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Maximum PC June 2018

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Maximum PC is the magazine that every computer geek, PC gamer, or content creator should read every month. Get Maximum PC digital magazine subscription today for punishing product reviews, thorough how-to articles, and the illuminating technical news and information that PC power users crave. Maximum PC covers every single topic that requires a lightning-fast PC, from video editing and music creation to PC gaming; we write about it all with unbounded enthusiasm for our collective hobby.

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2 min.
everything has changed, yet still the same

IF THERE’S ONE THING guaranteed to put you, our beloved readers, on edge, it’s change. You know what you like, and change could mean that thing, whatever it is, could disappear. So the fact that it’s my face staring back at you at the top of the editor’s intro, and not Tuan’s, will have many of you reeling about the potential implications. Let me reassure you, though: There’s nothing to worry about. In fact, while this page is indeed different, you’ll be hard pushed to spot any real change in the magazine. There’s a very good reason for this, and it’s that I’ve been doing the day-today editing of the magazine for the last three years. Tuan was the editor-in-chief, and as such oversaw the magazine and Maximum PC’s web presence.…

3 min.
nvidia’s partnership deal under fire

THE DISCRETE GPU market is large and lucrative, and there are really only two serious players at the high-end: AMD and Nvidia (at least until Intel also pitches in). As you might expect, there is a robust rivalry between the two companies. Nvidia has the dominant market share, currently about 70 percent. Recently, however, that rivalry has become rather heated—and public. The source of the conflict is Nvidia’s new GeForce Partner Program, GPP. The GPP is a deal between Nvidia and OEMs to collaborate on Nvidia-powered cards, working with Nvidia engineers, co-operating on marketing, launches, and so forth. Nothing unusual about that—the industry is full of such partnership deals. The company wants to corner the gamer market; specifically, it wants the gamer brands to sport GeForce hardware. Then the story broke that…

1 min.
russia at war with app

THE RUSSIAN STATE is trying to shut down an encrypted messaging app called Telegram. The app started life in Russia, but moved to Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud servers outside the country after a law banning all encryption services the state can’t crack was passed (ostensibly to fight terrorism). To stop its citizens using Telegram—it has 14 million local users—the Russian regulator, Roskomnadzor (RKN), has taken the heavy-handed approach of blocking huge numbers of IP addresses, and demanding that servers remove access. The swathe of blocked addresses has caused considerable collateral damage inside Russia; sites brought down include Windows Update, Xbox Live, Twitch, Slack, Soundcloud, Spotify, Nintendo, and a myriad others. It also causes problems for Amazon and Google services themselves, and it has been reported that RKN even lost…

1 min.
black ops 4 has no solo

PLAYERUNKOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS’ particular take on the battle royale format has caught the imagination of gamers, and made its creators a fortune. Fortnite followed soon after, and has made similar amounts of cash ($100 million a month, and over). Now everybody wants a slice. There’s only so much game development to go around, and one early casualty has been the single-player campaign in the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Instead, we will get a battle royale mode, and more zombies. The solo game simply can’t be finished in time for the scheduled October release. It remains to be seen if we get it at all. This changes the nature of the game, turning it into yet another multiplayer offering. The CoD solo campaigns have had an immersive, cinematic quality that…

1 min.
obama appears on deepfake video

WE KNOW HOLLYWOOD can produce realistic digital effects, but it used to take months of work by specialists. All that is changing—apps such as FakeApp make sophisticated effects possible in a fraction of the time and with minimum effort. Witness an example put together by Jordan Peele and Jonah Peretti to highlight the dangers of deepfake videos. It features Obama appearing to say, well, whatever the creators wanted him to say. It’s not as convincing as some would have you believe, but it’s not bad at all. It would certainly pass many people by if inserted into a Facebook news feed. And that’s the scary part. You’ll be hearing a lot more about machine learning and the neural network in the future, and one consequence will be the loss of verisimilitude…

1 min.
tech triumphs and tragedies

TRIUMPHS ✓ MORE MINI RETRO GEAR Following the huge success of the NES and SNES Classic, Sega is launching a Mega Drive Mini. ✓ YOU CAN OPEN THE CASE The FTC has confirmed that “warranty void if removed” stickers are illegal, and sent out warning notices to companies. ✓ AMAZON PRIME HITS 100M Free delivery and constant nagging pays off. Amazon doesn’t usually give out stats, but couldn’t resist boasting about this. TRAGEDIES ✗ YOUR TV WILL SNOOP TOO The new TV broadcast standard allows smart TVs to track what you watch and help target ads. ✗ TESLA 3 HALTED AGAIN Production targets are way off, with a huge waiting list. The solution? Hire more people to build the cars instead of robots. ✗ SPECTRE/MELTDOWN COST Benchmark figures are emerging of the performance hit patches make—mostly OK, but heavy I/O can take a…