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11th December 2019

Launched in 1955, MCN has been bringing its readers exclusive news stories about bikes for 60 years. Every week, MCN’s team of expert test riders & journalists will: • Review new and used motorcycles • Help bikers make the very best buying decisions • Provide the latest MotoGP and Superbikes news MCN is also famous for its unrivalled motorcycle sport news and insight. From the white-knuckle world of MotoGP to the elbow-clashing action of World Superbikes and British Superbikes, MCN gives the inside story. There are also thousands of motorcycles for sale in MCN. So if you’re thinking about buying a new machine there’s almost definitely a fantastic bargain waiting to be snapped up!

United Kingdom
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1 min.
‘where was the triple backflip and epic whip?’

Funny, isn’t it? The stunt revered as one of the most legendary bike jumps ever committed to the silver screen is actually a bit, well, ordinary. And when Guy Martin recreated this leap to freedom as part of his reflection on the 75th anniversary of the incredible story of the ‘Great Escape’, it also seemed slightly unspectacular. But don’t let your brain rob you of how impressive his double-fence leap to potential oblivion really was. The advent of the FMX über stunt has numbed us with impossible whips, Superman grabs, triple backflips, heel-clickers and cliffhangers – rendering a good old-fashioned ‘bit of flying through the air’ as a tad underwhelming. But it was still one hell of a stunt. That’s a near-standard Scrambler 1200 leaping over two huge fences whilst being piloted…

2 min.
‘supergran’ targets 250mph

Speed-chasing granny Louisa Swaden smashed the 200mph barrier on a turbocharged Kawasaki ZX-10R recently and is now setting her sights on some new speed records for 2020. Swaden, 51, and a grandmother of three, demolished her previous personal best by nearly 60mph to clock a terminal speed of 203.224mph on the 450bhp beast loaned to her by Jack Frost of Holeshot Racing. She told MCN: “Going that fast was a completely different feeling for me. Usually I can sit up and take my time to cruise to a slowdown, but on this thing I was suddenly running out of space to stop. But I loved it and I was delirious when I found out how fast I’d gone. “I’d never ridden a turbo before and it was the last ‘Top Speed Tuesday’ of…

1 min.
museum opens for gp ace ‘ago’

A museum celebrating 15-time world champion, Giacomo Agostini, has opened in his home town of Bergamo, Italy. Originally designed as a personal trophy room for the former grand prix star to keep his collection of over 350 trophies, the display includes some of his former race bikes, as well as helmets, leathers and more. Visits must be booked in advance by groups of eight or more. This will also give you the opportunity to have dinner with Agostini, as well as a night’s stay in the luxury B&B on the grounds. Ago claimed a total of 123 GP victories on his way to 15 world titles in the 500cc and 350cc classes. Prices start at €450 for a single room ranging to €1250 for a four-bed suite. Email: info@villavittoriabergamo.it…

2 min.
husky norden 901 gets real

Husqvarna have confirmed that the striking Norden 901 will be coming to a showroom near you (fairly) soon by adding it to their production bike line-up for 2021. The historic off-road brand, now part of the Austrian KTM group, say they were overwhelmed by the response to their concept machine at the EICMA show in Milan and interest reached fever pitch at Motorcycle Live despite the bike not even being on show. A Husqvarna spokesman said: “We were blown away by the response. It has definitely sped things up with the project.” Confirming the news, Husqvarna and KTM Team Leader Christian Moser posted on social media: “That’s right, the Husqvarna 901 will hit production in 2021. You’re welcome.” The firm also stated: “This exciting new twin cylinder machine will go into production, a move…

1 min.
‘blast off with an almighty hum’

With one clutchless flick of the wrist, the E-Power roadster shoves its back tyre into the ground and hurls you forward with an almighty hum. 0 becomes 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80… As proof of just how nifty this thing is, BMW put one of their test riders on an S1000R – no slouch itself with 162bhp on tap. But even the pro, saving absolutely no horses or clutch plates, couldn’t even come close to keeping muster with the relentless electric drive of the E-Power Roadster. Within moments he is behind and by the end of the drag strip, even after hitting the roadster’s 100mph limiter, the bike is a spec in the rearview mirror.…

2 min.
0-60 in just 2.9 seconds

While everyone has been distracted by ShiftCam this and Connected that, BMW have been quietly working on an electric motorcycle project for the last two years. The result is this: the E-Power Roadster Concept – a sort of halfway point between the DC Roadster concept we saw earlier this year and the eventual production electric bike we’ll see in the near future. However, it bears little resemblance to the DC; instead it looks like a parts bin special – which isn’t surprising, because that’s exactly what it is. The front-end has come from an S1000R, while the rear drive is from an R1200RS. The frame has been custom-made, while the drive train is borrowed from BMW’s car division: the battery pack comes from a 2-series plug-in hybrid while the motor is from…