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Maximum PC December 2018

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Maximum PC is the magazine that every computer geek, PC gamer, or content creator should read every month. Get Maximum PC digital magazine subscription today for punishing product reviews, thorough how-to articles, and the illuminating technical news and information that PC power users crave. Maximum PC covers every single topic that requires a lightning-fast PC, from video editing and music creation to PC gaming; we write about it all with unbounded enthusiasm for our collective hobby.

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there are bargains to be had even at the cutting edge

THIS ISSUE, we feature two very different types of build. Turn to page 70, and you’ll find a traditional Maximum PC system that uses the latest, high-end parts, including the current graphics card of the moment, the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti. Those turning to page 26 will find a very different kind of build, though, one that focuses on trying to bring the overall ticket price in at under $300—no easy ask, especially given the skyrocketing prices we’re seeing with the latest hardware releases. Amazingly, this budget build is constructed around a new release as well; this time in the form of the Athlon 200GE. Apart from a welcome return of the much-loved Athlon branding, it also represents a renewed focus on the often overlooked budget end of the PC building…

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intel vs. amd: fight at the top

THERE IS YET another processor fight brewing, but this time around, the battle is potentially going to be a little different. It’s at the top of the market, as our two contenders each release top-of-the-range desktop processors. AMD’s Ryzen has been giving Intel something of a headache, because it offers some serious bang for your buck. However, there has always been one area where Intel has ruled: at the top of the tree. If you really want the best, the fastest, for gaming, you go to Intel. Take a look at the Hall of Fame for 3DMark. You have to scroll all the way down to fiftieth position before you reach anything other than Intel’s finest. No matter how impressive AMD’s chips get, the Intel fanboy can always counter with the boast…

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biggest facebook hack yet

THERE HAS BEEN another huge security breach at Facebook, the worst in its history. Engineers noticed unusual activity on September 16, worked out what was going on nine days later, and two days after that closed down the breach. Up to 50 million accounts are said to have been compromised; it is unsure for how long. The hackers exploited an interaction between three software bugs, and the flaw dates back to July 2017, with the introduction of the “View As” feature—ironically, partially a privacy tool. Using it creates keys, called access tokens, which enable people to reconnect to their accounts without using passwords. It was these tokens that were spirited away. Armed with a token, a hacker could pose as the account holder, and the account be laid open. The potential for…

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here comes wi-fi 6

THE NEXT ITERATION of the Wi-Fi standard is to be called Wi-Fi 6. Previous standards are known largely as 802.11, followed by letters, and it isn’t a logical progression. Wi-Fi 6 was known as 802.11ax before. The Wi-Fi Alliance has renamed a few others: 802.11ac is now Wi-Fi 5, and 802.11n is Wi-Fi 4. Wi-Fi 6 will bring a speed bump—prototypes reached 11Gbit/s, three times Wi-Fi 5, although real-world speeds are unlikely to reach such heights. It combines the 2.4 and 5GHz bands, and adds trickery such as Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access, and 1024 QAM encoding to increase efficiency. It’s also designed to cope with today’s crowded Wi-Fi environment, where dozens of devices battle over the same airways. The first access points are being put in place now, with…

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google to help state tracking

GOOGLE’S DRAGONFLY PROJECT, its customized search engine for the Chinese market, continues to attract controversy. The latest revelation is that the prototype search engine links all enquiries to user’s phone numbers, so all searches are easily linked to individuals. It has also emerged that there are blacklists for censorship (including knowledge on human rights, and even “Nobel Prize”), as well as provision for falsified air pollution results. The Chinese market is huge, and therefore lucrative, but the cost of participation includes an ethical element that some find hard to swallow, including many of Google’s own employees, human rights organizations, and the White House (it has called for the project to be dropped). China is building a system of citizen surveillance second to none, and Google’s participation is starting to look less…

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tech triumphs and tragedies

TRIUMPHS ✓ WORLD 3DMARK RECORD Nvidia’s 2080 Ti, aided by liquid nitrogen and overclocking, has set the world’s highest 3DMark of 9,312 in Time Spy Extreme. ✓ SPRAY-ON ANTENNAS Drexil University in Philly has developed MXeme antennas that can be sprayed on any surface. ✓ PLAYSTATION CLASSIC The boom in mini retro consoles continues with the PlayStation. This little-bitty fellow comes with 20 games, and costs $100. TRAGEDIES ✗ NO TO SOLAR ROADS Why not turn roads into long thin solar panels? Because they’ve proved inefficient, expensive, and unreliable. ✗ iPHONES NOT CHARGING A bug in iOS 12 means many iPhones and iPads don’t charge while they’re asleep. ✗ WINDOWS STORE FAIL After six years, it’s still unreliable—now Forza Horizons 4 suffers from the “infinite download” bug.…