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Men's Health Belly Off Guide

Men's Health Belly Off Guide

3rd edition
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Take Your Body Back! The Men’s Health Belly Off! Guide 2016 is your blueprint for getting the fit, healthy body you want – offering you motivation, advice and real-life solutions in one simple but powerful package.

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South Africa
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take your body back

Right now, you’re holding this guide in your hands, flipping through the pages, trying to get inspired to do something about your weight. You want motivation, advice. Look no further. This is exactly the handbook for you. With this Men’s Health Belly Off! Guide, you’ll have the power to transform yourself, body and mind. Simply by picking up this guide, you’ve already taken a crucial first step in the right direction. Follow the advice within its pages and you’ll be able to realise your goals and make health, fitness and nutrition a part of your everyday life (instead of just those first few hopeful weeks of January). This guide is loaded with the latest research to help you obliterate your bad habits, and maximise your weight loss potential. You’ll learn the…

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meet the belly off! all-stars

YOU’LL MEET ALL KINDS OF MEN in the Belly Off! Club, guys from different backgrounds, of different ages, and from towns and cities across South Africa. But they all have one thing in common: a desire to get into shape, and the willpower to reach their weight-loss goals. ▪ Take the eight guys on the following pages, for example – they all took a different route to their end goal, but they all got there in the end – and they’re all determined to stay there. Learn from their lessons, and use their stories as your motivation to get back into shape. ▪ Before long, you’ll be joining them in the pages of our next Belly Off! Guide…

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writing off bad weight

THE BELLY OFF! CLUB AGE 26 LOCATION Sandton OCCUPATION Sports Writer HEIGHT 1.70m WEIGHT BEFORE/AFTER 110kg / 75kg TIME TO GOAL 26 months THE GAIN After I was diagnosed with severe asthma and forced to give up on my dreams of becoming a pro soccer player, I gradually became a couch potato. Completely unaware that I was eating far more than the average person should, I ate my way to 110kg. I also wasn’t getting any exercise, and I managed to pack on 33% body fat in the process. THE CHANGE I just reached breaking point. Something in me clicked and I stopped feeling sorry for myself. I took “before” pictures of my body, did all my measurements and set goals that I felt were attainable. I got a big wakeup call when I looked at pictures from…

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back to his best

THE BELLY OFF! CLUB AGE 26 LOCATION Cape Town OCCUPATION Financial Accountant HEIGHT 1.70m WEIGHT BEFORE/AFTER 214kg / 93kg TIME TO GOAL Almost 4 years THE GAIN I was always a big kid and I grew up accepting it. I played sport at school, but was never as fit as my teammates. I started gaining more weight towards the end of high school but didn’t see it as a problem. Once I started at college things got out of hand; junk food became a staple along with two new hobbies, drinking and smoking. I couldn’t find clothes to fit me and before I knew it I was over the 200kg mark. At 22 I was obese, hypertensive and borderline diabetic. THE CHANGE It happened just like in the movies. I was walking back from a meeting and stopped…

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following his heart

THE BELLY OFF! CLUB AGE 29 LOCATION Cape Town OCCUPATION Chartered Accountant HEIGHT 1.88m WEIGHT BEFORE/AFTER 180kg / 115kg TIME TO GOAL Almost 36 months THE GAIN I was morbidly obese from a very young age. I was a good sportsman, but always justified to myself that I looked and felt just fine when I wasn’t. The real damage happened after school when I left to study at Stellenbosch. It became all about partying and eating the wrong things and with the lack of a balanced lifestyle my weight shot out of control. Before I knew it, I was clocking in at a morbidly obese 180 kilograms. I had lied to myself for years and justified why I was so big, but now there was no way I could justify the number on the scale. THE CHANGE I…

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building blocks

THE BELLY OFF! CLUB AGE 32 LOCATION Cape Town OCCUPATION Safety Consultant HEIGHT 1.80m WEIGHT BEFORE/AFTER 140kg / 94kg TIME TO GOAL 7 months THE GAIN My weight has always fluctuated, and over the last few years I found myself focused on work, rather than my health. I was living on a diet that consisted of a small breakfast then a late supper, which was normally takeaways, while drinking plenty of sugary drinks – and never doing any exercise. Before I knew it I had shot up to 140 kilograms, and I spent my days wearing tracksuit tops and baggy pants trying to hide the reality of what I was doing to myself. THE CHANGE The wakeup call came when my daughter wanted her daddy to play with her, and this meant running around, jumping and struggling to…