Guilty fragrance series, Absolute was inspired by the idea that every man should define his own masculinity and no man should apologize for being himself. The marketing campaign, which features the actor Jared Leto surrounded by beautiful women, even sports the hashtag #GuiltyNotGuilty. The perfumers interpreted this concept with a new take on the classic woody notes often found in men’s fragrances, custom-mixing Gucci’s own trademarked scent Woodleather and goldenwood, a natural extract discovered in London’s Royal Botanic Gardens archive. Undercurrents of leather (a nod to Gucci’s long history of creating luxe leather goods), vetiver, and three forms of patchouli oil add to the earthy musk. Even the bottle’s design—somewhere between a flask and a decanter and filled with a deep cognac-colored eau de parfum—would fit…

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the monk’s elixir

(HULTON-DEUTSCH COLLECTION/CORBIS VIA GETTY IMAGES)We’ve all heard romantic backstories about strange and foreign liqueurs—tall tales of rare and obscure ingredients or ancient and arcane distilling practices. “Did you know that this Alpine schnapps is made with a rare mountain flower that only blooms during a full moon and can only be picked by a barefoot virgin by candlelight?” “Did you hear about this agave spirit derived from a centuries-old plant hacked by a wizened shaman with a machete blessed by Quetzalcóatl himself?” Most discerning drinkers also know that too many of these liqueur fairy tales are cynically manufactured in a conference room by some marketing team.So I’ll forgive you if you roll your eyes when I tell you about Chartreuse. It was first produced in the early 18th century by…

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opportunity knocks

Geoff Stults has a confession: Despite a successful career that has included the TV cultclassic 7th Heaven and this month’s suburban thriller Unforgettable with Katherine Heigl and Rosario Dawson, he actually had no plan to become an actor. But for the 39-year-old, no plan has turned out to be the best plan of all.After four years playing football at Whittier College in California, followed by a season of professional football in Europe, Stults—who admits “I was not that great of a football player; I was OK”—was game for a new challenge. When his brother, George, was approached by a Hollywood agent, it was Geoff who sniffed an opportunity. He called the agent and set up a meeting. “It was the whole ‘please take me’ plea, and she wanted nothing to…

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guardian of the off-road

When Land Rover ceased production of its latest Defender series last year, hard-core fans of the legendary off-roader were faced with a quandary: how to add a new one to their garage before they’re gone. Until Land Rover releases the next iteration of its military-inspired SUV, the best option is to check out the offerings of a specialty vehicle builder like Chelsea Truck Company, a British engineering company.Take the 2014 Chelsea Wide Track Defender 110 Double Cab Pickup. CTC outfitted this beast with features that balance the ruggedness of the original with the style of the swankiest Range Rover. Sporting a 2.2 TDCI engine producing 122 horsepower, this CTC Defender, priced around $75,000, claws over obstacles on 16-inch satin black Defend 68 alloy wheels and knobby Renegade tires. The Volcanic…

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the next one

(CHRISTIAN PETERSEN/GETTY IMAGES.)Connor McDavid grew up in Newmarket, Ontario, as a Toronto Maple Leafs fan. So you can imagine that, as a teenager, he would be psyched about going to the Air Canada Centre for a game between the Leafs and the Edmonton Oilers last November 1. He had a pretty good view of the action, too, given that he plays center for Edmonton. “I was so bad,” he says, stifling a giggle at the thought. “It might have been overexcitement. It was probably the worst game I’ve had this season.”That night was an aberration: McDavid, who turned 20 in January, is lighting up the National Hockey League this season and fulfilling the promise he showed as a 15-year-old, when Hockey Canada granted him “exceptional status” so he could turn…