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Mother Earth Living Spring 2020

Mother Earth Living will bring you all the best and latest information you need to choose natural remedies and practice preventive medicine; cook with a nutritious and whole-food focus; create a nontoxic home; and garden for food, wellness and enjoyment. In every issue, you will find recipes for healthful foods suitable for a wide range of special diets; tips to avoid dangerous toxins in cosmetics and personal care items; hands-on gardening tips to help you grow earth-friendly gardens; and detailed information on the traditional medicinal uses of plants.

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restoring balance

MY POSTURE HAS BECOME SLOPPY since I stopped teaching dance, yet my body still craves the specificity of a ballet class — deep rotation of the femur, for example, or quick coordination of the head, hand, and foot. As 2019 came to a close, I felt that there was a bit of discipline missing in my routine. I decided to reinvest in Iyengar yoga, something I used to practice in the studio, as well as at home. In January, I purchased a class card with an expiration date, a little trick the studio owner uses to help people attend class consistently and save money. So far, it’s working for me! Yoga is bringing my awareness back to my posture and my breathing, whether in or out of class, and work in…

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2020 advisory board

Brittany Wood Nickerson, HERBALIST www.ThymeHerbal.com @ThymeHerbal Brittany Wood Nickerson is an herbalist, author, health educator, and cook. She’s the founder and primary instructor of Thyme Herbal, where she teaches in-person and online courses in herbal medicine and earth-based rituals and lifeways. She also teaches at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Titles by Brittany include Recipes from the Herbalist’s Kitchen; Herbal Homestead Journal; Sacred and Mysterious; Cooking for Winter Health Wellness; and Spring Cleaning. Bevin Clare, M.S., R.H., L.D.N. www.BevinClare.com @Spice.Herb.Wander Bevin Clare is a clinical herbalist, nutritionist, mother, plant lover, and professor at the Maryland University of Integrative Health. She’s also the director of the Master of Science in Clinical Herbal Medicine program at MUIH. Bevin holds a Master of Science in infectious disease from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and has studied herbal…

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more than one way to detox

DETOXING TRENDS FADE in and out of popularity on a regular basis, with new science debunking fads almost as soon as they come to light. So when we actually want to help our bodies rebalance and heal, where do we turn? Maybe your diet keeps you away from sugar and pesticides, but your emotional strength is waning. Maybe your time is evenly split between screens and nature, but your skin care routine is laden with harmful chemicals. Learn how to help your body take care of itself so you can reset and refocus on your health and wellness.…

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products to purify

Editor’s Pick ACTIVATED CHARCOAL CREAM DEODORANT, $14 www.SaveTheWaveSkincare.com HALEY CASEY: I’ve been searching for a natural deodorant that doesn’t leave me needing to reapply every few hours, and this product is my favorite so far. Not only is it aluminum-free, scented with natural essential oil, and full of soothing ingredients — including shea butter and sunflower oil — but the activated charcoal actually absorbs odors as I go about my day. Plus, Save the Wave uses only reef-friendly ingredients and packaging, keeping pollution from our oceans; this affordable deodorant comes in a glass tin, with a bamboo applicator that reduces the mess of other cream deodorants. My routine is forever changed! TOXIN-CLEARING TEA, $12 This liver-boosting blend of spearmint, red clover, and dandelion supports the cleansing systems already at work in your body. www.MotherEarthLiving.com/Store MEDICAL-GRADE MENSTRUAL CUP,…

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industry news

TRACKING TICKS Tick-borne diseases in the U.S. are on the rise. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the number of counties considered high-risk for Lyme disease increased by more than 300 percent from 1993 to 2012. Just from 2016 to 2017, there was an increase of over 10,000 in reports of tick-borne diseases, with Lyme disease accounting for 82 percent of the cases. And the CDC believes that Lyme disease is actually underreported. Other tick-related illnesses, such as ehrlichiosis, STARI, and alpha-gal syndrome, have recently been discovered, and the list only grows. Luckily, the CDC tracks changes where ticks live to better understand where and when people are at risk. And the National Institutes of Health released plans for a research initiative to accelerate our understanding of…

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tips from our team

ANSWER: TO KICK-START A YEAR of healthier eating, I committed to a no-added-sugar diet for one month. Anything I ate or drank couldn’t contain added sweeteners, including honey. Instead, I experimented with making well-rounded meals that were filling, flavorful, and colorful. I completed a month of no added sugar in 2019, and one of the struggles I noted then was, though I’d removed sugar from my diet, at times I satisfied a sugar craving by downing one too many cups of coffee, or by eating simple carbs. I’d replaced one bad habit with another. This year’s no-sugar month, I was much more mindful of not just avoiding sugar, but how I replaced it. Instead of going for carbs or coffee to satisfy me, I chose a handful of nuts; brewed some tea; or…