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MILIEU Fall 2015

In MILIEU, every story captures the look and feel, the mood and character, the style of a place - its milieu. The milieu that defines a great house or garden, the unique character of a design professional, the message conveyed in a thoughtful essay about home life, the creative strategies for accomplishing the look you want for your home - these are the elements of our magazine.

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editor's say

Curiosity opens the door to creativity. Every designer and every artist working in whatever chosen medium possesses curiosity. That state of wonder makes us question how something was made and what the original ideas and sources of inspiration might have been. In this, our 3rd anniversary issue of MILIEU, we feature four incredible women who were considered the best of the best in the world of magazine editors. Their work and visions continue to inspire their successors and everyone involved in the realm of publishing, myself included. These women embody a creative nature, they possess an innate curiosity that is a necessary trait for a magazine editor. One of the reasons I launched MILIEU is because I know that people who read magazines are curious. The pages of a good magazine…

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featured designers

DARRYL CARTER Washington, D.C.–based designer Darryl Carter has long been known for creating interiors that manage to be highly restrained yet dynamic. He has authored two books, The New Traditional: Reinvent, Balance, Design Your Home and The Collected Home: Rooms with Style, Grace, and History (both from Potter Style), each of which reveals his design philosophy. In 2012, Carter opened a full-home retail boutique in Washington, D.C., adjacent to his residential/commercial design studio. ELIZABAETH ROYER Elizabeth Royer established her namesake Paris art gallery in 1985, and works she has represented have found their way into the permanent collections of the Louvre, Getty Museum, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and British Museum, among others. While she is an expert in nineteenth-century French paintings, she also deals in works of the twentieth century. Since…

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life patterns

Christina Kim notices things in the world. They might be the things any of us see, but as a designer, Kim perceives them differently. Take rocks, for example. “When I was a little girl growing up in Korea, I always collected rocks, looking especially for smooth, flat, rounded ones with speckled patterns,” says Kim from her Los Angeles home and work studio, where she has headed her now-iconic company, dosa, since 1984. “In Korea, you see rocks stacked as walls, fences, and building materials, and the people assemble them so expertly that all the pieces seem to naturally fit into one another, seamlessly.” The company, dosa (spelled lowercase) which Kim established with her mother, Vivian, in Los Angeles, has been making pillows that replicate these rocks. Their patterns take on the…

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min hogg

In conversations with editors of leading shelter magazines, one name always pops up: Min Hogg. The founding editor of World of Interiors has instant ID status, as an icon should. “She’s my hero,” her counterparts in rival publications chorus in unison. Hogg’s versatility and originality have dazzled since the first issue of the cult British magazine was introduced in 1981. She remained editor in chief for two decades and still collaborates with the magazine. Early interest in design took a singular form. “At age six or seven, I was always making museums in the nursery with things from the house,” she recalls. Later, art school courses in interior design and furniture produced a desk and a coffee table. “I often wonder if I will see them in a junk shop,” she says. Her…

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pamela fiori

As editor in chief of Travel & Leisure, and then Town & Country, Pamela Fiori has blazed a trail in the masculine powerhouse of New York publishing. Growing up in New Jersey, Fiori “read every magazine I could get my hands on,” she confides. Her fast-forward editorial career began at Holiday, the once visionary American title. “I started as a lowly fact checker in 1968. It was a perfect way to climb up the ladder to associate editor, then senior editor.” In 1971, she went to Travel & Leisure, American Express’s brand new magazine, with a base of 3.5 million readers. Four years later, she was editor in chief. For fourteen years, Fiori invented and reinvented Travel & Leisure’s innovative coverage, introducing millions of readers to memorable experiences. By the late…

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lisa newsom

Growing up on the 2,400-acre River Creek Plantation that her father managed in Thomasville, Georgia, Lisa Newsom, future founder of Veranda magazine, was already fascinated by interior design. In her playhouse, she arranged and rearranged “whatever my mother would let me have, furniture outcasts from the house,” she relates. As a teenager, Newsom was influenced by the gracious lifestyle of neighboring historic plantations. “I was exposed to all the fine furniture. Seeing those plantations was part of my education, as well as devouring every magazine and design book I came across and later studying art and design in California.” Furniture and decoration were her passions, particularly the work of designers Billy Baldwin, Michael Taylor, and T. Gordon Little, the Atlanta decorator. “But my father didn’t think design was then a profession…