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Home & Garden

MILIEU Fall 2019

In MILIEU, every story captures the look and feel, the mood and character, the style of a place - its milieu. The milieu that defines a great house or garden, the unique character of a design professional, the message conveyed in a thoughtful essay about home life, the creative strategies for accomplishing the look you want for your home - these are the elements of our magazine.

United States
Pierce Publishing
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4 Issues

In this issue

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editor’s say

Early in my career as an interior designer, long before I had the idea to start MILIEU, I knew about—and admired—Min Hogg. She, of course, was the legendary founding editor of The World of Interiors, a magazine that exactly reflected who she was as a person and as a designer. Min, who I am proud to say became a friend of mine, passed away in June, and I want to dedicate this Fall issue of MILIEU in memory of her. Min was what I like to call a true “seeker,” someone who, at heart, is a freethinker. In the pages of her magazine, she featured designs she liked, rooms and homes that she thought reflected the character of their owners, the fabrics and materials and furnishings she thought mattered. She was…

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milieu magazine

FOUNDER & EDITOR-IN-CHIEF PAMELA PIERCE EDITOR-AT-LARGE Shannon Bowers EXECUTIVE EDITOR David Masello ART DIRECTOR James Slate DESIGN DIRECTOR Leslie Newsom Rascoe SENIOR MARKET EDITOR Lauren Crane Alarcon STYLE AND MARKET EDITOR Lucy Bamman EUROPEAN STYLE EDITOR Katrin Cargill COPY EDITOR Roger Harris ASSISTANT TO THE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Saray Fragoso DIGITAL IMAGING SPECIALIST Allen S. Ransom EDITORIAL OFFICES 2422 Bartlett Street, Suite 5 Houston, Texas 77098 713 521 0331 CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Rebecca Gardner Jean Brooks Holly Muhl Harry Greiner Mary Jane Ryburn EUROPEAN CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Nicky Haslam Jean Bond Rafferty Patricia Ketelsen Greet Lefèvre Loreto López-Quesada CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Miguel Flores-Vianna Peter Vitale Simon Brown Tim Beddow Simon Upton Eugeni Pons Caroline Allison Ace Misiunas Ray Kachatorian Yvonne Tnt Stefanie Keenan Christy Gutzeit PUBLISHER MEGAN MEGAS PUBLISHING CONSULTANT Jim Lewis DIRECTOR OF ADVERTISING & MARKETING Brooke Stuckey SALES DIRECTOR Jamé Fowler ACCOUNT MANAGER Kimberly Crawford SOCIAL MEDIA DIRECTOR Avery Bowers…

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featured designers

Tammy Connor Based in Charleston, South Carolina, award-winning interior designer Tammy Connor has built her reputation on creating timeless, classic interiors that are infused with a casual Southern elegance. She founded her namesake firm in 2000, and since then, she has received numerous awards from the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, where she is now a member of its Southeastern Board. Charlotte Moss With over thirty-four years in the business of design, Charlotte Moss has received numerous honors, including the New York School of Interior Design’s Centennial Medal, Housing Works’ Groundbreaker’s Award, and The Royal Oak Foundation’s Timeless Design award. Charlotte has used her experience to design collections of furniture and upholstery with Century Furniture, fabrics and trims for Fabricut, carpets and sisals for Stark Carpet, china for Pickard, and clothing with…

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from the desk of…

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better with age

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HOUSE OF HOPE As MILIEU’s Editor-at-Large, I’ve had the opportunity to visit lovely homes around the world, but the houses in Family Legacy’s Tree of Life near Lusaka, Zambia, are among the most beautiful to me—not in the typical sense of décor, but in the way these houses protect, shelter, and nurture the most vulnerable and orphaned children of Zambia. Over the past few summers, I have seen Tree of Life grow to now comprise a children’s village of sixty-plus houses, primary and secondary schools, and medical and social services clinic. The children live with dedicated house parents, share meals together, and experience a whole new way of living. To the children, these modest houses offer hope and restoration. The purpose of the faith-based Tree of Life is to equip children…