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Mopar Action December 2019

Mopar Action is the best-selling Mopar enthusiasts’ magazine on the market today. Mopar Action covers the entire world of Chrysler, Plymouth and Dodge vehicles, including classics, muscle cars, race cars, new car road tests, performance tips, technical advice articles, personality profiles, coverage of major Mopar events, restoration advice and club news from around the world. If it’s Mopar—you’ll find it in Mopar Action.

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mopar fools gold

WHAT’S WORSE than the “heartbreak of psoriasis?” The rash you picked up at the massage parlor? Maybe. But that’s not as bad as that “bargain” Mopar you bought for chump change—the one with that “Rebuilt Salvage” title that you thought just needed a new pair of fuzzy dice to hang from the rearview mirror and you’d be set to drive coast to coast. There’s a good reason that Rebuilt Salvage vehicles are called the fool’s gold of the automotive world. So what exactly is a Rebuilt Salvage designation? We checked it out with Steve Lehto—a regular contributor to the magazine and a Michigan attorney who specializes in automobile law. Steve also has his own website: www.lehtoslaw.com. Steve gave us the scoop on the salvage title deal but advised us that the facts…

4 min
race iron, rare day

THE EVENT AT MECUM Harrisburg the first weekend in August was scheduled to be a barn burner. Longtime collector Todd Werner, whom I have known since the early part of this century, had scheduled to sell a large number of his vintage racecars. Since I knew Todd and also knew these cars, some which I had shot for magazine work before he had even owned them, it was going to be interesting to see what would happen when they hit the auction block just after noon on Saturday, August 3rd. For Mecum’s part, they had pulled out all of the stops to promote the collection, which had many significant Mopar vehicles. There were two half-hour TV shows featuring the collection leading up to the event, multiple e-mail blasts, a large complimentary…

7 min
what happens in vegas doesn’t always stay in vegas!

SOMETIMES the thrill of the hunt is as much of an adventure as everything else that happens in the Land of Mopar. So, you’ve heard me mention the Crecco brothers? Of course you have, my grey hair is the proof that they exist! We’ve been in the Mopar life a long time and we have it down to a pretty good science. Since my brothers both are techs, they check the mechanicals on a potential Mope, and if everything looks OK, they give me the “Roman thumbs down” which means I get to get dirty and check the body/underside of a car. But seeing there’s only one “body guy” in the family (me), it means I’m in demand whenever a potential purchase comes up. Right? Story time, boys and girls,…

4 min
tuning issues galore

AIR-PORT Hi Rick, hope all is well–I was wondering could you help me setting up my new (to me) dual snorkel air cleaner, I figured out all the vacuum lines except for the last one that splits off on the T-connector that is supposed to go to the carb/vacuum port. I’m unsure where to put the final one on my carb and I couldn’t find it online either. I have attached a pic of my carb for you to look at, my timed vacuum port on the left is what goes to the distributor, and the front PCV is obvious. The only port I really have left is the manifold vacuum port on the right side of the carb...can i use that port? It’s the snorkel on the heat riser side, I…

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how to get help:

Address all queries to this address: RICHARD EHRENBERG PO BOX 302 MARLBORO NY 12542 Email (new): moparactiontech@yahoo.com Preferred: Online submission form at moparaction.com GROUND RULES: • If you want to submit your question via email, please use the online submission form at www.moparaction. com. If we ask for more info, send back all existing text, or else! • Snailmail must include a SASE or a cash bribe. • All letters, electronic or otherwise, must include a full name and a least your city and state. You can request that it be withheld, however, and, if we had any the night before, we might even honor your request. • “20 questions” letters instantly get shredded and the scraps forwarded to Mopar Muscle. So – ask one clear question please, we’re a sleazy magazine, not an encyclopedia publisher. We…

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help! my water buffalo leaks!

BUFFALO BILL Rick–I have a 1972 Charger, 360, A/C, 67K original. The water valve under the hood leaks. I bought one at the parts store, I was amazed that they were able to get it. But it looks very different than the original. The guy ordered me another one, and it is the same as the first one he got for me. He triple-checked the part number and is sure it is correct. I can see where it would work OK, but I don’t like the fact that it kind of messes up my survivor. What should I do? William Salerno Rye, NY Bill–The original was referred to by the dealership mechanics (back in the day) as a “water buffalo,” which, from some views, is accurate. They were ridiculously complex and not very reliable,…