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MILIEU Summer 2017

In MILIEU, every story captures the look and feel, the mood and character, the style of a place - its milieu. The milieu that defines a great house or garden, the unique character of a design professional, the message conveyed in a thoughtful essay about home life, the creative strategies for accomplishing the look you want for your home - these are the elements of our magazine.

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editor's say

It’s not just MILIEU readers who transform houses into homes. We did the same. We just moved! For five years, one of the best features of our bright and sunny Houston loft workspace was that we were always in shouting distance of one another. Actual shouting distance. Why pick up the phone or send an email to a coworker when you could instead call across the room and have a real, live conversation? All day, every day, we traded ideas, asked questions, and put together each issue of the magazine as a family occupying the same space. That served us well. But as the magazine and our readership have grown over these years, we knew it was time for a change in our offices. As of this issue, we’ve moved into…

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featured desingners

NICKY HASLAM As one of the world’s most lauded designers, London-based Nicky Haslam has created interiors for many noted clients, including The Prince of Wales, Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger, and Ringo Starr. Haslam loves to use the completely unexpected to new effects. The mix of the serious and grand with glamour, charm, and wit is his trademark. SALLY HENZELL Sally Henzell was born and raised in Mandeville, Jamaica, and before returning there to establish the now-famous Jake’s hotel, on Treasure Beach, she lived in Paris and Switzerland, and worked at Selfridges in London. She has designed and built several houses in Treasure Beach, as well as helping to define the cultural and built landscape of Jamaica. MARTIN HULBERT With twenty-five years of design experience, London-based Martin Hulbert has completed a wide variety of residential and…

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mix & match

It was love at first stripes. MILIEU’s style director, Shannon Bowers, and other members of the magazine’s editorial team, visited the Houston studio/showroom of Sarah Sharp Leatherwood, a young designer we had been hearing much about. Sarah had already established a following for her work creating throw pillows, chic clutches, bedding, pet beds, and other fashion accessories out of multi-colored Peruvian wool textiles that she collects on her many travels there. But the moment Shannon spotted a certain pink and white striped textile on a shelf, she was struck with an idea to transform it into a dress for Sarah. While its sheer vibrancy and rhythm of stripes in differing widths translates perfectly to Sarah’s accessories, we imagined it working, too, as garments to wear. “I was stunned when MILIEU chose this…

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my nashville

I ’m originally from Texas and lived in Houston and in Los Angeles for several years, but the day I set foot in Nashville in 1992, I knew I was home. When I established my own business, a design shop I call The Iron Gate, in Franklin, a lovely town just a half-hour drive from Nashville, I put down roots that continue to grow deeper. Nashville is one of the best-kept secrets in the South, and of all of the city’s gifts, I find the people here unusually open, welcoming, and kind. Of course, Nashville is Music City USA, and best known for its music business. So many songwriters and musicians contribute to the creative energy here, and being in a creative business myself, it’s inspiring to work with clients who…

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royal roots

Despite its diminutive size, there was a time when Portugal ruled much of the world — which happened after its naval explorers had discovered much of the world. During the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, in what historians refer to as Portugal’s Age of Discovery, the coastlines of Africa, North America, Asia, and Brazil were not only mapped by Portuguese explorers, but also exploited for their spices and resources — and, even, their manpower. Emblematic of the nation’s prominence were its palaces back home, among the most architecturally notable being Quinta da Bacalhoa. The palace, which now incorporates some of Portugal’s best-known wine vineyards, represents one of the earliest Renaissance-style edifices in the country. Although its designer is reputed to have been the Italian sculptor and architect Jacopo Sansovino, the building is…

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behind the lines