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MILIEU Summer 2015

In MILIEU, every story captures the look and feel, the mood and character, the style of a place - its milieu. The milieu that defines a great house or garden, the unique character of a design professional, the message conveyed in a thoughtful essay about home life, the creative strategies for accomplishing the look you want for your home - these are the elements of our magazine.

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7 min.
soulful & sublime

While it doesn’t take long to see all of Essex, New York, there is much to see. Upon strolling the tiny town’s four or so shady blocks of houses, many in the Federal style, with yards spilling down to glimmering Lake Champlain at the foot of the Adirondack Mountains, it becomes clear Essex is the kind of place people go to be elsewhere. During one such tour of the town, Serge Castella, a Spanish designer and antiques dealer and his partner, Jason Flinn, stopped their car on Elm Street in front of what they say was once the “ugly duckling house” in town, but that has since been transformed into a showplace, albeit a modestly scaled one. Where all of the neighboring residences were defined by bold columns and cornices typical…

2 min.
featured designers

TIM CLARKE Tim Clarke is an interior designer based in Santa Monica, California. He established Tim Clarke Design in 1996 and, later, Tower 20, his home furnishings boutique. Clarke is known for projects that capture the essence of coastal living, for he understands the elements and ways to combine them that make for a perfect beach house. His residences reflect the people who live in them and their own appreciation of the surrounding natural environment. Clarke published his best-selling book, Coastal Modern: Sophisticated Homes Inspired by the Ocean, in 2012. ROZANNE JACKSON Award-winning designer Rozanne Jackson leads one of the preeminent full-service design firms in her region of Tennessee. She also owns The Iron Gate, a favorite locale among Nashvillians for home furnishings. She opened the store in 1996 to showcase her design…

3 min.
cuba’s colors

Cuba had long been at the top of my get-there-soon list. I made it there last winter for the premiere of a ballet created by Pedro Ruiz, who has broken new ground as the first Cuban-American choreographer to work in his native land. What I hadn’t counted on was falling in love. With Cuba, particularly its architecture. The affair started in Camagüey, Cuba’s third-largest city, a fantasyland of bright pastel Colonial buildings. Many are dilapidated, yet they still exert a powerful allure; a surprising number have been or are in the process of being restored now that the central area of this provincial city has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Camagüey is a dreamy place to wander. Its sweeping Plaza San Juan de Díos, is home to an exquisitely…

2 min.
paper with purpose

Jerry Jeanmard finds things then puts them away. He collects dry-cleaning tags, used tickets, envelopes, maps, wallpaper scraps, discarded scribblings, Victorian-era papers, and chromolithographs. The scraps of paper that he carefully catalogs in his Houston studio inhabit his imagination until he takes them out and begins arranging them. Eventually, they morph into what he calls his “Paper People,” (also the name of his book) collage-like assemblages that illustrate his whimsical wit and intellect. “The papers don’t intersect in random ways,” he explains. “They are compositions as well as figures.” With his punning titles (Ampersand Man, St. Carrottop) and modern sense of color and composition, Jeanmard displays his canny humor, which he says has created a strong bond between him and his clients. Jeanmard, who is chief executive officer of Wells Design/Jerry…

1 min.
milieu’s mixers

MILIEU hosted the official launch of the Catbird Collection with Ruth Gay at her showroom, Chateau Domingue and Atelier Domingue, in Houston. Creator of the upholstered seating collection, Cindy Smith, united eight designers, including herself, to design pieces such as dining chairs, chaise lounges, and sofas with fabric selections. With friends, family, and colleagues in tow the Catbird designers — Paul Bates, Emily Bourgeois, Jeremy Corkern, Susan Ferrier, Bobby McAlpine, Ken Pursley, Jane Schwab and Smith — presented the collection to the Houston design community. Chateau Domingue was aglow with its own architectural and decorative antiques and housed the Catbird collection for the evening. Ken Kehoe & Company honored the Richmond, Virginia-based McKinnon and Harris with a cocktail event in Houston. The estate, garden, and yacht furniture, for which McKinnon and…

5 min.
vicente wolf

On your walls, I see fashionable women, portraits of Frida Kahlo, Dorothea Lange’s poignant shots of Depression-era America, lot of legs and hands. What is it about photographic images that captivate you? I’ve been living with some of these images — about four hundred of them, mostly black and white — for decades and they still make me stop in my tracks and give me a literal charge. I look at them and it’s as if I’m seeing them for the very first time. But on the flip side, they have the presence of old friends. Photography is about catching and capturing a moment. Each time you look at the image, you’re right back there again. Photographs have an immediacy that few oils, drawings, or sculptures can give you. It’s very…