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November - December 2019

Metro is the authority on Auckland. Whether it’s where to find the best yum cha, or a must-read profile of a developer changing the cityscape, Metro’s team of writers exhaustively research any subject they tackle. The magazine has an unmatched journalistic pedigree and an honour roll of awards for stories about everything from real estate to sport. Like Auckland, Metro is bold; it is feisty, independent, and irreverent.

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Over in the online world, we’ve been publishing a bunch of great stuff on our website, metromag.co.nz. Here are some of our favourites: FASHION We saw those pearl hair accessories every second woman in Auckland suddenly had clipped to her head and wondered, what the heck? Contributor Harriet Pudney explains all. TOTES OF AUCKLAND We love a top 10 and we love a snazzy tote bag and this round-up of the most popular totes in Auckland (and what they say about the wearer) combines the two into one very funny article by Metro contributor Reilly Hodson. Warning: Prepare to feel personally called out about your own possibly pretentious tote usage. NEW OPENINGS We’re constantly on the look-out for new openings in Auckland, and our writers keep an extra-keen eye on the places that are totally worthy…

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our third place

We all need somewhere to go. Somewhere that’s not work and somewhere that’s not home. Somewhere we can meet people — people we know and, sometimes, people we don’t. We all need a place that’s open and non-judgemental, that’s accessible and accommodating, that’s casual and lively and fun. Somewhere where we can consume, but isn’t just about consumption. Somewhere we can meet, somewhere we can talk, somewhere we can just be. We all need a third place. A third place is, in the words of Ray Oldenburg, the professor of sociology and anthropology who coined the term, “where you relax in public, where you encounter familiar faces and make new acquaintances”. In his writing on the topic, Oldenburg discusses a variety of places where you can go and just exist in the…

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metro nz

EDITORIAL Editor Henry Oliver metro@bauermedia.co.nz Art Director Jessica Allen Food Director Simon Farrell-Green Writer/Digital Editor Tess Nichol Writer/Coordinator Jean Teng CONTRIBUTORS Susanna Andrew Alex Blackwood Anthony Byrt Peter Calder Aimie Cronin Mary de Ruyter Ken Downie Loryn Engelsman Morgan Godfery Madeleine Holden Matthew Hooton Angie Humphreys Nicole Hunt David Larsen Theo MacDonald Evie Mackay Adrian Malloch Leilani Momoisea Charlotte Muru-Lanning Amy Neave Alice Neville Lily Paris West Rod Pascoe Stephen Philp Bevan Rapson Alec Redvers-Hill Rebekah Robinson Ruth Spencer Robert Wallace Frances Walsh Meek Zuiderwyk BAUER MEDIA GROUP Chief Executive Officer Brendon Hill Managing Director Tanya Walshe General Manager Publishing Stuart Dick Editorial Director Ben Fahy Group Sales Director Rachel McLean Commercial Brand Manager Bridget Hewitt Direct Account Manager Guy Slater Sales Manager (Classifieds & The Guide) Kim Chapman Production Manager Jenni Anyan Production Co-ordinator Raewynn Cowie Printer Webstar Ltd Distributor Gordon & Gotch…

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dear metro

Got issues with work, love, sex, family, friendships, money or the crushing existential angst of modern life? Each week on metromag.co.nz, our Metro advice columnist answers a reader’s query and solves all their problems. Dear Metro, A long-term friend of mine and a new friend of mine have become good friends. This should be a joy — two great people are friends and I’m their friend, too. Yay! Yet I find myself feeling very jealous of their friendship, in a very visceral way. I don’t say anything and I sit on it but I feel terrible when they talk about spending time together or when I see them getting on the way my long-term friend and I used to. I don’t want to be unreasonable or make people feel bad. Should I…

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20 questions

01-Anyone else wish the SkyCity fire could have kept workers home a little closer to the long weekend? 02-Any word on whether the PM managed to pop by Ihumātao while she was home? 03-You definitely turned the gas hob off when you left home this morning, right? 04-How much longer can Auckland milk this until the rest of the country goes back to being thoroughly sick of us? 05-Who feels worse — the young tradie or the 63 Wellingtonians who never quite got around to casting their vote for Justin Lester? 06-For that matter, who regrets throwing their lot in with John Tamihere more — Matt McCarten or Michelle Boag? 07-Now that Married at First Sight has been canned, what will you be doing with all those extra hours every evening? 08-Watching more fine shows on Three…

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objectifying history

This tea towel lists some of the cafes in central Auckland circa 1960 and showcases the newly built Auckland Harbour Bridge. The post-war cafe scene in the city included the latest coffee trends, such as espresso and cona coffee, as well as the more traditional tea. Cafe menus offered plenty of New Zealand staple foods, such as toasted sandwiches, pavlova and home-made baking, but they also showed the beginnings of a shift towards European and American cuisine and more casual dining options.…