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Mindful Christmas 2019
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Celebrate Christmas your way this year, without any seasonal stress. We'll inspire you to create your own family traditions, decorate your home naturally, give sustainable gifts and find time to look after yourself. We've also got the perfect plant-based recipes for any gathering. With our ideas and advice you'll have a calmer Christmas and a happier, healthier new year. Free inside! 16-page 'Vegan Entertaining' supplement, packed with fantastic plant-based party food and alcohol-free drinks.

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a warm welcome

Welcome to Mindful Christmas, a magazine with different ideas about how we can ‘do’ Christmas. Given that it’s supposed to be the season of goodwill and happiness, why does it sometimes become the season of excess and exhaustion, of anxiety and family rows? We love Christmas, but the pressure to make it perfect can be a little too much at times. So how can we change this? How do we rediscover the joys of Christmas and make it truly the most wonderful time of the year? We’ve learned that delegation and managing expectations are skills put to good use during festive celebrations; that buying less, making more and sharing the preparing can turn chores into togetherness. We’ve asked mindful experts to create meditations to guide us through the season’s stresses and…

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our mindful christmas wish list

✶ Make our cards or gift tags and write personal messages in them. ✶ Buy locally and sustainably. ✶ Make more gifts too – especially tasty foodie ones! ✶ Invent a new Christmas tradition for the family to adopt. ✶ Escape from the crowds and have a totally new festive experience (or a relaxing pre-Christmas mini-break?) ✶ Change our usual Christmas feast by adding tasty vegan recipes. ✶ Get the whole family to have a phone amnesty for a few hours every day. ✶ Have one-to-one conversations with the people we don’t see often – we don’t know when we’ll see them next. ✶ Keep exercising, especially when we’re eating more than usual. ✶ Do something special for others. ✶ Have some days (just a few) in December when we don’t drink alcohol! ✶ Laugh. A lot. It’s good to remember…

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mindful christmas contributors

SIAN MEADES-WILLIAMS Sian is a freelance writer living in North London, and is currently crowdfunding her book The Pyjama Myth: the Freelance Writer’s Survival Guide. She’s a big fan of funiculars, stopping to say hello to cats in the street and receiving beautiful post. twitter.com/sianysianysiany ERIN FRANCOIS Erin Francois is a styling blogger at Francois et Moi. She taps into her interior design industry experience and love of creating to empower others to explore their individual style through DIY. Erin lives in Minneapolis with her husband, Ken, her daughter, Sylvia and their cat, Gideon. francoisetmoi.com GEMMA DAVID Bristol-based Gemma is the owner of the wellbeing business The Quiet Heart. Living with a connection to the seasons is an important part of her work and the philosophy of Chinese medicine and yoga integral to her teaching. She runs…

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we wish you a calmer christmas

What is it about the festive period that causes so much stress? Given that it’s the season of goodwill and happiness, why does it sometimes become a season of excess and exhaustion? Even if you love Christmas, trying to manage everyone’s expectations can sometimes make it the least wonderful time of the year. We all want to make things lovely for friends and family, and we also want to have a good time ourselves, but that can often lead to a season of anxiety. It’s been said that the stress of Christmas is up there with divorce and moving house. And it seems that these pressures are occasionally linked – more people file for divorce in the weeks after Christmas than at any other time of year. Women in particular often feel…

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creating your own traditions

Christmas can mean different things to different people. But for those who celebrate this festival, this time of year can be steeped in tradition, rituals and nostalgia. So much of what makes us feel the festive vibe is the familiarity of the process, leading us to often do the same things every year. In the UK, our rituals might include putting up a tree, leaving mince pies out for Santa and eating Christmas pudding. Individual families will have their own traditions too; perhaps the kids will get a special book and new pyjamas on Christmas Eve, or the whole family will visit a particular festive market or play a favourite board game after dinner. Participating in these activities every year is what develops those warm feelings of nostalgia, and carrying them…

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merry midwinter

When we told our extended family that we were giving up Christmas it was met with mixed responses. Some people rolled their eyes, while others felt it was a personal attack on them. But as the years have gone by they’ve come to see that doing things a little differently can add to everyone’s enjoyment. The year we started our alternative celebrations, my eldest child was one. We had family over for lunch on the winter Solstice and decorated our bare trees with food for the birds. Gradually we added more to our rituals as we began to understand what we needed from our celebrations as a family, and today, over a decade later, they’re a permanent fixture shaped by each of us. Solstice festivities Our Solstice celebration begins the night before Solstice…