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MILIEU Fall 2016

In MILIEU, every story captures the look and feel, the mood and character, the style of a place - its milieu. The milieu that defines a great house or garden, the unique character of a design professional, the message conveyed in a thoughtful essay about home life, the creative strategies for accomplishing the look you want for your home - these are the elements of our magazine.

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editor's say

My awesome grandson, Connor, came to my home for his annual summer visit recently and while he was here helped me style our tablescapes photo shoot. He is one of those children who never meets a stranger, is always self-assured, and up for any task presented to him. I enjoyed watching him interact with our crew and photographer with a complete confidence in his skills at setting up the perfect shot — even if he is only nine years old. I began to think about all the wonderfully creative people with whom we come in contact, and how any time you express your creativity, you set yourself up for praise or criticism. I am constantly reminded of this when each and every project is submitted to MILIEU. I recognize and admire the…

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featured designers

SERGE CASTELLA & JASON FLINN Working in close consort with his life and business partner, Jason Flinn, Serge Castella is known worldwide as a distinctive interior designer, product designer, and antiques dealer. Though born in the south of France, Castella has long been based in Spain, though his and Flinn’s projects are found throughout the world — New York, Israel, London, and beyond. Castella recently created a line of textiles for the Spanish fabric company Gancedo; known as the Port Lligat collection, the novel designs reference natural elements of the Mediterranean. CAROLINA IRVING Carolina Irving admits to having “always been obsessed with fabrics, colors, and textures,” evident in her Paris home. She has long been a fixture of the design world, having worked as a staff magazine editor, a cofounder with Penny Morrison…

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legendary linton

While traveling to England last June, I was particularly thrilled because I knew that part of my trip would include meeting Mary Fox Linton, a woman I’ve admired for her work as an interior designer and for her ever-evolving line of luxurious fabrics she distributes through Fox Linton. Fox Linton Associates has remained one of the names in interior design for decades — for residences and hotel projects, the latter often done in collaboration with Gordon Campbell Gray. Mary helped create the look for London’s One Aldwych, which virtually redefined the aesthetic for boutique hotels everywhere. Mary Fox Linton established her business in the 1970s and she has continued to be referred to as the “Grande Dame of Groovy.” The moniker still holds true, for her aesthetic remains stylish and…

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rock star

In 1972, Tony Duquette, the celebrated artist, interior decorator, set designer, and jeweler brought on a young man named Hutton Wilkinson, all of seventeen years old, to be his apprentice for zero salary for the first two years. Then, Duquette started paying him a lavish five dollars an hour. With that, Wilkinson packed up and started doing interior decorating work on his own — so successfully that Duquette wised up and the two started investing together in real estate. By 1989, they formally became partners. But theirs was more than just a business arrangement. It was a mentorship-cum-father-son relationship that lasted until Duquette’s death in 1999. Now Wilkinson, who lives in Los Angeles, runs what is called Tony Duquette Inc. and The Anthony and Elizabeth Duquette Foundation for the Living Arts…

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my atlanta

It didn’t take long upon moving to Atlanta twenty years ago with my family for me to realize how the city genuinely functions as the capital of the Southeast — in terms of culture, sports, and shopping. Because I had always worked in design, notably in Indianapolis, from which my husband, John Morris, and our daughter, Alexandra, had come those many years ago, I recognized that Atlanta would be the right place for me to focus on high-end residential work. One of its defining and fascinating features is that Atlanta manages to function as a major city interspersed with some of the most beautiful residential neighborhoods in America. That dynamic shouldn’t be surprising since I think one of the things that distinguishes the South from other regions in the country is…

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taste of vermont

When the air has that crispness found only in fall and the dazzling sky shimmers with an elusive autumnal true-blue clarity, you might find yourself yearning to take a bite into a juicy apple freshly plucked from the tree. You could just roll into the closest pickyour-own orchard and fill a bag with Macs. Or you could take the family on a pilgrimage to Scott Farm in Dummerston, Vermont, and partake of the ultra-scenic sweeping vistas, stroll through forty acres of meticulously groomed apple trees laden with fruit, and awaken your taste buds with the nectar of ‘Sheep’s Nose’, ‘Roxbury Russet’, ‘Lamb Abbey Pearmain’, ‘Cox’s Orange Pippin’, or any of the 120-plus savory apple varieties that flourish there. But there’s more to the experience. Go to a group apple tasting event…